- planet home to Maya, Mirinoites, and Quasar Sabers
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First Appearance: 701-QsQ1
Last Appearance: 1034-FRed
Pictures: Mirinoi turned to stone, surrounding space (702-QsQ2), Mirinoi before restoration, 743-End1 (shown at right)


  • Somewhere in nearly colorless space was a region of much greater coloration like the Lost Galaxy, containing bright blue and purple nebulae (similar to the fleeting image of Lost Galaxy space in the normal universe after Terra Venture had entered in 736-BMut); within this region, a swirling portal opened.
  • As the view passed through the tunnel, it rushed rapidly down a long, twisting tunnel of purple, blue, and white light, identical to Terra Venture's later escape from the Lost Galaxy in 742-EsLG.
  • The view emerged with a burst of white specks of light into another galaxy in which Mirinoi was located.
  • Behind Mirinoi was a bright glowing red nebula, like the many colors found in the Lost Galaxy.
  • Mirinoi was a bright green planet with some slightly darker green patches on its surface.
  • In the jungle, embedded in a multi-tiered slab of stone, were the five Quasar Sabers, which had stood on Mirinoi since their mysterious appearance 3,000 years ago.
  • When asked who she was by the four GSA teens after he'd ended up on Earth's moon by falling through a portal, Maya gave her name and said her home was the planet Mirinoi, or what was left of it.
  • Kendrix had never heard of Mirinoi.


  • Kai referred to the portal through which the teens had traveled to Mirinoi as a "dimensional portal."
  • The starfield backgrounds behind the Galaxy Rangers' morphs were merely shots taken (in order) from the space scene in the opening of 701-QsQ1, in which a pan had shown a portal opening in a bluish-purple area surrounded by normal space, then flown through the portal to Mirinoi's location perhaps in the Lost Galaxy; the Green and Yellow morphs featured normal space, the Pink and Blue morphs featured some of the bluish-purple area in normal space, and the Red morph featured Mirinoi and the surrounding red nebula perhaps within the Lost Galaxy. (Source: Red Ranger morph background submitted by SirSTACK)
  • Soon after the teens had released the Quasar Sabers and become Galaxy Rangers, Furio plunged his sword glowing with red electricity into the ground, beginning an expanding chain reaction which eventually covered the planet, having turned everything and everyone to stone.
  • In space behind Mirinoi was the bright red streak across the sky with green rays of light emanating from it, and in the other direction, the starfield was blue, purple, and pink, like the coloration of the Lost Galaxy.


  • 3,000 years ago, Magna Defender had stumbled up a mountainous cliff (later revealed to be on Mirinoi) holding an old, tiny chest with a key in it, which he opened, releasing the Lights of Orion (or perhaps a fake) and allowing them to slowly fly into the air.
  • Treacheron had been sent (presumably by Scorpius) to destroy the weakened Magna Defender; during their clash on the cliff, an apparently long-distance slash from Treacheron had sent Magna Defender sparking and falling into a crevice in the ground.
  • Magna Defender had been trapped there until finding a way to return.


  • Wishing she were back on Mirinoi, Maya was frustrated that she didn't even know how to get back; someday she knew she would find her planet again and bring everything back to life.


  • According to Leo, Furio had turned all of Mirinoi to stone.


  • After the Galaxy Book had flown from Terra Venture, a glowing yellow energy fissure tore open in space, opening a ripple-edged portal (like those in 701-QsQ1) containing a rapidly-flowing purple/blue/white twisting tunnel (like the one shown in the transition to Mirinoi in 701-QsQ1).
  • As GSA officers watched the widening portal, someone remarked, "The portal!" implying it was identical to the (unseen) one which had brought them to the Lost Galaxy in 735-EnLG.
  • Trakeena was ready to destroy Mutiny's castle the moment it and Terra Venture emerged from the Lost Galaxy portal; how she had been there immediately is unknown, but it apparently had nothing to do with Terra Venture, as suggested in 743-End1.


  • A bit later, Trakeena was pleased to notice that Terra Venture was back; she may have been in the area because of Mirinoi, which had apparently exited the Lost Galaxy at some point.
  • When asked if he had any ideas where they could land, Stanton brought up a monitor display of a planet within reach, what would later be revealed to be Mirinoi, now conclusively outside the Lost Galaxy.
  • Mirinoi was now shown to be a bright green planet with white cloud wisps and a rocky gray (insanely close) moon identical to Earth's moon, though the planet had not previously been shown with clouds or a moon.
  • Stanton said they'd just received the first aerial images from the probe, showing beautifully tranquil images of lush forest lands with great amounts of water.
  • In 702-QsQ2, all of Mirinoi had been stone, including the land and flora, yet now everything but Maya's former fellow villagers (and a bit of their camp), as would be shown in 745-End3, was back to normal.
  • Stanton said much about the planet looked very familiar: oxygen atmosphere, water, and carbon-based plant life, the essentials for life as they knew it.
  • Brody thought it was beautiful, and Renier congratulated Stanton on leading them to the New World.
  • That night, Commander Stanton joked to Mike that the planet wasn't going anywhere, which would have been somewhat ironic if Mirinoi had indeed moved out of the Lost Galaxy at some point.
  • Terra Venture, crippled by the Scorpion Stinger, crashed on Mirinoi's moon, wrenching the city dome apart from the lower portion as it struck a mountainous cliff.
  • Sixteen Terra Venture shuttles flew down to the planet, where they soon landed vertically; their settlement for some reason happened to be near Maya's old Mirinoite village.
  • After crashing his Jet Jammer and demorphing, Leo was able to survive without any sort of protective suit; Mirinoi's moon was apparently hospitable to life just like Earth's moon, although the city dome had been losing atmosphere through its cracking dome.


  • As the city dome flew toward Mirinoi, it could be seen to be a glowing green-tinted recolor of the Earth, with the Americas visible through the clouds.
  • Trakeena told Leo that when Terra Venture (i.e. the city dome) crashed, everyone on the entire planet would be destroyed.
  • On its collision course toward the settlement, the city dome flew over a coastline.
  • After Trakeena's destruction, the Rangers set out to slow or steer the careening city dome, but they then stood at the end of the dome's remaining broken tunnel, which pointed forward; they were horrified that they could do nothing, and Leo said they'd destroy the colony and themselves at this speed.
  • Suddenly, the Galaxy Megazord rose up and nodded right in front of the Rangers in the front tunnel, redirecting and slowing the city dome.
  • The city dome flew over a hillside into a valley and crashed with an earthshaking explosion.
  • As the debris setled, a beast roared, and the five Galactabeasts emerged from the smoke with the Rangers on their heads.
  • After the Quasar Sabers had been returned to their stone, demorphing the Rangers, they continued to shine, and the now bluish-white streaks continued to fly around the stone people.
  • All of the people, tikis, and a hut were stone, but all of the plant life was alive, and birds had been chirping all along; nearby, a pond, canoe, duck, and earth at the duck's edge of the pond were gray stone, but the surrounding brush at a nearby water edge, as well as the opposite shore, were not stone.
  • When a streak of sparkles flew into the stone pond, it generated an expanding radius of real water, and other sparkles restored everyone and everything in the village.


  • Perhaps the year after Terra Venture's voyage, Mirinoi was shown in normal space, no moon visible; in the jungle, it was pouring and storming during the night.
  • After retrieving his Quasar Saber from the jungle and morphing, Leo confronted at least seven Ghouls in a city which may have been the rebuilt city dome or perhaps a pre-existing Mirinoite city.
  • To fly from Mirinoi to Earth, Triskull and his Ghouls flew through the purple/white/blue tunnel of light (see "Portals") which may have been a permanent wormhole of sorts connecting Earth and Mirinoi, similar to the wormhole which connected Earth and Eltar, perhaps permanently as well.
  • Leo told the Lightspeed teens he'd come "all the way from Mirinoi," indicating a long distance between the planets.

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