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Invisibility formula
- formula invented by Howard which turns living things invisible
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First Appearance: 114-DkWr
Last Appearance: 114-DkWr


  • In his chemistry lab, Howard invented an invisibility formula, green liquid that turned whatever it came in contact with invisible.
  • Howard absent-mindedly set his jar of invisibility formula on the Juice Bar counter and forgot about it.
  • Howard drank some of the formula to turn himself invisible to defend Billy from Bulk and Skull.

    Thought transfer apparatus
    - large apparatus invented by Billy to allow telepathy; actually switched people's brains
    Thought transfer apparatus
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    First Appearance: 115-SwPl
    Last Appearance: 115-SwPl


  • Squatt went into Billy's garage at night and swapped two wires on the power source of his new invention so that Billy would scramble his own brain when he tested it.
  • Billy said his invention was still in the experimental stage, but he was sure it would work.
  • The invention was built so that it perfectly fit Kim's and Billy's body shapes, and so that the two users would have to hold hands.
  • Billy flipped the switch down to activate the machine; although the switch wasn't shown being flipped back up, it was up when Bulk and Skull used it.
  • The invention switched Kim and Billy's brains, then Bulk and Skull's brains as well.
  • Some time later, Billy and Kim switched back, and then Billy allowed Bulk and Skull to switch back.

    Shutdown device
    - device used by hate-filled Billy to remotely shut down Command Center
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    First Appearance: 314-SHM2
    Last Appearance: 314-SHM2


  • From the Juice Bar, Billy, under a hate spell, crafted a palm-sized device which completely shut down the Command Center, Zordon, the teleportation system, and the backup generators.
  • Aisha gave the others a talk about martial arts and about the waste of hating each other, and the spell was partially broken, at which point Billy confusedly gave Aisha his device which had shut down the Command Center.
  • Aisha seemed to use the device to restore the Command Center's power.

    Homing device
    - homing device created by Justin to track stolen items
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    First Appearance: 504-Shad
    Last Appearance: 504-Shad


  • Justin used a soldering iron to design a homing device from radio parts to catch the thief who had been stealing things from the Angel Grove Racing Technologies building.
  • The captured teens' communicators didn't work in the Chromite Cave, but Justin's homing device did.
  • After being taken to the Chromite Cave, Justin activated his homing device, and when Tommy retrieved the base unit from the garage, it led him to the Chromite Cave where the others were being held.

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