Miss Appleby
- multi-subject teacher at Angel Grove High
Miss Appleby
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First Appearance: 111-FWBT
Last Appearance: 512-Al&D
Pictures: circa season 1 (shown at right), circa season 2


  • The teens, Bulk, and Skull were in Miss Appleby's language arts class.
  • On Miss Appleby's chalkboard was, "Chapter 4 / Question Marks: why do we need them?" and an assignment from chapter four of a spelling primer.
  • The students of Miss Appleby's language arts class participated in Hobby Week.
  • Miss Appleby was extremely impressed with Billy's model volcano demonstration.
  • Miss Appleby began itching from Bulk and Skull's flea collection.


  • Miss Appleby had the class create and then play for the class video projects, seemingly on any topic.


  • Miss Appleby attended Power Ranger Day.


  • Mr. Caplan substituted for the absent Miss Appleby.
  • On Miss Appleby's chalkboard was, "Freshman Biology / Read Chapters 6, 7, & 8 / Answer questions 1-4, 6, 8, 9, & 11 / Test scores will be posted this Thursday."


  • Mr. Caplan was still Miss Appleby's substitute.
  • The students in Miss Appleby's class, including the teens, Bulk, and Skull, were growing saplings to be transplanted into the park.


  • The students of Miss Appleby's class had to take a huge science test on Monday.
  • Miss Appleby was ill the day the tests were ready to be handed back, so Mr. Caplan filled in to personally hand them back.
  • Miss Appleby's chalkboard still had the "Freshman Biology" assignment written on it.


  • Miss Appleby was finally back, and her hair was disheveled.
  • Miss Appleby had everyone in the class put things that reflected today's world into a large, transparent, spherical time capsule that would be buried for a century.
  • Miss Appleby submitted to the time capsule an 8x10 photo of the Rangers, the same image from the background at Power Ranger Day; she said the Rangers had saved the world so many times, she wanted to make sure the people of the future remembered them.
  • Miss Appleby appeared to have blue eyes.


  • Miss Appleby was among the captives from Parent's Day to be returned with no memory of the ordeal after the destruction of Dramole in 150-ROF2.


  • At Parent's Day, Mr. Caplan expected Miss Appleby to stop the food fight which had broken out; she cackled and splattered a pie ontop of Mr. Caplan's head, putting his toupee back ontop of the pie; they both then began laughing and throwing popcorn.


  • Billy got his first B ever, on a test in Miss Appleby's science class.
  • The "final test" (either in the class, or before the deadline for the Young Scientists of America club) was the day after Billy learned of the B he'd gotten on the previous test.
  • Miss Appleby had told Bulk that if he didn't get a C on the exam, she'd make the six top students in the class tutor him for the whole summer; Bulk was taking his test at least a day after Billy had taken it.


  • Jason and Tommy were ready to fight in the hallway, following Bulk's suggestion, until Miss Appleby came along, and Kim told her they were just practicing moves, at which point Miss Appleby scolded the two.


  • Bulk kicked a soccer ball down the hall, knocking papers out of Miss Appleby's hand and eventually knocking himself into a locker; Miss Appleby gave Bulk and Skull detention that afternoon for the soccer ball incident.
  • Bulk, Skull, and Tommy had first period in Miss Appleby's class; in this class, Miss Appleby lectured on the "theory" of natural selection.
  • Miss Appleby confiscated Tommy's malfunctioning communicator, which she called a pager.
  • Bulk didn't think Miss Appleby would give Tommy back his "pager" because, as he said, she never gave anything back.
  • After school to retrieve his communicator, Tommy reached for Miss Appleby's desk drawer, pulled his hand away, then was reaching for it again when Miss Appleby entered and seemed surprised.


  • Miss Appleby's assignment for the week for her first period class was for them to ask their friends to tell them something about themselves that needed work, and then to change that flaw.
  • Following Kim's suggestion that they could improve themselves by dressing up and acting as gentlemen, Bulk and Skull did just that, but they also loaded a present for Miss Appleby full of trick silly-string shooters; Miss Appleby made them open the present for her, and their prank ended up spraying them instead of her.


  • Miss Appleby had Bulk and Skull feed the iguana in her classroom while she made copies for a test.


  • Miss Appleby assigned her students a 500-word essay on a topic that interested them.


  • Miss Appleby seemed to be responsible for the vice-versa dance; she told Billy and Kim they'd done a marvelous job.


  • Adam, Billy, Kim, Aisha, Bulk, and Skull were together in Miss Appleby's science class; Adam gave a report on light refraction.
  • Miss Appleby was pleased with Adam's report despite his apparently confusing a kaleidoscope with a prism, as everyone else in the episode did as well when describing a kaleidoscope.


  • Aisha gave a report on the history of television in Miss Appleby's class.
  • That day, Miss Appleby's class had learned about the power of television as a communication medium; that night, the Power Rangers were scheduled to appear on the Harvey Garvey Show.
  • The next day, Miss Appleby was particularly thrilled by the previous night's event.
  • Miss A received a fax for her class from Jason, Trini, and Zack in Switzerland, praising the Rangers' endorsement of education on the Harvey Garvey Show the previous night.
  • Close-ups of Billy and Kim placed them in the same class with the other teens and Bulk and Skull, yet the shots were from the next episode, 234-WSmF.
  • Something on the wall of Miss Appleby's classroom was labeled "Civics."
  • Bulk and Skull came into Miss Appleby's class late, thinking they were stars because of their TV appearance (in which they'd tried to unmask the Rangers on the Harvey Garvey Show but ended up crashing into Harvey); she gave them a week's detention for being ten minutes late to class.


  • Firefighter Newman spoke to Miss Appleby's class, which Kim, Aisha, Bulk, and Skull were in, about the upcoming Fire Safety Week and chose Aisha as Fire Safety Captain because, among all of the students' essays, hers was the best.


  • Miss Appleby's assignment for her class containing the teens and Bulk and Skull was to bring in a childhood photograph and share with the class their most memorable experience at that age.
  • On Miss Appleby's chalkboard was, "Geometry / Chapter 20 / Probs 1-30 / Due Wed." and then "Chess Club meets T-Th in library / try something new."
  • The class Miss Appleby was teaching was in class at 9:00 in the morning.
  • There was a "social sciences" poster by Miss Appleby's chalkboard.
  • During the Rock of Time's time regression which seemed to make everyone roughly eight years younger, Miss Appleby had shoulder-length auburn hair.
  • On the board after the Rock of Time had regressed everyone back in time was "Spelling / Chapter 2 / Probs 1-30" then "Girl Scouts / Meets T-Th in library."
  • Young Bulk and Skull thought young Kim was the teacher's pet.
  • Miss Appleby sent young Bulk and Skull to spend the rest of the day in Mr. Caplan's office after their prank of a balloon filled with what looked like shaving cream had backfired.
  • After class let out, Miss Appleby reminded the kids to study for their spelling test tomorrow.


  • Mr. Caplan announced to Miss Appleby's class that they had been selected as teen exchange speakers to represent the United States in Australia.


  • Miss Appleby's assignment over the three-day weekend was for each student to write an essay about which time period he or she would have liked to have lived in.


  • Miss Appleby seemed to be in charge of the Angel Grove High book fair.
  • Grumble the Magic Elf had been one of Miss Appleby's favorite storybooks when she was little.


  • The invisible Miss Chief used love potion to make Lt. Stone fall in love with Miss Appleby.
  • Billy, Adam, Rocky, and Aisha were in Miss Appleby's class together while it seemed Kim and Tommy weren't in any class at the time.
  • Lt. Stone asked Miss Appleby to the Junior Police Ball in the middle of her class.
  • While Lt. Stone just called Miss Appleby "Miss," she called him "Lt. Stone."
  • The invisible Miss Chief used a love potion to make Mr. Caplan fall in love with Miss Appleby, at which point Miss Appleby shrieked, "Has everyone in this school gone mad?!"
  • Just as Miss Appleby was excited about Mr. Caplan and Lt. Stone fighting over her, Finster's antidote cured them from their love spell; when the two men introduced themselves to each other, Miss Appleby wearily flopped against Mr. Caplan.
  • At the dance, Lt. Stone asked Miss Appleby to dance, and she girlishly agreed, calling him Jerome; they then danced happily.


  • The six teens and Bulk and Skull were together in Miss Appleby's class for the final assignment of the year.
  • Miss Appleby assigned the students to get into pairs and give ten-minute reports on a language of their choice.


  • Miss Appleby made her first appearance since 328-Chmp.
  • Miss Appleby's class, which included Kat, Rocky, Tommy, and Jason, had a two-hour exam which covered all the material they'd learned since the beginning of the semester.


  • Miss Appleby monitored Justin as he took a placement test in the resource center; she was surprised when he finished the test with over an hour remaining.


  • In Miss Appleby's class in the resource center classroom area, Justin, Reggie, and Junior took a science test with the rest of the class.
  • Kat was Miss Appleby's student teacher.
  • For conversing during the test, Miss Appleby made Justin, Reggie, and Junior wait in the hall until the test was over.
  • Kat seemed to be grading papers for Miss Appleby.
  • After a false fire alarm, Justin reluctantly told Miss Appleby that Reggie and Junior had pulled the alarm; she planned to deal with the two troublemakers, and she ended up giving them detention, making them want to beat up Justin for telling on them.
  • Miss Appleby later told everyone they could go home, as school was dismissed until they could figure out what kept triggering the fire alarms.


  • Miss Appleby had told Mr. Caplan that Cassie wanted to take an upcoming major test at a later time, as she'd been "very busy with other interests", but Mr. Caplan made her take the test as scheduled.

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