Miss Fairweather
- scientist credited with developing Lightspeed technology; later the wife of Joel Rawlings (since 933-TFLs)
Miss Fairweather
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Full Name: Angela Fairweather (826-MMBa)
First Appearance: 802-LsTm
Last Appearance: 933-TFLs
Pictures: circa early PRLR (shown at right), circa later PRLR


  • One of numerous Lightspeed-Space parallels, almost all Aquabase display panels and controls bore striking similarities to Astro Megaship controls, with some panels actually identical to the Megaship's, including the "Education" paneling seen in 807-CybR.
  • Despite the demons' capture by a warlock 5,000 years ago, Captain Mitchell told the teens selected to become Rangers, "we always feared that one day they would escape and would return to Mariner Bay"; their fears had come true hours ago when nomad travelers crossing through the desert had discovered the tomb and released the demons back into their world.
  • Mitchell told the teens that Lightspeed had developed technology and highly sophisticated weapons which they believed could stop the demons.
  • Kelsey asked, "You built this whole 'Aquabase' so that the four of us could fight off a bunch of... angry demons?" and Mitchell agreed, although noting it was putting it simply.
  • Miss Fairweather wasn't seen in Transport as the recently recruited teens were taken to the Rescue Rover by Dana for their first battle; this was still hours after the demons' initial release.
  • One of the control stations in Transport had a keyboard matching the colors and design of the colored keyboard from the dormitories aboard Terra Venture.
  • The numbers of the Lightspeed Rangers matched those of the Turbo Rangers, with Blue 2 and Green 3, while the ordering of most other Power Ranger teams (with the exception of the future Time Force Rangers) had Black or Green second under Red.
  • Mitchell later informed the teens that they had merely destroyed one of Diabolico's monsters rather than Diabolico himself, apparently surprising the crowd of surrounding personnel; it seemed that not many people in the base were especially informed about the demons, although Miss Fairweather apparently would be.


  • Joel accidentally walked backwards into Miss Fairweather and a cart of a few items she was pushing in a corridor, knocking off her glasses.
  • Joel apologized but was instantly lovestruck at the beautiful young woman, probably in her late twenties.
  • Miss Fairweather regularly wore a black skirt, blue top, and white lab coat, with a security card clipped to her coat when in the base.
  • Joel quickly helped Miss Fairweather, telling her his name, and she curiously pulled her hand from his grip and told her name, noting Joel was in quite a hurry.
  • As Miss Fairweather listened amusedly, Joel explained he had a top-secret meeting with Captain Mitchell, probably another apparently life-or-death mission; she humored him, as would be her default attitude toward him in the future, saying it sounded very dangerous.
  • Saying danger came with the job, Joel showed Miss Fairweather what he explained was his Morpher, as he was the Green Ranger.
  • Dana called Joel, upset that he was late again for their meeting, and Joel fumbled with the Morpher reporting, "Green Ranger out," amusing Miss Fairweather.
  • In parting, Joel said maybe they'd see each other again, and Miss Fairweather told him she felt they were destined to meet again.
  • Mitchell soon showed the four teens the Weapons Lab, where goggled techs were working; Mitchell explained that everything the Rangers would use to defeat the demons was designed, built, and tested here.
  • A gloved tech sprayed a cold white mist from a Red Ranger Rescue Blaster to extinguish a test fire.
  • In an adjoining, darker room was a pool, from which a testing person emerged wearing a futuristic green and blue pack which the Rangers would never be shown using, although it was seen being tested again in 806-WODe.
  • The five Power Boxes (once used by the Turbo Rangers) were mounted on the wall in the Transport Bay, with the blue pack smaller just as it had been for Blue Turbo Ranger Justin; they now bore Lightspeed sigils.
  • Seeing Miss Fairweather, Mitchell introduced her as "the genius behind everything," from the Rescue Morphers to their newest weapons.
  • Welcoming the teens to Lightspeed, Miss Fairweather told them Diabolico would stop at nothing to destroy the city, and it was her job to make sure the Rangers remained one step ahead of him and his monsters, which was why they had developed what she showed them next.
  • Miss Fairweather had Vincent, a lab tech, activate a monitor kiosk, displaying the Rail Rescues in the Train Bay; when Kelsey was skeptical of the idea of trains, Miss Fairweather smiled and assured her they were much more than trains.
  • Miss Fairweather had blue eyes.
  • After giant Magmavore had landed downtown, Mitchell had the teens put the Rail Rescues to work, and Carter immediately agreed, although Chad was unsure, Kelsey reminding Chad that none of them were; Miss Fairweather reassured Chad that the Rail Rescues were programmed to assist them automatically and that they'd be fine.
  • As the Rangers deployed the Rail Rescues, Miss Fairweather joined Mitchell in Rescue Ops to watch the action as she often would.
  • Several of the Lightspeed Rescuezords were quite similar to the equivalent Rescuezords used by the Turbo Rangers: Lightning Fire Tamer and Pyro Rescue One were both fire trucks, although Pyro Rescue One had ladder arms in place of water jets (a function given to Aqua Rescue Two, which took the place of police car Siren Blaster); while Aero Rescue Three and Thunder Loader were quite different (although both carriers of cargo), HazRescue Four and Star Racer both had scoop/claw arms, and MedRescue Five and Wind Rescue were both ambulances.
  • Further similarities included the Lightspeed Rescuezords' frequently being called simply "Rescuezords," and Carter's accidentally calling the Lightspeed Megazord the "Rescue Megazord" in 832-Sorc.
  • As the lava pool downtown was creating a danger, Carter asked Joel if he could go in to cool the rock, and Joel laughed that he could go anywhere in this thing, but Miss Fairweather told Mitchell it was too dangerous, as his aircraft didn't have enough power alone.
  • Joel was sure he had enough power, but Mitchell passed on a negative from Miss Fairweather, prompting Joel to ask, "Says who?" and Mitchell replied it was the expert who designed the Zord, insisting that they combine their Rescue vehicles.
  • As Carter called for help as they struggled to free people trapped in an elevator, Miss Fairweather at a panel observed that "it" was operational, and Mitchell told Carter of the new weapon, telling him to call for the Rescue Bird.
  • Red Ranger's component of the Rescue Bird was a drill weapon, slightly reminiscent of the Red Space Ranger's Spiral Saber.
  • Later, as Pyro Rescue One was buried in rubble, Miss Fairweather had Mitchell send Joel in, but when Joel had a different idea, Miss Fairweather shouted into Mitchell's headset mic for him to just obey the order, somewhat surprising Mitchell.
  • When the Lightspeed Megazord destroyed Magmavore, Miss Fairweather exclaimed, "Yeah!!" but corrected herself with a calm, "Yes," after Mitchell had looked at her.
  • Apparently connecting Rescue Ops with a hallway near the Transport Bay/Weapons Lab (with Ops above, as there was another level below the Transport Bay) was an elevator looking identical to the Astro Megaship's Megalift.
  • After the Rangers returned victorious, Joel talked with Miss Fairweather one of the Weapons Lab booths; when he asked if she was allowed to be in there, Miss Fairweather replied in a sweetly mocking tone (which was her trademark) that she worked there.
  • Joel congratulated Miss Fairweather and presented her his bouquet of flowers, as well as a signed Sky Cowboy flyer; humorously excited, she remarked she had her own pinup.
  • Miss Fairweather asked how the mission had gone, and Joel mockingly talked about the expert, some "dilletron designer," like he needed help from a computer geek.
  • Miss Fairweather angrily told him the next time the "Sky Cowboy" wanted to overload his engines and explode, this dilletron computer geek would just let him, thrusting the flowers back at him and storming out.
  • As Joel was stunned to realize she was said designer, the teens said she'd designed everything - from their Morphers to their Zords, as Dana described.


  • While the Rangers and Dr. Hanson ran a decoy mission, Dana and Mitchell's old friend Earl successfully brought a top-secret fuel cell to the Aquabase, but its function was unknown.


  • In the lab, Joel asked Miss Fairweather if later they could-- but he was interrupted by an alarm.
  • When the teens returned from battle, Miss Fairweather was startled to see the Rescue Rover charred and blackened by laser fire; Carter defeatedly told her Vypra had a new battle vehicle.
  • Soon, Miss Fairweather removed a damaged piece from the Rover's engine and showed it to Mitchell, afraid to think what else Vypra could do.
  • Miss Fairweather admitted she wasn't sure what they could do, but she coyly added, "Yet."
  • Later, Miss Fairweather was quite busy in the lab as her crew worked to assemble a new project when Joel asked what she was doing later, saying she was making a surprise.
  • Joel guessed it was for him, and she smiled yes, in a way, and he left so as not to spoil the surprise.
  • In the guys' room, Joel had a framed picture of Miss Fairweather which showed her outdoors in her labcoat and glasses with a tree nearby; she was looking semi-seriously off to one side.
  • In the booth overlooking Transport, the teens met Mitchell Miss Fairweather after their second encounter with the Vyprari.
  • Miss Fairweather explained that every now and then, her job got personal, and this was one of those times; she then happily turned on the lights which revealed the Lightspeed Cycles, the latest weapon in the Rangers' arsenal.
  • Miss Fairweather noted that Joel didn't seem to like them, but he replied disappointedly that they were great, stomping Chad's foot to silence him.
  • Later that day following the Rangers' victories, Joel proposed he and Miss Fairweather take his Lightspeed Cycle out for her to give him a private lesson.
  • Speaking in a sultry tone, Miss Fairweather calculated he was asking her on a date; she told him he was one of the most handsome, charming, courageous young men she knew, but she cited Lightspeed Regulation #322.1: "There shall be no fraternization between squad members."
  • Miss Fairweather agreed when Joel asked if they'd have a great time if not for the rule.
  • Miss Fairweather had Joel take the cycle and give it a test for her, and he happily took it out.
  • Having heard her nearby, Dana grinned mischievously that there was no such regulation, and Miss Fairweather laughed that perhaps in this case there should be.


  • As Strikning prepared to finish off the Lightspeed Rangers after stunning them with a lightning bolt, the monster was blasted by the approaching Cyborg Rangers' version of the Rescue Blasters, and the human Rangers awoke startled.
  • Miss Fairweather, Mitchell, and Aquabase personnel, watching on monitors, were all baffled upon seeing the Cyborg Rangers.
  • Bewildered, Mitchell turned to Miss Fairweather, but she replied uneasily, "We aren't developing any such Cyborg Rangers."
  • Mitchell asked if they hadn't sent the Cyborgs, who had, at which point General McKnight, entering the Transport control area, answered he had.
  • Relieved of their duties by McKnight, the teens defeatedly removed their Morphers and placed them into the case, Miss Fairweather near tears as Joel paused and placed his in.
  • In the lab later, Miss Fairweather tended to the standing Cyborgs as they recharged; entering, McKnight asked, "Impressive, aren't they?" and she agreed, "Very."
  • McKnight listed some of their specifications, noting every millimeter was programmed to perfection; Miss Fairweather replied they were truly impressive, but she feared they were missing "the one thing you can't program - a heart," causing McKnight's smile to fade confoundedly.
  • While the Cyborgs fought Strikning for a second time, McKnight watched from Ops as Mitchell and Miss Fairweather were unamused.
  • When a lightning bolt from Strikning disabled the Cyborgs, McKnight was stunned, saying it was impossible.
  • When the Cyborgs got up and turned on the scientists, McKnight asked what they were doing, and Miss Fairweather replied their circuitry was fried and that the general had to stop them.
  • As McKnight was deep in woe after Mitchell's orders to try the self-destruct sequence had failed, Mitchell and Miss Fairweather looked at the nearby case containing the teens' Morphers.
  • Upon destroying both the malfunctioning Cyborg Rangers and giant Strikning, the teens giggled and conversed in Ops as Mitchell and Miss Fairweather stood somberly, Dr. Harlen quite embarrassed in front of McKnight's two infantrymen, and they all stood at attention as McKnight entered before telling them, "At ease."
  • McKnight somewhat guiltily told the teens he'd underestimated them, adding toward Miss Fairweather with a respectful smile, "And your heart."
  • McKnight told Mitchell he wouldn't interfere again, telling him to carry on, and the two saluted each other, McKnight giving a final, respectful nod to Miss Fairweather, who nodded back.
  • As McKnight and his associates left, Miss Fairweather beamed, and Mitchell grinned and pumped his fist victoriously.


  • While three of the Rangers fought Smogger and Chad fought to save Brian, the injured Kelsey somehow made her way from the hospital to the Aquabase, pulling off her head bandage as she took her jacket.
  • Miss Fairweather confronted Kelsey, gently asking if she was supposed to be in bed, and Kelsey replied the others needed her; Miss Fairweather knew she couldn't talk Kelsey out of it, so she gave her something that would help, having the lift bring the red Lightspeed Cycle equipped with a Rescue Speeder which she'd thought might come in handy.
  • Kelsey excitedly thanked and hugged her, and Miss Fairweather told her to be careful, but then instead told her more nonchalantly to bring the vehicle back in one piece.


  • In the lab, Dana was setting up a scientific kit which impressed the arriving Miss Fairweather; it would hopefully measure volcanic activity, and Dana intended to try to get a reading at Mt. Jasmine.
  • When Dana couldn't get the Rover from the other teens, Miss Fairweather offered a ride, but Dana decided to take a bus instead, saying it would be an adventure.
  • When Miss Fairweather detected Mt. Jasmine heating up, thinking someone was giving it help, Mitchell realized it had to be Diabolico; the Rangers would rescue Dana and destroy Trifire.


  • As Miss Fairweather tensely worked at a terminal in the lab, many techs stood watching and taking notes; on the monitor, a diagram of each Rail Rescue sequentially showed a red bar filling up.
  • After the first three, a tech rushed up with a disc which Miss Fairweather inserted, and once the process was complete, the tech exclaimed, "It's perfect!" and everyone was pleased; the Supertrain program was now installed.
  • Later, Miss Fairweather was sitting in thought at a terminal as Joel arrived, assuming she was done for the day.
  • As tech loaded up the Rescue Rover with equipment, Miss Fairweather told Joel they were heading out to check the volcano, as there had been some strange seismic activity.
  • Joel suggested Miss Fairweather take a break some time and do nothing, but she coyly knew he meant do nothing with her.
  • As the two techs accompanying Miss Fairweather, one of whom had earlier handed her the last Supertrain disc, spoke with her about equipment, Miss Fairweather paused shamefully as a dismayed Joel walked away.
  • Miss Fairweather and her two assistants, in field gear and yellow mining helmets, took some equipment from the Rover up to a mountain cave from the parked Rover.
  • The team researched with such equipment as geiger counters, and Miss Fairweather reported to Mitchell via a computer terminal that the volcano was indeed heating up.
  • Miss Fairweather reported suddenly that there was something else, and the cavern rumbled as giant Magmavore laughed and arose from his lava bed inside the volcano.
  • Miss Fairweather reported something was coming up from under the ground, something alive; another quake cut the video signal.
  • As the cavern quaked, Miss Fairweather helped her assistants evacuate from the falling rocks, but the rock collapse sealed her inside just after the two techs had escaped, leaving her unconscious within.
  • When the Megazord fell in battle, having lost all power, Mitchell had the Rangers evacuate the Megazord, explaining something had happened to Miss Fairweather and they had to find her to save the Megazord.
  • As unmorphed Joel blasted his way in with his Rescue Blaster, Miss Fairweather groggily awoke.
  • Miss Fairweather exclaimed, "Joel!" and he replied, "No time for autographs," helping her.
  • Miss Fairweather paused a moment to smile into Joel's eyes, and they left as Joel snapped out of it.
  • Just as the Rangers prepared to help Joel, he arrived with Miss Fairweather; she climbed into the Rover and, likely having been filled in by Joel, told them to get back to the Megazord, as reserve power should be back online by now.
  • Miss Fairweather had a plan but told the Rangers to buy her some time; Joel said they'd do it, and the two smiled at each other.
  • Miss Fairweather careened through downtown in the Rover with her assistants, lights flashing and siren wailing.
  • In the lab, Miss Fairweather ordered the Supertrain program online; Mitchell arrived as they worked, and she told him she was booting up the Supertrain Megazord.
  • Mitchell called for the Train Bay to surface, and the Rail Rescues then proceeded on autopilot into the city.
  • As the Rail Rescues arrived, Miss Fairweather told the Rangers to break down the Megazord; Carter didn't want to retreat, but Mitchell insisted they weren't retreating, telling him, "Just do it!"
  • Miss Fairweather had the Rangers put engines to full power; as the Rail Rescues accelerated forward, empty portions of highway ahead unfolded into two side walls, exposing a giant ramp which raised to curve skyward.
  • The Rangers (and moreso, presumably the citizens of Mariner Bay) seemed startled by the sudden appearance of the giant ramp which would aid the train in forming the Supertrain Megazord in midair.
  • As Carter attempted to fire the shoulder-mounted Gatling Blasters, the Rangers were shocked by blue electricity in the cockpit, and panels in the lab overloaded, Miss Fairweather shouting to maintain.
  • After Trifire was destroyed, Carter reported having a power surge, which Miss Fairweather explained as an overload; she spoke to herself about not wanting to chance using the Gatling Blasters again.
  • As Magmavore charged, Carter asked for ideas, and Mitchell nodded assuringly to Miss Fairweather, who told them to switch weapons to turbines.
  • The hand-mounted Red turbine revved and glowed golden as blue electricity crackled into the chest and through the cockpit; a tech reported another overload as panels sparked, but Miss Fairweather had her increase power, and the hand-mounted Gatling Blasters would destroy Magmavore.
  • When the volcano erupted violently, Miss Fairweather told the Rangers of the Supertrain's freeze missiles.
  • After the volcano had been frozen solid, the techs cheered, and the two hugged Miss Fairweather happily.
  • Telling someone at his door to come in, Joel was startled to find it was Miss Fairweather who entered.
  • Miss Fairweather, her face no longer scraped up, had come to say thank you for having saved her; her hair was pulled back especially tight, probably after a shower.
  • Miss Fairweather was afraid that sometimes she got so wrapped up in her work, she forgot what it was all for, but he had reminded her perfectly, so tonight she thought she'd relax and invite him to dinner.
  • Joel was a bit amazed, and she chuckled with a smile, telling him the galley at eight.
  • That night, Joel skidded down a hallway in a black tux and hat with a bouquet of red flowers.
  • In the galley, Joel found Miss Fairweather seated at a table with the four teens, who all laughed at him.
  • Miss Fairweather regretfully asked if he'd thought it would be just the two of them, and he awkwardly said of course not; the teens laughingly brought him back in and consoled him.


  • On what happened to be the day before the 20th birthday of the lost Ryan Mitchell, the teens, Miss Fairweather, and Mitchell watched from a booth (Joel running up just in time) as techs attached electrodes to Carter in the pool room in preparation for his testing of the Titanium Morpher, which was placed around his wrist by a tech.
  • Miss Fairweather spoke into the mic, "Here we go," and Carter nodded.
  • After activating the Morpher, Carter painfully pulsed with blue flashes of the partial Titanium suit, his glowing red nervous system and heart visible during the agonizing flickers which included blue energy waves on the border of the partially-formed pieces of Titanium Ranger suit.
  • The Titanium Ranger was a dull silver in color, perhaps suggestive of the Silver Space Ranger.
  • During the excrutiating process, Carter struggled to hold out his hand, almost pleading for mercy, but the morph spasms continued to wrack his body.
  • Agonized, Carter finally dropped to his hands, gasping as the blue ripples trailed off; he would tell an alarmed Miss Fairweather between gasps that he was okay as the teens rushed out to help him.
  • Miss Fairweather defeatedly removed her glasses.
  • Just before midnight, Mitchell resignedly took a seat at his desk, and Miss Fairweather slammed the Titanium Morpher onto the desk, protesting, despite his apparent former insistence, that she didn't think they should continue testing the Titanium powers, as the circuitry was too powerful for an ordinary human.
  • As Miss Fairweather began to leave, Mitchell, looking at the Morpher, said wistfully, "Would've been fantastic," and she agreed it truly would have, telling him good night.
  • Shocked as the Rangers were confronted by the evil Titanium Ranger the next morning, Mitchell ran to his quarters and frustratedly found the Titanium Morpher missing.
  • Back in Ops, Miss Fairweather soon joined Mitchell in Ops as Titanium fought the Rangers with his bare hands and the Titanium Laser; she was alarmed.
  • Mitchell soon told Carter to break off the attack, and the weakened Rangers retreated.
  • In the conference room before Mitchell arrived, Miss Fairweather told the teens that the Titanium Morpher had been stolen from the captain's safe.
  • Entering, Mitchell said regardless of who had stolen it, they had to get it back fast, but Miss Fairweather sighed that that wouldn't be easy.
  • Around this time, the Titanium Morpher was blinking as though it were being called as Ryan bowed before Diabolico in the skull castle; meanwhile, the teens would split up to explore the city.
  • As the Rangers struggled against Titanium again, Mitchell called Miss Fairweather as she and techs worked on the V-Lancers in the lab; Mitchell said they were out of time, not letting her test the weapons.
  • In the mic as she typed, Miss Fairweather told Carter to "activate 'V-Lancers,'" and the weapons were teleported to the Rangers as they summoned them.
  • As Titanium saw his axe nearby after the Rangers had turned the tide with their new V-Lancers, Carter shouted, "Don't do it!" but as he ran for the weapon, Miss Fairweather told the Rangers to go to blaster mode, and they would deliver a blast which they expected to be fatal.
  • As Titanium weakly rose and turned, his visor was open, revealing human eyes within.
  • Carter ordered, "Stand down before this escalates! Don't force us to destroy you!" but Titanium nodded his visor shut and approached weakly with his blaster aimed.
  • Miss Fairweather, watching, called for energy level ten, and they switched to full power.
  • As the Rangers aimed the V-Lancers on full power, which they surely expected to be fatal following the previous incident, Mitchell painfully told them not to fire, repeating the order when Carter was surprised.


  • The morning after learning the evil Titanium Ranger was Ryan, Mitchell wandered down the hall, ignoring a good morning from Miss Fairweather, and through Ops; he would leave and eventually find Ryan, at which point Ryan would remember his past and run away, leaving behind the Titanium Morpher.


  • As Miss Fairweather worked, a computer voice announced an intruder alert, and Miss Fairweather saw the "Lift" sign on the wall blinking; she then watched as Ryan rode up on the empty Rover lift.
  • When guards with batons rushed in and grappled Ryan, Miss Fairweather called them off, and Ryan walked away calmly, finding his father to tell him goodbye.
  • After Ryan had chased away Demonite, Falkar, and Thunderon, Miss Fairweather in Ops reported very little damage in the city, saying no one was hurt from the exploding feathers.


  • When asked who had designed everything in the labs, Mitchell replied the Lightspeed Megazord, Rescue Morphers, Rescue Blasters, Rescue Bird, and Rescue Rover had all been designed by Miss Fairweather's team.


  • Miss Fairweather showed Mitchell schematics for the Max Solarzord which a tech named David brought up; the front end of the Zord strongly resembled the front of the Astro Megaship.
  • The Solarzord was ready, but it was useless without a Titanium Ranger, Miss Fairweather explained.
  • The Solarzord had a sophisticated weapons system which she'd designed specifically to be operated by the Titanium Ranger.
  • Mitchell hoped they could function without it, and Miss Fairweather returned the gold disc to its case.
  • As the Rangers battled Falkar and Thunderon, Mitchell called Miss Fairweather to Ops, stat; there, she observed that the two monsters were too powerful for the Supertrain alone.
  • A tech soon reported that the Max Solarzord had been activated, which she found impossible, but she checked a monitor as the Solarzord deployed from its bay.
  • In the cockpit, Ryan radioed, "Titanium Ranger to Miss Fairweather. I'm gonna need a little help here."
  • Mitchell ordered him to get back here, but Ryan replied they needed his help, and as Mitchell was silent, Miss Fairweather told Ryan to position wings for takeoff.
  • Miss Fairweather soon told Ryan to energize the solar panels and head toward the sun, which he did before transforming into robot mode; Miss Fairweather then explained the Solarzord to the startled Rangers.
  • Ryan proceeded to fight and destroy the two monsters, but as the Rangers congratulated him, he lay unconscious on his controls, the cobra glowing on his back.
  • Ryan later lay shirtless in an infirmary bed in the Aquabase as Miss Fairweather used a scanner on him.
  • Ryan told her the Max Solarzord was awesome, but she gently told him to get some rest, talking about the crazy stunt he'd pulled.
  • As Miss Fairweather had Ryan roll over to check his breathing, Mitchell was startled to see the cobra now in the middle of Ryan's back.
  • Outside, Miss Fairweather told Mitchell the last fight had made the cobra progress very rapidly; the next time he morphed could destroy him.


  • Back in Ryan's room, Miss Fairweather scanned the tattoo again and then apologized, saying she'd never seen anything like it.
  • Miss Fairweather told him he should be fine, as long as he didn't morph.
  • In the conference room following the Rangers' defeat during a skirmish with Troika, the teens described their defeat to Miss Fairweather and Mitchell as Miss Fairweather took notes on a clipboard.
  • Mitchell asked about the Battle Boosters, and Miss Fairweather approvingly noted they were almost finished, although as they were experimental, they didn't know the Boosters' capability.
  • In the lab shortly, a tech was scanning a circuit board in one of five machines; Miss Fairweather had the tech close it up, as they were out of time.
  • Miss Fairweather explained the Battle Boosters would intensify their physical strength powers, as well as their weapons; in all aspects, including the ability to detach and control the Solarzord remotely from the Megazord cockpit, the Battle Boosters were identical in function to the Space Rangers' Battlizer, even being operated with number keys.
  • When Ryan joined the Rangers in the Solarzord, free of the curse, Miss Fairweather had Carter engage his Battle Booster, which he did to initiate the Lightspeed Solarzord combination.
  • Miss Fairweather joined Mitchell in the galley following Diabolico's destruction, but the alarm would then sound in response to Olympius.


  • "Joel" inserted a passkey at the security kiosk in Transport, and the entry gate began to open; from Ops, Carter shouted for Miss Fairweather to close the entry gate.
  • Miss Fairweather struggled with "Joel", finally pressing "Emergency Close," and she eventually managed to pull out the passkey during the struggle, causing the door to seal shut.
  • Carter picked up the dropped passkey, shouting for the impostor to get away from the console, but "Joel" grabbed Miss Fairweather and morphed into Olympius.
  • Olympius demanded the passkey, and as Carter handed it over, Ryan struck the villain and grabbed Miss Fairweather away, and Carter tackled the villain into the pool.


  • In the Aquabase infirmary, Miss Fairweather bandaged Mitchell's wounded left shoulder after a firefighting injury, apparently already familiar with his large blistered scar over his right shoulder from his rescue of Carter years prior.
  • Leaving, Miss Fairweather advised him to take it easy for a few days.


  • Investigating on the computer during city disturbances, Miss Fairweather curiously observed that the planets were falling into a very rare alignment which hadn't occurred in 3,000 years, and Ryan explained the ceremony to bring back Queen Bansheera.
  • As Bansheera's giant spectral head summoned a tidal wave behind the elevated Train Bay, Miss Fairweather announced the impending disaster, and Mitchell shouted to secure all decks as the base rumbled.
  • The Solarzord's cockpit buttons were, like Rescue Ops, strikingly similar to the Megaship's consoles, even bearing the same yellow "Emergency Alert" rectangle.
  • Suddenly, Bansheera and the waves vanished, surprising Miss Fairweather.
  • In the conference room following the Rangers' apparent victory, Ryan told them all that Bansheera might not have her whole body back, but her powers would only get stronger, and one day, no matter what they did or what weapons they used, she would destroy them all to build her palace.
  • For clarification, Miss Fairweather curiously asked if he was saying Bansheera was indestructible, but Ryan replied there had been a time when they had all been captured, so they knew it was possible, and he announced he was leaving to find out how.


  • Days after Ryan's departure, Miss Fairweather explained to the teens a simple modification to Carter's Battle Booster to allow them to operate Max Solarzord by remote, which they'd need to initiate the new Omega Megazord, surprising them.
  • Bringing up the Omegazords on the monitor, Miss Fairweather giddily introduced them as, "The very latest in Zord technology," and a crane arm went to lift Omegazord One inside the elevated Train Bay.
  • As Joel brought young friend Simon into Transport later, Miss Fairweather confusedly greeted Simon, very busy with a series of tests.
  • A tech starting Phase Test Three reported levels a little high but within tolerances, a monitor showing schematics of something and "Air release engaged."; the levels came down, and Miss Fairweather had him go to phase four.
  • As Miss Fairweather was too busy to listen to Joel's important news, Simon sneaked into the control booth and locked the door, accessing the computer.
  • As the test program was interrupted, a tech, Joel, and Miss Fairweather tried to open the door as Simon kept working at the computer.
  • As they rushed in and Joel grabbed Simon, the boy hit Enter, bringing up a zoomed shot of the approaching asteroid cluster, and Miss Fairweather looked at his notebook in astonishment.
  • As the alarm sounded, Miss Fairweather thanked Simon and kissed his cheek, making Joel jealous, but Miss Fairweather had him go while she helped Simon with something.
  • As the Rangers fought Olympius, Simon continued to study his notes beside Miss Fairweather, but Simon soon realized the asteroid was bigger and faster than originally thought, and Miss Fairweather realized the Lightspeed Solarzord didn't have a chance of bringing it down, so she had the Rangers return to initiate the Omega Project.
  • After the Rangers had lifted off to deploy the Omegazords, Miss Fairweather took Simon into Rescue Ops, where Mitchell saluted back when saluted by the boy.
  • As the Omega Crawler began to leave the asteroid after depositing two explosives, Miss Fairweather shouted for them to get out of there as the asteroid grappled them, but Carter shouted back that the asteroid was alive; he planned for them to detonate the explosives manually despite Mitchell's warning that it would be too dangerous.
  • After transforming, the Omega Megazord stabbed its staff into the asteroid, and giant explosions blew the asteroid apart; the last seen by Ops was a cockpit view of the Rangers groaning amidst sparks before the view went to static.
  • Miss Fairweather was horrified, and Mitchell stunned, but Carter then reported success.
  • During the celebration in Ops later, Joel met up with Miss Fairweather and Simon, and Miss Fairweather congratulated the boy.
  • Putting his hat on Simon, Joel secretly had Simon ask Miss Fairweather on a date.
  • Finding Miss Fairweather in the crowd, Simon talked with her, then returned saying she'd agreed to take him (Simon) to the planetarium, and she came and escorted Simon away.


  • Neither Mitchell nor Miss Fairweather were seen during Leo, Maya, and Kai's visit to the Aquabase, although they may have been introduced earlier offscreen.


  • As Chad showed his sensei of many years, Mr. Tamashiro, around Ops, Miss Fairweather and Captain Mitchell entered, and Chad introduced them proudly.
  • Mitchell genuinely told Mr. Tamashiro he was honored to meet him, and Miss Fairweather said it was a pleasure, both of them shaking his hand.


  • In a simulation room as Joel and Miss Fairweather stood nearby, Miss Fairweather giving instructions, Carter attempted but failed to master the controls of the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle in a sky simulation.
  • Miss Fairweather told Carter he'd have to fly the real Mobile Armored Vehicle the next day, asking if he would be ready to fly it.
  • In Transport the next day, techs were scanning the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle as Miss Fairweather told Carter they'd be testing all the flight systems - power, navigations, weapons, and maneuvers, and then he'd return to base.
  • As Carter flew, all systems were normal, but there was suddenly a crackling burst in a rear cylinder as his engines malfunctioned and gagues went haywire, and Miss Fairweather had him land.
  • As the Rangers struggled against Olympius and Mantevil after Kelsey had called Carter for help, Miss Fairweather despairingly asked herself where Carter was.
  • Having gone back in time, Carter screamed and convulsed beside the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle the previous day during the flight simulation, prying off his helmet and gasping as Joel urged him to calm down.
  • As Carter was quite shaken, Miss Fairweather this time asked if he would be okay for his flight the next day.
  • The next day, Miss Fairweather listed all the systems again, this time more steadily and less casually, presumably in response to Carter's apparent anxiety.
  • As Carter looked pensive rather than confidently agreeing as he had the first time around, Miss Fairweather now asked if he had any questions, and he hesitantly explained feeling like he'd lived the day before since yesterday's simulation, but Miss Fairweather told him simulations could be very disorienting, just to stay focused, and he reluctantly approached the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle.
  • This time as Miss Fairweather had Carter land following his engine malfunction, during which he reported he'd known it would happen, Miss Fairweather switched to another computer terminal before having him land.
  • As Carter got out, Miss Fairweather told him to check the power circuits, and he replied defeatedly that he knew, apparently having been told this the first time around.
  • When Kelsey called Carter for help (apparently considerably earlier this time around), Carter shouted into his wrist telling Miss Fairweather she had to call back the Rangers, but she was preoccupied at another terminal.
  • As she'd presumably done originally, Miss Fairweather told the Rangers she'd maxed out their Battle Boosters and to go for it; Chad would end up having his device snatched from his wrist by Olympius.
  • Carter shouted not to send in the Rescue Bird, frantically asking if anyone could hear him, but there was no response; around this point in the original version, Miss Fairweather (now not shown) would soon have wondered where Carter was.
  • Following the Rangers' victory, Miss Fairweather told Carter as a tech examined the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle that they'd replaced all the circuits and fuse panels, so he shouldn't have any more problems with it.


  • With only twenty minutes before toxic spores would be released from blossoms on the teens' wrists, Miss Fairweather used a blue laser to char the blossom on Carter's wrist as he endured the pain in a chair, but the blossom suddenly healed after the laser had stopped.
  • Kelsey thought to isolate themselves so the spores couldn't get out, but Miss Fairweather found on a computer simulation that the spores were so small they couldn't be contained.
  • Watching a gold pocket watch in Ops, Mitchell watched the despaired teens after the East Side Labs' poison had been destroyed, Miss Fairweather lamenting that that had been their last chance, but Carter was suddenly inspired to call the Solarzord.
  • As the teens got into a nosecone cockpit, Mitchell asked Carter what he was doing, and Carter replied the spores couldn't hurt anyone in outer space; determined, Miss Fairweather went to a keyboard and had the Solarzord lift off.
  • Miss Fairweather remotely opened the cockpit door to suck out all the spores when ordered by Carter.
  • As everyone cheered over the successful elimination of the spores, Miss Fairweather joyously held onto Mitchell's shoulder but quickly regained her composure.


  • In a holographic Western simulation in the mountains, Chad fought Batlings and Olympius with the new Thermo Blaster, remarking to Miss Fairweather it was awesome.
  • Miss Fairweather soon secured the five Thermo Blasters in a black case and thanked the teens for a very successful test.
  • After an urgent message from Ryan, the group was attacked by Freezard and Olympius; during the fight, Miss Fairweather left her two techs to drag the Thermo Blaster case into the fray for the Rangers to use.
  • As Miss Fairweather opened the case, Freezard froze her solid with his liquid spray.
  • At the base, Carter oversaw the defrosting unconscious Miss Fairweather in the infirmary, and he told Mitchell that her temperature was returning to normal and she would be okay.
  • Later, the teens were with Miss Fairweather in the infirmary as she was feeling much better, Dana just having served her some warm beverage.
  • Joel sat beside her, taking her hand and offering her a little warming up; as she pulled her hand away thanking him, she spilled her mug on herself.
  • Apparently looking around for something following the spill, Joel peeked under Miss Fairweather's sheets, making her whap him with laughing astonishment, and he explained he'd been looking for a towel.


  • After a narrow victory which they attributed to Joel's quick thinking, the teens discussed their first fight with Infinitor with Miss Fairweather and Mitchell in the conference room.
  • As Mitchell said they needed something more, Miss Fairweather proudly told Joel he'd been very brave; when he asked her to repeat it, he saw her in a dreamy sequence of flowers surrounding her.
  • When reality returned, Miss Fairweather actually seemed to be up close with Joel dreamily telling him she felt almost like-- but then broke away when Mitchell asked about Clark's new technology.
  • Hearing her brother's name, Miss Fairweather excitedly realized he'd have some great ideas.
  • Mitchell asked if Clark would help them, and she remarked for her, he'd do anything, and she giddily said she'd call him right away.
  • Outside the lab later, Joel watched in alarm as Clark went in and twirled Miss Fairweather around, calling her Angela, and Joel repeated her name, perhaps not having heard it before.
  • Clark told Angela her smile was still like a ray of sunshine.
  • Angela happily pressed her cheek to Clark's when he gave her a bunch of flowers in a long box.
  • Inviting Joel in to meet Clark, Miss Fairweather said with him on their team, Infinitor didn't stand a chance.
  • Miss Fairweather remarked of Clark, "He can build a Megazord blindfolded," giddily saying it would be so great to work together, and he agreed with a smile.
  • Miss Fairweather led Clark away, arm in arm, saying she just loved a guy with a complex mind, and Joel threw his own bouquet into a trash can containing shredded documents.
  • With Clark in a labcoat too, he and Miss Fairweather watched as the green Mega Battle buzzsaw blade cut through a thick piece of metal; the blade was even stronger than they'd thought, and Angela amazedly laughed he was a genius.
  • As Joel entered wearing a labcoat and glasses, Clark and Angela approached grinning, and Joel explained he'd thought his scientific expertise might come in handy.
  • When Miss Fairweather asked cheerily if he knew anything about science, he laughed boisterously and then replied science was his life.
  • Miss Fairweather began to turn down his offer, but Clark took him aside and had him help with complex wiring for the blue Mega Battle torso armor in the booth.
  • Clark suggested he and Angela go out to celebrate later, and she agreed after a brief pause.
  • As Clark slyly told Joel to hook up the wires, Miss Fairweather was concerned, asking Joel if he could handle this, but he replied he was all done, he guessed; Clark had him try it, and Angela panicked to stop him, but Joel mashed the red test button, making sparks fly, and the Aquabase momentarily blacked out.
  • When the lights came back on, Miss Fairweather quickly opened the door to the booth as it was opaque with smoke; Joel emerged sooty and frazzled, thinking it had been a faulty wire.
  • Overlooking the lake, Clark and Angela sat in his black convertible compact car with the top down and toasted to the Mega Battles, which she said she couldn't have finished without him.
  • Miss Fairweather wore her blue top and a matching jacket without her labcoat.
  • Miss Fairweather thought to get something out of the back seat, and she shared what looked like cake with him.
  • As Miss Fairweather was gigglingly wiping off Clark's mouth with a napkin, a sprinkler began spraying the car, and Angela squealed between giggles; Clark raised the convertible top, and she remarked he was brilliant.
  • In her side mirror, Miss Fairweather suddenly saw Joel and Chad turning knobs on water pipes.
  • Braving the water, Miss Fairweather confronted them, ordering Joel to turn it off immediately; they turned off the water, and Miss Fairweather asked what in the world he'd been thinking.
  • As Joel stammered about the grass being dry, a volley of missiles struck the car, making an explosion which left Clark unconscious in the burning car.
  • As Joel and Chad held Miss Fairweather back, Infinitor appeared between them and the car and said that was what happened to scientists who didn't mind their own business.
  • Chad leapt in and fought Infinitor unmorphed as best he could while Joel rushed in after Clark.
  • As Joel pulled the semi-conscious Clark from the car, it exploded behind them, knocking them forward.
  • Recovering, Joel tried to stir Clark, but he stood back as Miss Fairweather sobbingly tried to wake him, hugging him tearfully as he groaned her name.
  • Joel intensely put on his hat and looked down, and Miss Fairweather looked up at him as he panted; he remarked Clark would be all right, smiling faintly before running off to help Chad.
  • The two morphed and fought Batlings and Infinitor, losing until Miss Fairweather called out for them to use code 8-6-1 for the Mega Battles.
  • Angela and the weak Clark watched proudly as Joel and Chad summoned the Mega Battles.
  • At a table in the galley later, Clark was whispering something in Angela's ear when the teens came in.
  • When Joel thanked Clark for the Mega Battles, Clark instead thanked him, but added it had all been worth it to spend some time with Angela.
  • Clark headed out with a lingering touch on Angela's shoulder which she returned.
  • As Miss Fairweather admiringly watched Clark leaving, Joel asked, "You really love him, don't you?" and she smiled after Clark and replied she couldn't live without him, at which point the teens watched oddly from the table.
  • Joel told Miss Fairweather he was really happy for her, saying she deserved the best boyfriend in the world; confused, she replied Clark was her brother, and the teens laughed (although at least Chad had thought the same as Joel).
  • With increasing disbelief, Miss Fairweather said, "You didn't think that he and I were--" and Joel stammered about only joking, saying anybody could see that was her brother.
  • Miss Fairweather thanked Joel for watching out for Clark, kissing him on the cheek, and the teens stood in amazement and caught him as his knees buckled.


  • As the four amnesic teens struggled in the infirmary as Mitchell and Dana watched, Miss Fairweather and techs examined the teens.
  • Miss Fairweather asked Joel if he didn't remember her either, and he replied that if he'd seen her before, he'd know it.
  • Mitchell asked whether they could restore their memories, and Miss Fairweather replied it wouldn't be easy, but she planned to get right on it.
  • At the controls of a memory restoration apparatus, Miss Fairweather explained that this program was designed to free the blocked memory paths by triggering thoughts of the teens' lives as Rangers.
  • Miss Fairweather explained they had compiled a huge archived library of the teens' experiences which they'd saved for just such an emergency, and the discs triggered memories of personal experiences and interactions, beginning with their recruitment by Lightspeed's men in black.
  • At 50%, Miss Fairweather tried something more personal, inserting a new set of discs which featured more personal memories, including Joel's enamored first meeting with Miss Fairweather (802-LsTm) and his rescuing her from the volcano cavern (811-RAsh).
  • When Joel awoke with his memories restored, Miss Fairweather asked if he remembered being a Ranger, and when he did, she hugged him, making him trail off as he asked where his hat was.
  • Kelsey and Chad then awoke as well, at which point Miss Fairweather tested them by asking their Ranger colors, but Carter's process overloaded, leaving him stunned before he eventually remembered his Ranger history as well.
  • When the teens returned from their victory over Memorase, Mitchell planned a very difficult training session to toughen them up, but when Joel faked amnesia, Miss Fairweather left sighing she'd been thinking of asking the Green Ranger out on a date, and he ran after her.


  • When the base's power shut down, Miss Fairweather used a monitor to view Mitchell tampering with the Power Core, and Dana realized he'd been hypnotized earlier.
  • Miss Fairweather told the teens she'd overridden the power to the Megazords, but Mitchell had control of the rest of the base.
  • When a tech detected an energy source building in the cemetary, Miss Fairweather dispatched the teens and had security meet her in engineering.
  • At the door, Miss Fairweather got no response from using the door intercom and then had the guards use laser torches to cut the door open.
  • Finally kicking down the door, the guards searched with flashlights, but when Miss Fairweather went to pull a lever, Mitchell suddenly grabbed her and threw her back, then fought the two guards.
  • As Mitchell grappled a guard after knocking another out, Miss Fairweather grabbed an emergency axe off the wall and shattered the amulet with a mighty chop as Mitchell cried out in protest.
  • In the wake of the medallion's shattering, Miss Fairweather woke the unconscious Mitchell, and he hoped she could explain all of this.


  • As Chad cared for the unconscious Marina the mermaid in the pool room, Miss Fairweather watched, not quite sure what to do.
  • As the others arrived, Miss Fairweather softly explained there was no data available on Marina's species, and she didn't know how to help her.
  • The teens and Miss Fairweather watched as the watery form of King Neptune arose from the pool to take his trident and his daughter home.


  • At a dirt testing track, Miss Fairweather had Carter run tests on a dirtbike prototype for the Trans-Armor Cycle, but the armor mode test knocked Carter off and caused the bike to explode nearby.
  • As the teens left a meeting with Mitchell following a clash with Arachnor, Miss Fairweather had Carter stay, needing him to test the Trans-Armor Cycle prototype again.
  • On Carter's second test, the bike crashed again, and when Carter was needed by the others, she had him go while adding with uncertainty that she'd work on it.
  • Not long afterward, as Carter walked by a lab in the Aquabase, Miss Fairweather stopped him and told him she thought they'd worked out the last of the glitches, needing him to test the armor mode on the real cycle, but he first checked with Mitchell about the others who had vanished.
  • Heading to Transport, Miss Fairweather locked the lab room door with a red card, but there were still techs inside.
  • Captain Mitchell was among the victims abducted from the Aquabase by Arachnor and sent to her webbing in an old warehouse, but she first managed to throw Carter her red keycard before vanishing.
  • As Arachnor's babies began to hatch, Carter crashed through the door on the Trans-Armor Cycle and freed the teens after destroying the egg sack.
  • After morphing, the others fought Batlings while morphed Joel (on Chad's suggestion) ran up a stairwell and freed Miss Fairweather from the webbing with his baton, causing her to fall into his arms.
  • Soon, Captain Mitchell and Miss Fairweather led all the freed techs and civilians outside.
  • At a later point as morphed Carter completed a test of the Trans-Armor Cycle, Miss Fairweather happily asked how everything had checked out, and he declared it a definite success.


  • In a test room, the Rangers sat at a mockup of the Lifeforce Megazord cockpit, where collars tapped their life energies with increasing discomfort as the level was raised to 2 and then 3.
  • As the Rangers painfully clutched their heads, Miss Fairweather had it shut down, and the Rangers demorphed weakly.
  • Asked by Captain Mitchell what had happened, Miss Fairweather didn't quite know, admitting that harnessing the Rangers' life energy was more complicated than she'd thought.
  • Mitchell said it was too dangerous and thought they should shut this project down, but the teens urged Miss Fairweather to try it again, as Olympius was still out there, and Mitchell allowed them to continue.
  • To try again, Miss Fairweather recalibrated the energy flow.
  • As Dana reported from the ground of the three Megazords' ineffectiveness against giant Diabolico and Olympius, Miss Fairweather told them to try the Lifeforce Megazord, and Mitchell nodded despite his apprehension.
  • The Rangers successfully used Lifeforce level 3 to destroy Diabolico and Olympius.


  • In the conference room, Miss Fairweather reported they were working on the Omega Megazord: in the monitor, a crew attempted to salvage the Omega Megazord downtown.
  • Asked about the other Megazords, Miss Fairweather replied only the Lifeforce Megazord was currently operational.
  • As techs prepared the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle for Carter's mission into the Skull Cavern, Miss Fairweather recommended stealth mode to go in undetected; she had voiced no objections to his plan to go in to rescue Ryan.
  • Then stopping by the Lifeforce Megazord's holding bay, Miss Fairweather operated a console before hearing a noise in the darkness, and she suddenly saw the sea of Batlings which filled the chamber.
  • As the Lifeforce Megazord, controlled by Batlings, came to life, Miss Fairweather fled and shouted to Mitchell in Ops via a security camera that the base had been invaded, at which point the Batlings burst out from a nearby door.
  • Entering Ops as the Aquabase was under attack by the Lifeforce Megazord, Miss Fairweather observed the Megazord in various camera views, including a cockpit cam of its Batling pilots, and observed Pod Four was under attack.
  • As the Lifeforce Megazord pushed over the damaged Pod Four tower, Miss Fairweather and Captain Mitchell were apparently aghast over its loss.
  • With determination as Captain Mitchell wouldn't respond, Miss Fairweather told the Rangers the crew was in danger, and they had to evacuate, alarming the Rangers, but she insisted the Lifeforce Megazord had the firepower to tear the place apart.
  • Miss Fairweather and the now unmorphed teens helped people evacuate down a corridor to the connecting tube to safety.
  • As everyone was out of sectors 2 and 3 when the four teens met up, Miss Fairweather thought that was everyone, but they then realized Captain Mitchell was still in Rescue Ops.
  • When the teens and Miss Fairweather came back for him, Mitchell replied without turning to face them, "Everything I've worked so hard for... It's gone," but Dana made him snap out of it.
  • Just then, the Lifeforce Megazord broke apart the connecting tube, and a grenade from Batlings outside the emergency doors blew up a console, shutting off the lights and causing large debris to cover their way out.


  • As the six waited anxiously in the dying Rescue Ops dome with Batlings pounding outside, Joel sat staring at the floor as Miss Fairweather gently approached; she told him they'd be okay, but Joel replied worriedly they were trapped in there, and the place was going to cave in any minute.
  • Miss Fairweather, however, replied she hoped not, saying once this was over she was hoping they could actually go on that date, assuming he was still interested; uncertain, Joel told her not to joke with him about this.
  • Crouching beside him, Miss Fairweather smiled and seriously replied she wasn't joking.
  • Just then, Dana brought their attention to a cracked monitor which showed the functional Omega Megazord walking downtown with a giant stone structure and casually shoving over a building.
  • As the six attempted to clear off panels, Joel found an access panel in the floor which Mitchell curiously identified as a maintenance shaft; on the computer, Miss Fairweather traced a 3-D path from the Ops dome up into the submarine bay.
  • When the six found the submarine left suspended above its pool by a jammed winch, Joel refused to take this, having a date to keep.
  • As the other teens saw Joel's plan and helped, Miss Fairweather was confused, but Chad told her just to watch as they blasted the giant front door with the torpedoes, causing water to flood the sub bay.
  • After they'd blown the Lifeforce Megazord back, Mitchell called for full speed ahead; as the sub sped away, the fallen Lifeforce Megazord exploded, and the entire Aquabase then detonated with numerous underwater explosions.
  • As the Rangers, Mitchell, and Miss Fairweather watched the skull castle disintegrate downtown following Bansheera's defeat, Miss Fairweather smiled at Joel.
  • As the teens were returning their Morphers to Mitchell in the park another day, Miss Fairweather pulled up in a sleek black Mustang convertible, wearing stylish casual attire for her date with Joel.
  • Angela called out, "Let's go, cowboy!" and chuckled happily as Joel excused himself from the others.
  • Joel opened Angela's driver's side door for her as they prepared to leave.
  • Just then, a fire truck raced by toward a dark mass of smoke on the horizon.
  • Joel and Angela slowly turned their heads to look at the others, and as Carter and the others dashed off, Joel exclaimed, "Man!" in frustration, and Angela giggled.
  • Putting his hat on her, Joel told Angela not to go anywhere, and she smiled as she removed the hat and watched the teens run off.

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