Missing time
- instances of implied but unseen gaps between scenes or episodes
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  • Trini and Billy apparently had a routine they would use in Ranger fights whereby Trini would boost him high into the air for a high kick; when the weakened Blue Ranger failed to accomplish the move after being stung by Grumble Bee, Trini said he'd never missed that kick before; this seems to imply that there were a number of Ranger fights not shown in episodes.


  • Bulk and Skull went to the last place the Rangers had been seen, by Angel Grove Lake, to make casts of their footprints to test out on everyone until they found a match; unless there were Ranger battles not featured in episodes, Bulk and Skull should have listed a street somewhere between Angel Grove and Tommy's uncle's cabin as the last place the Rangers had been seen.


  • Apparently, an entire school year passed within the events shown in this episode. (See "Timeline: 1995")


  • Adam dreamt that Tommy fought Drill Master and destroyed him by impaling him from above with his Zeo Five Power Sword; Mondo's reviewing of the destruction of his monsters in 435-MLSt would confirm that Drill Master actually was destroyed in this matter, so Adam apparently dreamt about a battle which had actually happened but had never been shown.


  • One of the monsters' destructions that Mondo reviewed was what appeared to be a giant white and silver monster with a hammer, apparently destroyed by the Zeo Ultrazord blasts; Mondo said the Zeo Rangers (referring to the teens) had defeated all of the monsters whose destructions were shown, but such a white and silver monster had not appeared in an episode.


  • There were many instances of missing time between 450-Good and 500-TPRM: Adam's hair was longer; the Power Chamber and Alpha were redesigned; the teleportation effect was different; the teens, or at least Tommy and Kat, seemed to be familiar with the unintroduced Power Boxes; Lt. Stone, Bulk, and Skull were back on the police force with no mention of Bulk and Skull's trip to France; Jason had been gone for some time and was now with Kimberly, and Rita and Zedd now appeared to have no interest in attacking the Earth.


  • The Turbozord and Turbo Megazord cockpits had been completely redesigned since 500-TPRM; furthermore, the Rangers seemed quite unfamiliar with the Zords and Megazord despite their expertise using them in 500-TPRM.


  • Ashley eagerly hugged T.J. after the anger spell was removed from the four teens, suggesting that the team had been together for some time after the power transfer in 519-PTT2.


  • Elgar called T.J. a new guy.


  • Numerous changes which hinted at a significant passage of time since 639-Ghst include an apparent reprogramming for DECA, a new bridge alarm, new interstellar flight abilities for NASADA, Astronema's new alliance with Darkonda, Zhane's apparent absence for some time, Andros's nearly forgetting about his new Red Battlized Ranger power, Astronema's never being shown using the Psycho Rangers' data cards as planned, and (in 642-CTD1) Darkonda's missing one or two more lives than he'd been shown losing.


  • The Astro Megaship had fallen into disrepair during the few months since 643-CTD2.


  • Several factors together implied a long period of time needed to reach the alien vessel which Terra Venture changed course to visit: first, a display showed the vessel at 32% along Terra Venture's path to the Eurolean Galaxy; Terra Venture, somewhat nearby, changed course to intercept and was therefore roughly 15% to 30% along their path before changing course; given that the vessel was positioned away from Terra Venture's course at a perpendicular distance of 24% of the total path length, Terra Venture would have had to travel a considerable amount of time to reach the vessel: specifically, anywhere between 53% and 78% of the distance traveled from 702-QsQ2 to 718-ReMi.


  • When the Rangers were confronted by fourteen monsters, only seven of which had been featured in previous episodes (and two of which would be in future episodes), Joel and Gatekeeper would refer to them collectively as monsters they'd already destroyed; this was apparently true for at least the pipe monster.

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