Aquitian Rangers
- ninja-themed defenders of Aquitar; more frequently referred to in-show as "Alien Rangers"
Aquitian Rangers
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First Appearance: 335-ARA2
Last Appearance: (red) 1034-FRed, (others) 642-CTD1
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  • Upon tapping the Ninjazords' and Shogunzords' energy, giant Globbor wore the symbols of Ninjor and four of the Zords (with no Ape or Falcon symbols), and he had four Aquitian Ranger helmets for heads: yellow in front, white on his right, black in back, and blue on his left; he was still wielding a sword, but not Ninjor's; Globbor then told the six Rangers he now had the same power as they did.
  • Giant Ranger-Globbor leapt through the air and was suddenly in front of the Ninja Megazord, as though he had performed the Ninja Rangers' slide-teleport without the blur effect.
  • Told to use his "weapons" by Master Vile, giant Ranger-Globbor wielded a small wrist-mounted crossbow bearing the J pentagon of the Black Power Ranger's Zords; it fired what looked like three pink energy darts; at this point, Tommy exclaimed that Globbor was using their own powers against them.


  • When Zordon refused to give the six kids powers in the past (see "Orb of Doom"), young Billy mentioned that they needed more Rangers, prompting Alpha to think to call the Aquitian Rangers; Zordon had thought of this, but he knew Earth's atmosphere would be inhospitable to them and that they would be putting their lives at great risk; the six kids convinced him to call the Aquitians anyway.
  • Alpha first referred to the Aquitian Rangers as the "Alien Rangers of Aquitar"; the relatively politically-incorrect name "Alien Rangers" would be used frequently.
  • The kids weren't familiar with the concept of Aquitian Rangers (or any alien Rangers).
  • In his galactic alert transmission, Zordon addressed the Aquitian Rangers as "Rangers of Aquitar."
  • Tideus was the Yellow Aquitian Ranger, Delphine was the White Aquitian Ranger and leader of the team, Cestro was the Blue Aquitian Ranger, Aurico was the Red Aquitian Ranger, and Corcus was the Black Aquitian Ranger.


  • When young Billy asked about Zords, Cestro told the six kids, "Our Battle Borgs were presented to us over a millennium ago by your great sage, Ninjor."
  • The Aquitian Rangers controlled their Battle Borgs with telepathy.
  • Delphine told the six kids that she was the leader of the "Alien Rangers."
  • Master Vile referred to the Aquitian Rangers as the "Alien Rangers."
  • Cestro told Zordon that they, the Aquitian Rangers, also lived by the sacred code of the Rangers: to destroy evil and protect all that is good.
  • Each Aquitian Ranger's visor matched his or her Battle Borg's shape (which in turn matched the Ninjazords and Shogunzords); the shapes were also set in gold bands over the Rangers' visors; Red's shape was a circle, White's was an arrowhead-like shape, Yellow's was a triangle, Blue's was a square, and Black's was a pentagon.
  • The White Aquitian Ranger, the only female member of the team, had a skirt.
  • Often in battle, the Red Aquitian Ranger would stand in the center of the five Rangers, but at most other times (and during some battles), the White Aquitian Ranger would assume the center position.
  • As the five Rangers posed before battle, they did the hand gestures that the Shogunzords frequently did.
  • The Aquitian Rangers could fight on land fairly well, but they were overwhelmed by the six monsters they had to fight.
  • In each Aquitian Ranger's circular belt buckle was his or her respective symbol/letter.
  • To summon the Battle Borgs, each Aquitian Ranger held a coin with both hands, then threw his or her coin into the air, where the coins glowed with golden energy and made the Battle Borgs appear with Ranger-colored energy.
  • As morphed Tideus and Cestro made their Battle Borgs spin their giant opponents around, they declared, "Behold the power of Aquitar."
  • After young Tommy had radioed the Aquitian Rangers to tell Delphine it was time for Shogun Megazord power, the Shogunzords appeared from Ranger-colored streaks of light, then the four streaked into Red, instantly forming the Shogun Megazord approximately four seconds after being summoned.
  • The Shogun Megazord assembled and fought without the Aquitian Rangers being in the cockpits.


  • Zedd figured that the only two things that stood in the way of their conquering Earth were the ex-Rangers' Power Coins and the "Alien Rangers"; he planned for them to destroy the Power Coins now so that the Power Rangers could never be restored, and the Aquitian Rangers would, as he said, simply dry up and blow away.
  • Slotsky called the Aquitian Rangers the "Alien Rangers."
  • The Aquitian Rangers performed the Ninja Rangers' decoy suit trick.
  • Addressing their Battle Borgs, the Aquitian Rangers called themselves the "Alien Rangers of Aquitar."
  • At the ceremony in the Aquitians' honor, a sign and Mayor Carrington both called the Aquitian Rangers "Aquitian Rangers."


  • The Aquitians' weakness from dehydration affected their strength as Rangers.
  • Attacks on the Battle Borgs were also experienced by the Aquitian Rangers below; for instance, when the giant blue Barbaric Brother threw the Black Battle Borg into Blue and Yellow, Corcus went flying into Cestro and Tideus as well.
  • Before summoning the Shogun Megazord (the first time the Shogunzords were used after the destruction of the Power Coins), the Aquitian Rangers combined their energy and then had the Battle Borgs energize.


  • Morphed Corcus and Delphine flipped into the water and swam underwater for nearly fifteen seconds.
  • Giant Bratboy poured a bottle of polluted water onto the Aquitian Rangers from above.
  • The Aquitian Rangers' coins appeared to bear the symbols of the Ninja animals, as the design of the frog appeared to be on the Black Aquitian Ranger's coin.
  • The dehydrated Aquitian Rangers had Zordon teleport them back to Aquitar.


  • Searching for pure water in the forest, morphed Cestro ran across the surface of a pond as though it were solid; Witchblade held out her hand and caused several large explosions in the water, the last of which sent Cestro crashing into the water.
  • Joining morphed Cestro, the other Aquitian Rangers told Cestro the power of water was with him, then they spoke of the power of all working for one as the power of one worked for all.
  • To summon the Battle Borgs, the Aquitian Rangers called out for the Borgs to deploy now (while deploying was a word not used in other summonings), shooting yellow energy spheres from their hands into the sky, rather than throwing their coins; as Zedd had blocked their transmission with a forcefield around the Earth, the Battle Borgs didn't come; the Aquitian Rangers tried the same summoning method again, but they had no success; this was the only time this alternate method was used to summon the Borgs.
  • When the Aquitian Rangers summoned the Shogunzords instead, the Shogunzords came running rather than performing the four-second Shogun Megazord assembly that they usually did for the Aquitian Rangers.
  • When morphed Aurico called out to power up the Red Shogunzord, dark clouds appeared in the sky overhead, and flames rose up around him, lifting him up and forming the Red Shogunzord; he then sank back and merged into the Shogunzord's chest, then the sky lightened and the Red Shogunzord posed.
  • When morphed Cestro called out to power up the Blue Shogunzord, the sky turned into an image of crashing waves, and blue energy rose up around him, lifting him up and forming the Blue Shogunzord; he then sank back and merged into the Shogunzord's chest, then the sky returned and the Blue Shogunzord posed.
  • When morphed Corcus called out to power up the Black Shogunzord, the sky turned into an image of rocks flying upward, and black energy rose up around him, lifting him up and forming the Black Shogunzord; he then sank back and merged into the Shogunzord's chest, then the sky returned and the Black Shogunzord posed.
  • When morphed Tideus called out to power up the Yellow Shogunzord, the sky turned into an image of what looked like leaves blowing in the wind, and yellow energy rose up around him, lifting him up and forming the Yellow Shogunzord; he then sank back and merged into the Shogunzord's chest, then the sky returned and the Yellow Shogunzord posed.
  • When morphed Delphine called out to power up the White Shogunzord, the aurora borealis and the sun appeared in the sky, and white energy rose up around her, lifting her up and forming the White Shogunzord; she then sank back and merged into the Shogunzord's chest, then the sky returned to normal and the White Shogunzord posed.
  • Only in this instance, when the Aquitian Rangers summoned the Shogunzords after the Battle Borgs had been blocked by Zedd's shield, did the Aquitian Rangers ride in (or merge with) the Shogunzords.


  • Morphed Tideus sliced a yellow energy triangle into the air with his sword, blasting Arachnofiend with the shape; the other Aquitian Rangers presumably had similar attacks with respective colors and shapes.
  • Before generating his energy triangle attack from his sword, morphed Tideus declared, "Behold the power of Aquitar!"
  • After the Battle Borgs had knocked giant Arachnofiend over, the Aquitian Rangers summoned the Shogun Megazord.


  • Corcus said the Battle Borgs had never been able to defeat Hydro Hog.
  • Hydro Hog called the Aquitian Rangers both "Alien Rangers" and "Aquitian Rangers."
  • As morphed Delphine weakly reached toward the shore of the lake after being dehydrated by Hydro Hog, a ghostly blue hand reached as well, but it vanished in a splash of drops when Hydro Hog kicked her hand.
  • When Alpha teleported the morphed, dehydrated, and collapsed Aquitian Rangers to a pool (which had already been dried up), they materialized standing up and unmorphed; they immediately collapsed; Delphine said they had lost all power.


  • After summoning the Shogun Megazord while holding their hands in the shogun pose, the Aquitian Rangers were shown briefly in profile, and after a quick transition of Ranger-colored streaks, the Shogunzords were then shown briefly in profile; then followed the nearly instantaneous Shogun Megazord energy streak assembly frequently used by the Aquitian Rangers; the Rangers remained where they were, without entering or merging with the Shogunzords.
  • In the present, Delphine addressed the teens as "Power Rangers of Earth," and Tommy then addressed the Aquitians as "Rangers of Aquitar."


  • Globbor, bearing the Aquitian Ranger helmets, was in the large crowd of monsters (both from the Machine Empire and Rita and Zedd) in Prince Gasket's other-dimensional Machine Arena.


  • Cestria's main wardrobe color was pink, and her Aquitian teleportation effect was colored pink.
  • Delphine called the Aquitian Rangers "Alien Rangers."
  • Morphed Tideus shot a whirlwind of yellow energy from his sword, creating a large gust of wind which blew the Cogs away.
  • Morphed Cestro performed the "Aquitar Waterfall" maneuver, in which water rushed in around the Cogs and submerged them.
  • Morphed Corcus held up his sword, and multiple blue lightning bolts shot down from it and electrocuted several Cogs.


  • Master Vile attended Dark Specter's assembly of villains on the Cimmerian Planet following Zordon's capture; he had brought along Globbor, who still bore the Aquitian Rangers' helmets.


  • After Dark Specter had told Astronema to summon all of his evil forces to finally take over the universe, the Aquitian Rangers were fighting off Piranhatrons in a jungle or forest on the planet Gratha while Divatox, Rygog, and an army of Piranhatrons and monsters watched.
  • The Aquitian Rangers' voices weren't heard clearly, so their identities at this point were uncertain.
  • Globbor was among Rita and Zedd's army on a planet in the Vica Galaxy, still bearing the Aquitian Rangers' helmets.
  • A while later, Divatox had conquered Gratha.


  • Shortly, Astronema told the people of Earth, not necessarily speaking the truth, that the rest of the universe had surrendered.
  • The next Earth morning, neither the Aquitian Rangers nor Divatox's army was shown at the time that Zordon's energy wave hit Gratha.

    Aquitian Ranger phrases
    - various battle cries used by Aquitian Rangers
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    - Phrases used as five Aquitian Rangers pose
    335-ARA2 Aurico: "Rangers of Aquitar, full power!"
    336-CEvF Aquitian Rangers: "Alien Rangers, hah!"
    336-CEvF Aquitian Rangers: "Power of water brought from the sky, power of the light, powers unite!"

    - Phrases used as five Aquitian Rangers pose and perform shogun hand gestures
    335-ARA2 Aquitian Rangers: "Power of water, power of light, powers unite!"

    - Phrases used for Yellow Aquitian Ranger to generate triangle energy blast from sword
    340-ACSp Tideus: "Behold the power of Aquitar!"

    - Phrases used for Cestro to perform Aquitar Waterfall maneuver
    448-RTW2 Cestro: "Aquitar Waterfall!"

    - Phrases used for Rangers to fire a combined energy blast from their swords
    448-RTW2 Delphine: "Aquitar Ranger Blast!"

    - Phrases used by five victorious Aquitian Rangers
    335-ARA2 Aquitian Rangers: "Thanks to hydro power, mission is accomplished."

    Aquitian Ranger colors
    - various colors associated with Aquitian Rangers
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    See Also: MMPR colors


  • The Ranger-colored teleportation effect for both morphed and unmorphed Corcus, the Black Aquitian Ranger, was black.
  • The Ranger-colored energy with which the Black Battle Borg appeared from the Black Aquitian Ranger's coin was purple.
  • The Ranger-colored energy with which the White Battle Borg appeared from the White Aquitian Ranger's coin appeared to be pinkish-white.


  • Corcus's Ranger-colored rehydration energy was black.


  • The Ranger-colored rippling energy with which Hydro Hog drained morphed Delphine's hydration was pale blue.


  • Cestria's main wardrobe color was pink, and her Aquitian teleportation effect was colored pink.

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