Aquitian Ranger weapons
- swords and laser guns used by Aquitian Rangers
Aquitian Ranger swords
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First Appearance: 335-ARA2
Last Appearance: 1034-FRed
Pictures: laser pistols, swords (shown at right)


  • Each Aquitian Ranger had a sword in a black sheath on his or her back, as well as a red and gold laser pistol on his or her left hip.
  • The Japanese symbol on the Aquitian Rangers' laser pistols was "shinobi," meaning tolerance, or the way of the ninja; this symbol also appeared on the Shogun Megazord's chest. (Source: Submitted by Anthony Leong)
  • The Yellow Aquitian Ranger's laser pistol shot a bluish-white laser from an initial orange burst.


  • The Blue and Yellow Aquitian Rangers' laser pistols shot orange energy blasts.
  • Morphed Aurico punched Slotsky with a black and gold set of brass knuckles.


  • Morphed Cestro fought Witchblade with his laser pistol in dagger mode, indicating that the Aquitian Rangers' laser pistols transformed into daggers just like the Blade Blasters.


  • The Black Aquitian Ranger's laser pistol shot yellow energy.
  • Morphed Tideus broke free of the webbing around him with yellow energy from his sword.
  • Morphed Tideus sliced a yellow energy triangle into the air with his sword, and the shape then flew into Arachnofiend, blasting her.


  • Morphed Tideus shot a whirlwind of yellow energy from his sword, creating a large gust of wind which blew the Cogs away.
  • Morphed Corcus held up his sword, and multiple blue lightning bolts shot down from it and electrocuted several Cogs.
  • The five Aquitian Rangers' swords, when their tips were held together, shot a flash of white energy known as the Aquitar Ranger Blast.
  • The Aquitar Ranger Blast didn't destroy Impursonator.

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