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Sword of Light
- artifact which allowed transfer of Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger energies
Sword of Light
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First Appearance: (disguised) 227-PTr1, (true form) 228-PTr2
Last Appearance: 228-PTr2


  • When Zordon mentioned a power transfer to replace the departing Jason, Trini, and Zack, Tommy asked if a power transfer was even possible; Zordon said it was possible but very difficult; because of the enormous amount of power required, the Rangers had to travel to the Deserted Planet and retrieve the Sword of Light, the only way for the power transfer to be carried out.
  • Zordon gave Tommy a map with a ring around it; both of the items were crucial to finding the Sword of Light.
  • The statue containing the Sword of Light stood in the center of the Deserted City on the Deserted Planet; it was a statue of a bearded man in what may have been Spanish armor, holding the disguised Sword of Light, which was in the initial form of an ordinary sword of the same material as the statue.
  • The statue holding the Sword of Light was unharmed despite everything around it having been reduced to rubble by Serpentera.
  • The statue appeared to be made of iron, or some other dark metal.
  • The sword wouldn't come out of the statue's hand, even after being blasted by two Blade Blaster lasers, until in 228-PTr2 when Billy placed on the statue's finger the ring which Zordon had given them for their quest.


  • Once the Rangers had left with the Sword of Light just as Serpentera's wave of destructive energy swept by, the statue which had held the Sword of Light was destroyed; its detached head was shown lying in the rubble of the Deserted City.
  • As White Ranger held up the Sword of Light, a white energy bolt from Zordon struck the sword, and white, then Ranger-colored, specks of light transformed the plain, metal sword into a long golden sword with six Ranger-colored gems in the blade, seemingly in the order pink, black, blue, yellow, red, white, starting near the hilt.
  • White energy bolts from Zordon's side columns combined into a single bolt and flowed into the Sword of Light's white/clear gem, and three respectively Ranger-colored energy bolts came from three gems on the sword and flowed into Aisha, Adam, and Rocky, suiting them up as Rangers with respectively-colored sparkles of energy.
  • Although the red and black energy bolts came from the red and black gems on the Sword of Light, the yellow bolt seemed to come from the pink gem.
  • After the power transfer which suited Rocky, Adam, and Aisha up as Rangers, Jason, Trini, and Zack were still wearing their Ranger suits, each still with his or her Power Coin, Morpher, and Blade Blaster, even though the three new Rangers had their own versions of the items on their duplicate suits.

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