MMPR demorphing
- power-down process performed by Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
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  • King Sphinx simultaneously demorphed Kim and teleported her to the Youth Center by blowing his wings; he did the same to Zack soon afterward.


  • Upon swallowing the Power Weapons, Pudgy Pig blew a cyclone from his mouth which sent the Rangers through a colorful vortex and dropped them, unmorphed, in the park.


  • The Rangers didn't demorph upon being struck by their reflected Tower Formation blast.


  • The effect of Green Ranger's energy sphere attack on the Rangers wasn't shown; it may or may not have demorphed them.


  • Goldar and Green Ranger, both giant, combined the energy of their swords to shoot a fire blast with a tight green energy beam in the middle; this blast ejected the Rangers from the Megazord and demorphed them with a flickering purple/red/green version of the teleport effect.


  • After the Sword of Darkness had been apparently destroyed, Tommy demorphed with a green cloud effect which floated away from him after demorphing him.
  • For the five Rangers to demorph, Jason said, "All right, guys, let's morph."; the Rangers then put their hands on their Morphers and demorphed with the aforementioned red/green/purple teleportation effect and the softer teleportation sound.


  • As the Megazord and Dragonzord fell over from the attacks of the giant Mutitis (in demon form), the Rangers fell through interdimensional space to the Island of Illusion; upon materializing on the island, they were no longer morphed.


  • Once his Power Coin belonged to Red Ranger, Green Ranger grew weak and began to glow with green energy as his body morphed back to its original state; Tommy said he felt strange inside, and he soon demorphed with a green flash.


  • After the Rangers had ejected from their vanishing Zords upon being defeated by Lokar, Cyclopsis, and Rita, the teens, now unmorphed, materialized in the park in a large fire cloud.


  • Immediately after placing his or her Power Coin into Goldar's box (apparently formed from the Dragon Dagger), each Ranger demorphed with Ranger-colored energy.


  • The Rangers didn't demorph after being blasted by the Mutant Rangers' Power Blaster.


  • A slash from the Sword of Power incapacitated Tommy for several minutes, leaving him unable to call the Dragonzord due to his weakness, yet he did not demorph.


  • His powers having been drained, Tommy was unable to stand as his suit was fading to gray, but he did not demorph.


  • When Stag Beetle drained all of his powers, Tommy remained morphed before recovering the energies.


  • Turbanshell's shell glowed with yellow energy as it drained the last of Tommy's powers, demorphing him.
  • The Rangers were demorphed as Zedd teleported them into a forcefield in the Otherworld.


  • With the smashing of the Green Crystal, the Dark Rangers demorphed with Ranger-colored flame energy, and then the confused punks teleported away with the same effect.


  • The four Rangers, their powers almost drained by four magic candles, didn't demorph after handing their Power Coins to Red Ranger.


  • After the Sword of Light had suited up the three new teens, the departing Jason, Trini, and Zack were left wearing duplicate costumes without having demorphed.


  • Scatterbrain disintegrated the Blue, Pink, and White Rangers and then reassembled them in a demorphed and amnesic state.
  • When the prisms from Billy's lab flew up in the air after Bulk and Skull were scrambled by Scatterbrain, a stray beam somehow bounced off the prisms and struck the teens, simultaneously morphing them back into Rangers and restoring their memories.


  • Although most of their powers were disabled in the power vortex within the Spectre Theater, they remained morphed throughout their stay.


  • After the White and Green Rangers had fought for a while, the Wizard of Deception used a yellow energy bolt from his wand to make White Ranger collapse and then another to demorph him.


  • Either demorphing his clone or taking his powers, Tommy touched the Wizard of Deception's wand to the clone's Dragon Shield, and the Green Ranger suit seemed to flow into the wand in the form of green energy bolts, leaving the clone wearing an old-fashioned suit he had not previously had.


  • When in 1880 Pink Ranger seemed to throw her suit aside, it apparently demorphed her and the four Wild West Rangers as well.


  • The overloading of the power accelerator during the Thunderzords' fight with Rito and four monsters caused the Rangers to demorph with blurry streaks as they ejected from their self-destructing Zords; the teens were dirty as they landed.


  • The Rangers didn't demorph when Artistmole robbed them of their colors (and powers).


  • Adam and Aisha didn't demorph when their souls were stolen by Face Stealer, leaving their faces absent beneath their helmets.


  • To simultaneously demorph and leap down from their Ninjazords, the Rangers flew down with warped effects, appearing demorphed below; they would do the same in 317-Cat2.


  • When White Ranger was teleported from the cave he was trapped in, the five teens seemed to combine their energy to provide enough power to teleport through Rita and Zedd's powerful shield; when Tommy appeared in the Command Center, he was no longer morphed.


  • Kimberly, weakened greatly from her battles and Shark Cycle usage, fainted without demorphing.


  • Winning against Lizwizard soon after using a charred Power Morpher and burnt-out Mastodon Power Coin to morph, Adam suddenly dropped to his knees in pain and said he was losing power; with sparkling, flickering orange patches, he demorphed in spots while clutching himself in pain.
  • Adam said he had to keep it together, and his demorphing stopped briefly.
  • With a wave of the orange specks, Adam demorphed fully, but then remorphed, then demorphed and remorphed once more before getting back up with determination.
  • When Lizwizard was enlarged after being defeated by Carlos, Adam again dropped to his knees and demorphed painfully, this time for good.

    MMPR: The Movie

  • An unknown time after the Command Center had been ravaged (but immediately after the ooze beings had been destroyed), the Rangers lost power: white electricity began to flow up the Rangers' bodies; Saba vanished in blue energy, then the Rangers' armored suits faded away as the electricity ran along them.

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