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Left to right: Finster, Squatt, Baboo, Rita, Scorpina, Goldar
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  • Goldar, Finster, Squatt, Baboo, and Rita had been trapped in a space dumpster for ten thousand years before being released by the planetoid astronauts.


  • The villains, seemingly recently, had obtained the Genie's magic lamp from Canine 4 of the Wolf's Head Galaxy.


  • In the palace following the Megazord's apparent destruction, Goldar, Scorpina, Rita, and the other villains had a toast in the form of raspberry and oyster juice.
  • Squatt said that they, the villains, hadn't seen the Dragonzord in ten thousand years.

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  • Zordon, just before disappearing into a time warp after being betrayed by Rita 10,000 years ago, focused his powers, and giant-sized orange eyebeams were shown striking the moon palace balcony, making Goldar and Scorpina move aside, and a golden urn with a bejeweled lid appeared, sucking the villains, Scorpina included, inside.
  • This urn, although called a dumpster, was nothing like the space dumpster from which the villains would later be released, and Scorpina shouldn't have been trapped with the others.
  • Rita had spent the next 10,000 years plotting nasty ways to take over the universe, and she was shown dancing and singing near Finster, Squatt, and Baboo next to a wood stove inside the urn while it drifted by Saturn.
  • The dumpster had supposedly crashed recently into a small crater on the moon where it was then found by lunar explorers, but in 101-DOTD, Rita was actually released from the larger, canister-shaped space dumpster located in a desert on a planetoid which passed by the Earth and the moon.

    - demon-like, powerful evil head
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    Full Name: Lokar the Terrible (128-IOI1)
    First Appearance: 128-IOI1
    Last Appearance: 140-Ddy2


  • Rita used her candles and crystal ball while summoning Mutitis and Lokar, whom she called the "heavy artillery."
  • Goldar knew that Rita's plan was as follows: Mutitis would destroy the city after Lokar had sent the Rangers to Rita's dreaded Island of Illusion.
  • Baboo stated that the last time Rita had called on Lokar, he'd nearly wiped them out.
  • Rita called Lokar "Lokar the Terrible."
  • Rita invited Lokar and Mutitis to destroy the Earth.
  • Rita's summoning of Lokar and Mutitis made the sky over Angel Grove dark with different colored lightning bolts, and the ground quaked.
  • Zordon was picking up unusual power surges from Rita's "moonbase," more massive than any energy he had sensed before; Zordon hypothesized that Rita was harnessing a power he was not familiar with.
  • In the middle of the Megazord's fight with giant Mutitis, the sky turned dark, and a fireball flew to Earth from outer space and turned into Lokar's head, crackling with blue energy bolts.
  • Lokar's bluish-white Breath of Doom transformed monsters into stronger forms.
  • After transforming Mutitis into a new form, Lokar laughed and said, "Feel the power of Lokar!"


  • Giant Mutitis (in demon form) and Lokar appeared to have been in Angel Grove the entire time the Rangers had been on the Island of Illusion.
  • The Ultrazord's blasts made Lokar scream in pain and then fly away as a fireball.


  • Rita's chant caused some sort of stone obelisk with a claw hand holding a face to shoot red eyebeams into the sky, which brought Lokar down to Earth in the form of a fireball.
  • With Lokar's power, Rita recreated Cyclopsis, and she said all the Earth was hers.
  • Zack said that if they stopped Lokar, they'd stop Rita and the others; his prediction would later be verified by Zordon.


  • Lokar blew his Breath of Doom for no apparent reason before the Rangers had returned to battle.
  • Once the Megazord had arrived, Lokar's breath blew the Megazord over.
  • After Cyclopsis had all but destroyed the Zords, Lokar blasted the Zords with a blue energy bolt from his forehead and told Rita they were all hers.
  • Lokar later blasted the Dragonzord Battle Mode with the same blue energy bolt, knocking it into a building.
  • Lokar was last seen looking uncomfortable when the Ultrazord destroyed Cyclopsis right next to him.

    Twin Man's evil Rangers
    Putties turned into duplicates of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers by Twin Man
    Twin Man's evil Rangers
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    First Appearance: 138-BROY
    Last Appearance: 138-BROY


  • Twin Man transformed four Putties into exact duplicates of the teens who also could also assume the form of exact duplicates of the Rangers; Twin Man himself assumed the disguise of the duplicate Jason/Red Ranger.
  • The evil teens wore shades, probably to cover their eyes, which were occasionally red.
  • The evil teens wore duplicates of their counterparts' clothes, but with some modifications in use, such as the tying of Billy's outer shirt around his waist to reveal his muscular physique with the tank top underneath.
  • Skull asked the duplicate Kim if she wanted to catch the submarine races that night; she agreed and told him to give her a call.
  • Duplicate Billy shoved one of Billy's friends down the hall.
  • The evil teens sabotaged a water fountain with soap, covering Mr. Caplan with suds when he went to drink from it; the real teens got detention for the prank.
  • The evil Rangers jumped down from a building and began attacking the citizens of Angel Grove, with the Red Ranger shooting his Blade Blaster into the crowd.
  • The evil Rangers had duplicate Power Weapons.
  • Being struck by the real Rangers' Power Weapons reverted the evil Rangers to their Putty and monster forms.

    Mutant Rangers
    - Putties turned into evil Rangers by Badges of Darkness, led by Commander Crayfish
    Mutant Rangers
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    First Appearance: 159-MMMu
    Last Appearance: 159-MMMu


  • Goldar had five Putties use five of the six Badges of Darkness to morph into the Blue, Yellow, Pink, Black, and Green Mutant Rangers; no Putty was worthy of becoming the Red Mutant Ranger.
  • Each Mutant Ranger had an evil version of the voice of the teen whose color he or she matched.
  • The Pink and Green Mutant Rangers didn't seem to outmatch Kim and Tommy by a great deal, but they later appeared to be the Power Rangers' equals at hand-to-hand combat.
  • The Mutant Rangers teleported with energy clouds with lines swirled through them.
  • The Mutant Rangers knew all of the Rangers' fighting moves.
  • Jason referred to the Red Mutant Ranger as simply the "Red Mutant."
  • The Mutant Rangers were again Putties as Commander Crayfish addressed them on the beach.
  • After morphing, the four Mutant Rangers did their respective Rangers' poses.
  • Commander Crayfish wielded what looked exactly like the unmorphed version of the Power Sword, while the Mutant Rangers wielded what looked exactly like the unmorphed versions of the other four Power Weapons; the Green Mutant wielded what looked exactly like the Sword of Darkness.
  • Commander Crayfish summoned the Green Mutant with a green cloud effect.
  • The blast from the Rangers' new Power Blaster overpowered the Mutants' Power Blaster's energy and sent the Pink and Yellow Mutants flying; the two Mutants would not be seen again, and their weapons would remain lying on the ground.
  • Giant Commander Crayfish ordered for the Megazord to be "pyro-blasted," and the giant Green Mutant then shot a stream of green energy bolts from the diamond on his Dragon Shield.
  • The Ultrazord blasts destroyed the giant Blue, Green, and Black Mutants.

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