MMPR season 1 villains' items
- magical items used by Rita's forces
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Punk potion
- potion used by Baboo to turn Billy and Kimberly into punks
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First Appearance: 108-PRPk
Last Appearance: 108-PRPk


  • Baboo used snail slime, spider legs, poison ivy, and rattlesnake lips in his punk potion.
  • After Billy and Kim had inadvertently drunk Baboo's punk potion, Billy knocked all the other glasses off the table before the other teens could drink it as well.
  • Kim and Billy remained punks until cured by the juice of the singing squash.

    Sleeping potion
    - sleeping potion used by Squatt
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    First Appearance: 110-FPIS
    Last Appearance: 110-FPIS


  • Squatt poured a vial of bright green sleeping potion into the soda can Kim's uncle Steve had left on his plane.
  • Steve fell asleep in the middle of the flight but awoke later once Kim had landed the plane.

    Magic lamp
    - former home of Genie
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    First Appearance: 115-SwPl
    Last Appearance: 115-SwPl


  • The villains, seemingly recently, had obtained the magic lamp from Canine 4 of the Wolf's Head Galaxy.
  • Squatt and Baboo released the Genie from his lamp.
  • Goldar had the Genie go to Earth in the lamp so Zordon couldn't detect him.
  • The lamp was the Genie's power source.
  • Rita seemed to be holding the Genie's lamp as she watched the fight from the mountains, but Alpha had the lamp in the Command Center at the time.
  • After Alpha made the magic lamp dissolve with white energy from the Command Center's teleporter, the giant Genie then vanished in white energy as well.

    Rita's altar and crystal ball
    - altar, candles, and crystal ball used by Rita for incantations
    Rita's altar and crystal ball
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    First Appearance: 117-GWE1
    Last Appearance: 160-OySt
    Pictures: altar (shown at right), crystal ball


  • On her balcony, Rita had set up red candles burning beside a black statue holding a white skull with flashing red lights for eyes; she was moving her fingertips over a crystal ball while she chanted in an alien tongue.
  • Lightning struck Rita's wand, and then the skull, which zapped the crystal ball with multicolored eyebeams; this was to prepare the crystal ball to receive Tommy.
  • Rita teleported Tommy onto a platform in a misty room with candles all around, and he was covered in a cottony material; this may have been somewhere inside the palace, or perhaps even inside the crystal ball.


  • Rita used her candles and crystal ball while summoning Mutitis and Lokar, whom she called the "heavy artillery."
  • Lightning struck Rita's staff and then her altar, and the giant Mutitis simply appeared in downtown Angel Grove.


  • Even though Trini was already growing anxious at the time, Rita chanted, "As one shall wind and rain attack. Fade away, Billy and Trini, never to come back!" at her altar to make Billy and Trini succumb to the Island's illusions.
  • Rita had lightning strike her altar and wanted her evil magic to work on Jason most of all.


  • To finish off the Rangers, Rita, with her altar and candles out, used all of her power to activate Goldar's Zord Cyclopsis.


  • Goldar suggested using a spell to make Billy's fear unbearable; Rita then chanted at her altar to fill Billy with fright.


  • After Dramole's gas had put Billy under Rita's command, she used her altar as she controlled him.


  • Rita said it was time to awaken the Oysterizer, and she picked up the small crystal ball from her altar; inside the crystal ball, the Oysterizer presented Rita with the Pearls of Stillness.

    Sleeping powder moths
    - moths made of sleeping powder
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    First Appearance: 123-IBSp
    Last Appearance: 123-IBSp


  • Rita planned to use the moths to sprinkle sleeping powder on the Rangers.
  • The moths made Zack's entire hip hop kido class fall asleep.
  • Zordon, and then Zack, referred to the moths as butterflies.

    Super Putty
    - special putty buried on Earth; used to create Super Putties
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    First Appearance: 125-LAMa
    Last Appearance: 126-GuHo


  • Finster and the Putties mined super putty from what looked exactly like the cave of the Morphing Masters.
  • Putties were dumping raw material into a large refinery machine which produced dense pink gas and spat out orange super putty.

    Wheel of Misfortune
    - destructive flying wheel created from a spinning wheel
    Wheel of Misfortune
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    First Appearance: 127-WOMf
    Last Appearance: 127-WOMf


  • Rita looked out a palace window at Kim's grandmother's stolen spinning wheel, which was in front of a dark rocky background outside; she summoned the Wheel of Misfortune, and white energy bolts and negative effects transformed the spinning wheel.
  • Zordon told the teens that Rita had cast an evil spell on the spinning wheel to transform it.
  • According to Zordon, the Wheel of Misfortune could destroy everything it touched, but when it later sliced the Tyrannosaurus, Dragonzord, and Megazord, the Zords were not destroyed.
  • The Wheel was giant-sized when it assaulted the Zords.
  • The Wheel flew around, seemingly on its own accord.
  • The Ultrazord's blasts destroyed the Wheel of Misfortune.
  • Shortly after the Wheel of Misfortune had been destroyed, the spinning wheel reappeared in the classroom from which it had been stolen; it was no longer stuck from Bulk's misuse as it had been before its transformation.
  • Zordon told the teens that their defeat of Rita's "henchmen" had broken the spell over the spinning wheel, but giant Goldar and Scorpina had retreated after the Wheel of Misfortune had been destroyed.

    Mirror of Destruction
    - ancient magical mirror with destructive powers
    Mirror of Destruction
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    First Appearance: 130-RkSt
    Last Appearance: 130-RkSt
    Pictures: knight questing after Mirror of Destruction, Mirror of Destruction (shown at right)


  • With most of the teens away on a field trip, Rita's plan was to look for the Mirror of Destruction, which was hidden on Earth.
  • Baboo described two different methods of activation for the Mirror of Destruction: first he said it would destroy anything reflected in it, but he then said that the Rangers would be destroyed by one look at it.
  • The Mirror of Destruction could destroy even Super Putties.
  • In the sentai footage, the Mirror of Destruction had a round mirror with no hinges touching the glass, but in the US footage, the Mirror was oblong, with hinges attached directly to the sides of the glass.
  • When destroying a being or object, the Mirror would unleash a flood of blue energy from its surface.
  • While fishing off the rock formations at the beach with Jason, Jeremy caught a bottle containing the map to the Mirror of Destruction; when the bottle was opened, golden specks flew out and swirled around, and there was an earthquake for a minute or so.
  • Rita said the Rangers would suffer the same fate as all the others, at which point there was a flashback to a knight being destroyed: the knight, in silver armor, was in a place with misty ground, two stone columns, a multicolored background, and a round altar upon which a chest was sitting; the knight removed the Mirror from the chest and opened it, at which point it blasted him.
  • The location in which the knight had been destroyed looked like the realm in which Zordon had been shown at an altar in his sage form in the MMPR Fan Club Video.
  • The Mirror was located under a flat sheet of rock in the mountainous woods near Angel Grove Beach; Jeremy followed the map to its location and unearthed it.
  • Confronted by a Putty, Jeremy opened the Mirror, allowing it to obliterate the Putty; the Mirror then blasted a mountainside.
  • Jeremy used the Mirror to destroy Rockstar as it was preparing to crush him with a boulder.
  • The Mirror grew along with Scorpina, who was holding it at the time.
  • The Megazord was reflected in the Mirror; the Rangers averted their eyes and weren't destroyed.
  • Giant Goldar seemed to look right into the Mirror as his image was reflected in it; giant Scorpina tossed the Mirror aside quickly, telling him not to look.
  • The Megazord Power Sword destroyed the giant Mirror.

    - magical computer heart; recreated Hatchasaurus numerous times
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    First Appearance: 136-BOAF
    Last Appearance: 223-NjE2


  • Hatchasaurus was controlled by an ultra-intelligent internal computer called Cardiatron; Zordon told the Rangers to get inside Hatchasaurus and disconnect Cardiatron.
  • The Tyrannosaurus ground blast destroyed giant Hatchasaurus, but Cardiatron reassembled the monster's pieces.
  • The Power Sword destroyed giant Hatchasaurus in the Rangers' second battle with him, but Cardiatron immediately reconstructed the monster, this time with horns.
  • Red Ranger leapt down giant Hatchasaurus's throat to get to the cavity containing Cardiatron.
  • Cardiatron could speak.
  • When Cardiatron grappled Red Ranger with its tentacles and caused him to spark, the Megazord also sparked.
  • Cardiatron and Red Ranger seemed to be ejected from giant Hatchasaurus when Dragonzord used its tail drill on the monster.
  • Cardiatron could shoot fireballs from its disconnected heart valves.
  • Red Ranger charged up the Dragon Dagger and Power Sword with green and red energy respectively, then slashed Cardiatron with the sword and then dagger, destroying Cardiatron.


  • Lying in a field, Cardiatron began to reassemble giant Hatchasaurus's pieces after the Thunder Megazord had destroyed the monster.
  • Zordon told White Ranger to destroy Cardiatron before Hatchasaurus had been reassembled, and it seemed as though morphed Tommy soon returned to the Tigerzord before powering the Zord back up, as though he'd left to destroy Cardiatron as instructed; however, when Zedd used energy from his staff to help giant Hatchasaurus reassemble himself, Cardiatron could be seen hovering in the air as the Hatchasaurus was rebuilt around it, with red vapors surrounding the monster.
  • A full-powered chop from the Thunder Saber didn't destroy giant Hatchasaurus, but it did make him writhe in pain, with red vapors emerging from his body.
  • When giant Hatchasaurus was charging at the Zords after surviving the Thunder Saber, a thunderbolt from the Tigerzord destroyed the monster after seeming to strike him in the chest; afterward, Zordon congratulated the teens on a "job well-done."

    Crystal of Nightmares
    - magical crystal used to drain teens' self-confidence
    Crystal of Nightmares
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    First Appearance: 144-CrON
    Last Appearance: 144-CrON


  • It was Goldar's plan to use the Crystal of Nightmares to take away the teens' self-confidence and thus make their powers worthless.
  • The Crystal of Nightmares was a crystal sphere with a dark blue color when looked at from overhead, in a bed of bluish crystals on a rock podium in a cave, and Goldar's sword made the Crystal crackle with white energy.
  • The Crystal of Nightmares made the teens, as well as Bulk and Skull, who were hidden under a bed in Jason, Zack, and Billy's room, have nightmares; the teens' nightmares shattered their self-confidence, leaving them unable to be Rangers.
  • Jason shattered the Crystal of Nightmares into pieces with a single kick.

    Magic rope
    - magic rope used to restrain teens
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    First Appearance: 151-GBee
    Last Appearance: 151-GBee


  • The Putties tied up Jason, Kim, and Zack in Goldar's glowing yellow magic rope which held the three teens in a powerful electronic force field.
  • The rope prevented the teens from teleporting.

    Badges of Darkness
    - badges used to turn Putties into Mutant Rangers
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    First Appearance: 159-MMMu
    Last Appearance: 159-MMMu


  • Rita told her henchmen to get the Badges of Darkness out of the dungeon for the Putties.
  • The Badges of Darkness bore the same five-point star symbols as were on the Putties' belt buckles.
  • With the morphing call of "It's mutant time!", Goldar had five Putties use five of the six Badges of Darkness to morph into the Blue, Yellow, Pink, Black, and Green Mutant Rangers; no Putty was worthy of becoming the Red Mutant Ranger.
  • The Badges of Darkness caused each Putty to morph into a Mutant Ranger with a flash of Ranger-colored energy.
  • Zordon was familiar with the Badges of Darkness, calling them powerful pseudomorphing devices used to transform Putties into evil mirror images of the Rangers.
  • With the morphing call Goldar had used, Commander Crayfish had four of the Putties (with the potential Green Mutant absent) morph; they did so by pulling the badges off their belts handle-side-out, doing arm gestures with the badges, and then holding the badges out like Morphers, causing the badges to generate fireworks effects.
  • During the actual morphing sequence, there was a close-up of a stone disc over a black background, with a moderately-sized black center with a gold-colored ring around it; just outside the gold ring were five small lights, moving clockwise from top: green, red, blue, yellow, pink, which lit up in the order red, green, pink, yellow, blue, then the black center flashed with white streaks, forming the same background of blue streaks as was always behind the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers' morph sequences.

    Ecocyte Pearl
    - giant pearl in ocean; source of Oysterizer
    Ecocyte Pearl
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    First Appearance: 160-OySt
    Last Appearance: 160-OySt


  • Rita asked Goldar what he thought when she observed that Zack was in love and wanted to buy pearl earrings, and Goldar told her to call on the Ecocyte Pearl to unleash the Oysterizer so that they could pollute the sea and take over the world.
  • Underwater, the Megazord's cranial laser destroyed the Ecocyte Pearl, a massive glowing golden pearl the size of at least a small building.

    Pearls of Stillness
    - magic pearls which freeze people
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    First Appearance: 160-OySt
    Last Appearance: 160-OySt


  • The Oysterizer, inside Rita's crystal ball, brought Rita the Pearls of Stillness, and Rita said that was the perfect gift for Zack to give Angela.
  • Zordon said that Oysterizer was the keeper of Rita's magic Pearls of Stillness; these pearls, when Angela put them on, froze all the people in the vicinity, turning their skin grayish-blue in the process; the frozen people still maintained their vital signs, as Tommy noted after checking Bulk's pulse.
  • Zordon told Tommy and Zack the stillness spell from the Pearls of Stillness would be broken when they lured the Oysterizer out of the sea and destroyed his pearl, but morphed Zack would merely punch Oysterizer back into the sea after luring him out; it's possible his punch broke the monster's face pearl, but the punch appeared to be directed at the monster's chest; after this happened, the Pearls of Stillness dissolved.

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