MMPR season 1 villains' weapons
- weapons used by Rita's forces
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Sword of Darkness
- mind-controlling sword used by Green Ranger (118-GWE2 through 121-GWE5)
Sword of Darkness
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First Appearance: 118-GWE2
Last Appearance: 159-MMMu


  • Goldar suggested giving Green Ranger the Sword of Darkness.
  • Finster recalled that when Rita's evil knight had defeated Zordon's soldiers thousands of years ago, the Sword of Darkness was taken from Zordon and given to Rita as a prize.
  • The flashback of Rita's evil knight defeating one of Zordon's soldiers was identical to the flashback in 112-HBZk of the Nasty Knight defeating one of Tarmac 3's warriors.
  • Finster said that if Rita gave Green Ranger the Sword of Darkness, it had the power to keep him under her spell forever, unless someone destroyed it; Finster noted that Zordon knew of the sword's power.
  • Green Ranger charged up the Sword of Darkness with bluish-white energy and then channeled a blast through the ground at the Rangers.
  • Green Ranger charged the Sword of Darkness with pink energy bolts and green energy and then fired the green energy stream at the Megazord.


  • The Sword of Darkness grew along with Green Ranger.
  • Goldar and Green Ranger, both giant, combined the energy of their swords to shoot a fire blast with a tight green energy beam in the middle; this blast opened a chasm in the earth, ejected the Rangers from the Megazord and demorphed them, and caused the Megazord to fall into the lava pit at the bottom of the chasm and disassemble into its component Zords before sinking into the lava.


  • Green Ranger crossed the blades of the Dragon Dagger and Sword of Darkness, and blue energy bolts struck the weapons; he then shot from them a bluish-white blob of energy.
  • The Sword of Darkness dissolved in red energy upon being blasted by Jason's Blade Blaster.
  • After the Sword of Darkness had been apparently destroyed, Tommy demorphed with a green cloud effect which floated away from him after demorphing him.


  • While Commander Crayfish and the four other Mutant Rangers wielded unmorphed versions of the Rangers' Power Weapons, the Green Mutant wielded the Sword of Darkness.
  • The Sword of Darkness was last seen in the giant Green Mutant's hand when Dragonzord threw him down.

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