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  • Goldar told Zedd that his "sources" had confirmed that the Rangers had left Earth and were apparently heading toward the "Farthest Galaxy" at lightspeed.
  • While in Serpentera, Goldar supposedly got a message from Earth, not the moon, that someone was trying to destroy the sleep machine in Angel Grove Park.

    Ghost of Darkness
    - evil spirit consulted by Rita Repulsa
    Ghost of Darkness
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    First Appearance: 241-Wed1
    Last Appearance: 241-Wed1


  • When Zedd wished he could send all the teens back in time, Goldar recalled how the Ghost of Darkness had once summoned a wizard with the ability to send people through time.
  • The Ghost of Darkness was Rita's creation.
  • Two shots of outer space were shown before the scene of Rita in the chamber of the Ghost of Darkness, suggesting that she may have been in a location other than the moon palace.
  • The Ghost of Darkness took the form of a stone skull on an altar, in front of a bed of blue crystals; beneath the skull in a hollowed-out area in the altar was a bed of red crystals; the altar was in a red misty-floored room which may or may not have been in the moon palace.
  • The Ghost of Darkness had heard of Rita and Zedd's wedding.
  • The Ghost of Darkness pointed out that although the Wizard of Deception could send the Rangers back in time, the White Ranger was always there to lead them back, so to destroy the White Ranger, the Wizard of Deception would get rid of the others and create a being who was the White Ranger's equal.

    Mondo the Magician
    - evil magician in a storybook
    Mondo the Magician
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    First Appearance: 249-SBR2
    Last Appearance: 249-SBR2
    See Also: King Mondo


  • Mondo, an evil magician, had put a spell on Grumble the Elf, turning him into a grouch, and he had to deliver the toys to the orphanage, dressed as Santa, if he ever wanted to be nice again, the story of Grumble the Magic Elf went.


  • A sign by the door of Mondo's castle said "Mondo the Magnificent Magician. Knock at Your Own Risk."
  • Rita said that Mondo the Magician was an old friend and that the teens didn't stand a chance against his magic.
  • When the three teens went to Mondo for help, the magician wanted to follow the plot of the story; he then told them to get away from his door or he'd turn them into kiwis.
  • After the visit to Mondo's castle had been uneventful and Aisha had later drawn the toys back into the book, Grumble had them be quiet in one spot in the forest because Mondo was on that page as well; he was indeed in the forest with them, chuckling while hiding behind a tree with a red aura glowing around him.
  • Once Rita had thought to have Mondo fight for them as a monster, Mondo was shown slicing his way out of the book with a sword as he glowed with a red aura.
  • There was later a circular hole left behind in the book (located in the Command Center) from Mondo's escape, but oddly, Mondo had not escaped from the book into the Command Center; he was merely elsewhere (and giant) on Earth.
  • Giant Mondo made translucent pink tufts of some material float through the air, making explosions rock the Thunder Megazord.
  • It took two slashes from the Thunder Saber to make giant Mondo the Magician falter, at which point he exploded.

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