MMPR season 2 villains' items
- magical items used by Zedd's forces
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  • Goldar summoned some golden magic dust which knocked Kim out when he threw it in her face.

    Zedd's staff
    - staff used by Lord Zedd
    Zedd holding staff
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    First Appearance: 201-Mut1
    Last Appearance: 643-CTD2


  • Zedd used red energy to transform the large snake in his lap into his staff.
  • Zedd had brought his own army of Putties, which he summoned with his staff.
  • Zedd energized his Putties by zapping their Z chests with white energy from his staff.
  • After the Rangers had destroyed his initial squadron of Putties, Zedd used white lightning from his staff to transform a piranha on Earth into a monster; he would quite frequently use energy from his staff to transform objects and creatures into monsters.


  • Zedd seemed to be feeding Pirantishead energy from his staff.


  • Zedd's staff appeared in Goldar's hand with orange energy, and Goldar then used it to turn Tommy evil with red energy, causing Tommy's eyes to glow red.


  • Zedd used energy from his staff to help giant Hatchasaurus reassemble himself after Tommy may have left the Tigerzord to destroy Cardiatron; however, Cardiatron could then be seen hovering in the air as Hatchasaurus was rebuilt around it.


  • Rita was impatient with Zedd's incantation to transform a Billy statue into an evil Billy, so she wrenched the staff from his hands and used it to transform the statue with the words, "Blue Ranger, be bad!"


  • To make Rito and all successive monsters grow, Rita and Zedd crossed their staves, and bluish-white lightning bolts shot from their point of intersection to Earth, enlarging the monster.
  • Rita and Zedd's lightning simultaneously made four monsters grow.


  • During his day of leadership, Rito teleported to the park with Zedd's staff.
  • Rito planned to turn the Ninja Rangers into monsters, but since he had Zedd's staff pointed the wrong way, its energy turned Mr. Wilton into a monster (Marvo the Meanie) instead.
  • Back in the palace, Rito took Zedd and Rita's staves and crossed them on the balcony, shooting the bluish lightning from them and making Marvo grow on Earth.


  • White energy from Zedd's staff sent Tommy and Kat hurtling through a warp of some sort in Kat's car.


  • White Ranger pulled out Saba and threw him straight at Zedd, and when Zedd blocked with his staff, the staff turned into a serpent, forcing Zedd to retreat.


  • Zedd was sitting in his throne with his staff.
  • Finster presented Zedd with a vehicular transformer apparatus, a cannon with a green barrel which Zedd used to transform the cab that Bulk, Skull, and Kim were in into Crabby Cabbie with a green energy beam; Zedd's staff may have still been damaged at the time, perhaps explaining the purpose of the transformer apparatus.
  • Zedd later used his staff with Rita's wand to make the monster grow.


  • When Rita and Zedd crossed their staves to make themselves grow on Earth, the traditional lightning bolts struck them from the clouds, making Rita, Zedd, Goldar, and Rito grow simultaneously.


  • Giant Zedd blasted some buildings with white energy from his staff, completely destroying at least one skyscraper in the abandoned warehouse district in Angel Grove.


  • Goldar held up some Power Coins in each hand, and with a white energy bolt from Zedd's staff and a red energy beam from Rita's wand, Rita and Zedd caused gold light to flash in Goldar's hands, reducing the Power Coins to golden dust, which Goldar scattered to the wind; the small swirl of dust which drifted away appeared to fly downward and off to one side.


  • Zedd used a white energy bolt from his staff, with an initial decoy blast, to contact Hydro Hog on Aquitar.


  • In Serpentera's cockpit, Zedd was holding his staff even though his and Rita's staves had just been shown in the cargo area with the other villains.


  • Zedd had his staff upon returning to the moon with Rita in their RV.


  • Zedd and Rita could still cross their staves to make monsters grow with blue lightning bolts.


  • When Divatox called Rita while Rita and Zedd were sleeping in what looked like a room of the moon palace, Rita and Zedd's staves were leaning against the railing of the balcony which seemed to face the Earth.


  • As cloaked Red Ranger fended off villains' attacks upon being revealed as a spy at the Cimmerian Planet gathering, a brown Cog handed Zedd his staff, and Zedd used it to try to strike Red Ranger, but Andros blocked with the Spiral Saber, making blue electricity crackle from the staff.

    MMPR: The Movie

  • Purple energy from Zedd's staff knocked two security guards unconscious.
  • Purple energy from Zedd's staff opened the giant claw holding Ivan's egg and made the upper half of the egg hinge open.
  • Once Ivan had proclaimed leadership over the villains in the palace, Zedd blasted Ivan with a blue energy bolt from his staff, but it merely tickled Ivan.

    Grow bombs
    - spheres used by Lord Zedd to enlarge monsters (201-Mut1 through 303-FIN3)
    Grow bomb
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    First Appearance: 201-Mut1
    Last Appearance: 303-FIN3


  • Zedd summoned a grow bomb and threw it to Earth; after Pirantishead caught it, he removed the small sphere, which was actually a pin of some sort, and slammed the main sphere into the ground, and an explosion made him grow; this was the general procedure used to enlarge monsters from 203-Mut3 through 303-FIN3.
  • Every time a grow bomb would fly to Earth, the bomb would be two plain silver spheres, despite an indented stripe it bore across its middle whenever held by Zedd or a monster.


  • When Stag Beetle caught Zedd's grow bomb, Billy said that Zedd's potion had revived the monster.


  • One grow bomb made both Goldar and Scorpina grow.


  • Zedd threw two grow bombs simultaneously to make Peckster and Rhinoblaster grow.

    Jealousy potion
    - potion used by Lord Zedd to turn people jealous of each other
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    First Appearance: 206-BlOD
    Last Appearance: 206-BlOD


  • Zedd had Goldar pour a vile of jealousy potion onto a duplicate of Kim's cactus, briefly making its flowers turn from pink to black, then had a disguised Putty swap the cacti; when Kim pricked her finger on it, green sparkles from her finger caused her eyes to flash green, and she then developed a case of severe resentment especially but not exclusively toward Trini.
  • Billy figured out that if Trini threw her Power Daggers at a ninety degree trajectory course, she could penetrate the dimension in which Kim was trapped and also break the spell on Kim.

    Green Crystal
    - crystal used to drain Green Ranger's powers
    Green Crystal
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    First Appearance: 212-GNM1
    Last Appearance: 213-GNM2


  • Zedd said that when Green Ranger was no more, the crystal would be fully-charged, and he would use it to destroy Zordon and the Command Center; Goldar said he could feel the crystal siphoning Green Ranger's powers.
  • After Turbanshell had drained the Power from Tommy, the last of the green power flowed into the Green Crystal as Zedd held it in the Otherworld.
  • Zedd used the Green Crystal to seal off the Command Center, preventing Zordon from helping the teens.


  • The forcefield around the Command Center, in the form of white streaks of energy, was slowly compressing inward.
  • Zordon said that the Green Crystal had to be destroyed to "return things to normal."
  • Tommy shattered the Green Crystal on a large rock.
  • With the smashing of the crystal, the Dark Rangers demorphed with Ranger-colored flame energy, and then the confused punks teleported away with the same effect.
  • After Tommy had destroyed the Green Crystal, he felt as though having touched the crystal had given him the power for one more fight.
  • The forcefield around the Command Center disintegrated with the destruction of the Green Crystal.

    Hallucination dust
    - dust used to make teens hallucinate
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    First Appearance: 215-OMIP
    Last Appearance: 215-OMIP


  • A Putty sprinkled bluish glitter on the trumpet Curtis was going to use in his performance.
  • As Curtis played, blue vapors came from the trumpet and made the teens momentarily woozy, but neither the teens nor anyone in the audience seemed to pay any attention to the vapors and their effects.
  • Trumpet Top seemed to use white energy to activate the teens' hallucinations of old monsters.

    Serpent of Darkness
    - magical serpent which turns victims evil
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    First Appearance: 223-NjE2
    Last Appearance: 224-NjE3


  • Goldar summoned the Serpent of Darkness in the Cave of Despair with red energy.
  • In one hour, the serpent would complete its transformation from a wooden snake into a live snake.
  • The serpent's venom of darkness turned its victims into evil drones.
  • The serpent later transformed into a real snake, after what seemed to be much less than an hour, but it wasn't until 224-NjE3 that the serpent's transformation would officially be complete and the creature would pose a threat to Rocky, Adam, and Aisha.


  • Zordon said that once the three teens were bitten, they would be forever filled with the venom of evil.
  • Goldar told the three teens that it would be much easier on them to surrender before the serpent bit them, but they rejected the offer.
  • A laser from Pink Ranger's Blade Blaster made the Serpent of Darkness vanish in a burst of pink globules.
  • After having wrestled with the serpent, morphed Billy was unable to breathe, and the others had to remove his helmet to give him some air.

    Mirror of Regret
    - magical mirror used to show various scenes
    Mirror of Regret
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    First Appearance: 230-MrOR
    Last Appearance: 230-MrOR


  • Goldar wasn't familiar with the Mirror of Regret before Zedd sent him to sap Adam's self-confidence with it.
  • The Mirror of Regret showed Adam scenes of from his youth of being picked on, so that he would lose his self-confidence.
  • The only way the self-confidence-draining spell could be broken was for Adam to regain his confidence on his own.
  • After showing Adam several demeaning scenes from his youth in the Mirror of Regret, Goldar accidentally showed Adam an image of young Shawn doing well rather than poorly while practicing, and Adam regained his confidence.
  • Goldar retreated with the Mirror of Regret after Adam had regained his confidence and defeated the Putties.

    Rock of Time
    - magical rock used to turn back time
    Rock of Time
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    First Appearance: 239-RBT1
    Last Appearance: 240-RBT2
    See Also: Orb of Doom


  • Zedd planned to use the Rock of Time to make the Earth turn backwards and time along with it, to a time before the teens had met Zordon and thus making them powerless.
  • The Rock of Time was a large rock apparently in the mountains with other similar rocks; a lightning bolt from Zedd made it glow with yellow energy, and another made it glow with reddish-yellow energy, after which a red energy disc went around the Earth, turning it backwards in time.
  • The premise behind the Rock of Time was that it caused the Earth to rotate the other way, thus sending it backwards in time, but this premise is, putting it mildly, ludicrous.
  • At first, the clock in Miss Appleby's classroom began to go backwards, and when Zedd applied yet another lightning bolt to the Rock of Time to speed up the process, white swirls soon transformed everyone into younger versions of themselves, roughly eight years younger (Source: 240-RBT2 stated the kids had been in the second grade).
  • Many problems with the Rock of Time's time regression suggested that the Rock of Time actually activated a powerful spell which merely turned people (and some objects) into forms similar to their past forms, rather than actually regressing time into the past.
  • The formerly teenaged students, in the same clothes as their original selves had worn before the time regression and in the same locations, were being taught long division by Miss Appleby.
  • The time regression changed the writing on Miss Appleby's chalkboard from, "Geometry / Chapter 20 / Probs 1-30 / Due Wed." and "Chess Club meets T-Th in library / try something new" to, "Spelling / Chapter 2 / Probs 1-30" and "Girl Scouts / Meets T-Th in library."
  • The six kids all attended classes at Angel Grove High, which was now an elementary school, despite four of them not having originally lived in Angel Grove.
  • While the younger versions of everyone were in the same clothes as their original selves (with the young Rangers lacking communicators), Rocky now had spiked hair with a ponytail, Adam had a buzz-cut, Aisha had long braids.
  • The Rock of Time didn't seem to have affected Alpha and Zordon in the Command Center.


  • Young Skull knew young Tommy, but Tommy had been new to Angel Grove in 117-GWE1.
  • By rescrambling the six kids' molecular structures, Alpha's molecular descrambler/rescrambler returned the kids to their normal ages, allowing them to keep their memories of the time regression.
  • The Rock of Time's reversing effect was beginning to destabilize the Earth's foundation before the Rangers were sent to destroy the magical rock.
  • The Rock of Time was near the top of a mountainous hill.
  • The Power Cannon destroyed the Rock of Time, undoing its time-reversal but leaving everyone in the locations they had been in just before the reversal was undone; no one on Earth but the teens, Zordon, and Alpha appeared to retain memories of the time regression.

    Love potion
    - love potion used on Lord Zedd, later used by Miss Chief
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    First Appearance: 241-Wed1
    Last Appearance: 315-PoNo


  • Rita poured the love potion of Finster's creation into one of the bubbling chemicals on Zedd's rejuvenator.


  • Upon awakening after having been administered the love potion, Zedd was captivated by Rita's beauty and didn't recognize her; she told him she was one of his humble and faithful servants, at which point he remembered her, then soon proposed to her.
  • Later, Rita told Zedd that the two of them would finally control the entire universe once they were married; as she said this, she continued to pour more and more love potion into the drinking cup he was holding.


  • On the way home, Rita blamed the depressed Zedd for their failure, and when he demanded some respect, she said he would listen to her once they got home; he refused.


  • Zedd wondered why he'd married Rita, but he was angered when Goldar replied, "Good question."


  • Generally, Zedd was at times quite critical of and crabby toward Rita, but just the time, he was frequently amiable and affectionate toward her.


  • Zedd continued to seem adoring toward Rita, and she frequently returned the affection.


  • Zedd and Rita had started disagreeing and bickering frequently.


  • Zedd was suddenly loving toward Rita again.
  • In Finster's workshop, a red device with a heart on it blew out love potion in the form of red bubbles.
  • Rito sprayed Miss Chief with the potion, and she awoke in love with Rito.
  • Rito sent Miss Chief, invisible, to Earth with the love potion, and she used it to make large numbers of people in Angel Grove High fall in love.
  • Zordon warned that the love potion undermined common sense, leaving its victims open to danger.
  • Goldar made Finster create an antidote to the love potion: a navy blue version of the red bubble device; Finster was then made to go to Earth to test the antidote on the humans, and it successfully undid all of the love spells Miss Chief had put on the people in Angel Grove High.
  • As a joke, Rito had Miss Chief spray Rita with the love potion as she entered the chamber, but Finster quickly delivered the antidote after she had affectionately tackled Goldar onto the throne.
  • After Goldar told Zedd that Rita had tricked him into marriage with a love potion and Finster then sprayed him with the antidote, Zedd woozily asked Goldar if he'd lost his mind, as Rita was the best thing that had ever happened to him; when Goldar insisted that the marriage was a sham and that she had deceived him, he silenced Goldar and made him apologize to Rita; Rito guessed Zedd really did love Rita, and the couple then leaned in to kiss.

    Magic rope
    - magic rope used to turn Tommy and Kimberly against each other (247-BMFJ)
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    First Appearance: 247-BMFJ
    Last Appearance: 247-BMFJ


  • Rita summoned a length of sparkling red magic rope which, when touched to Kim and Tommy by Squatt and Baboo in the park, made the couple extremely competitive and hostile toward each other.
  • Zordon had Tommy and Kim defeat the powerful spell over them by smelling a bouquet of roses, symbols of love and friendship.

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