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  • Having obtained the pink Power Coin, the Falconzord, Ninjor, Kimberly, and the teens' agreement to do their bidding and pilot the Shogunzords for them, the villains were having a party in the chamber of command, with Squatt and Baboo wearing sombreros and Zedd playing a ukulele.


  • After briefly celebrating Master Vile's apparent vistory in the throne room of the Space Skull, the villains all (with the exception of Finster, who was absent from all the celebrations) went to Ernie's outdoor cafe for the humans to have a doomsday party.


  • A short while later, the villains were forcing the people in the Youth Center to dance; the outdoor cafe was decorated and full of dancing people and monsters, with the sign "Master Vile's End of the World Party" above the door.


  • Rita, Zedd, their henchmen, and Master Vile formed an audience of sorts by the throne in the chamber of command as Finster stood at a microphone in front of the chamber's western doorway and introduced Dischordia, who entered from the direction of his workshop.


  • Rita, Zedd, Squatt, and Baboo were dancing in celebration of the Rangers' defeat when the Machine Empire attacked.
  • As three Quadrafighters blasted the palace, Finster exclaimed that they were completely defenseless against the armies of the Machine King (Mondo) and that he would prepare for their immediate departure.
  • Rita, Zedd, Finster, Squatt, Baboo, and three Tengas fled the moon palace on foot, carrying an assortment of boxes and large chests.
  • When Rita hurried Finster, he said he was doing the best he could, but that they'd accumulated a lot of junk over the millennia.


  • Rita, Zedd, and Finster met Rito and Goldar on the moon in an RV, planning to overthrow the Machine Empire.


  • The villains used a bomb to obliterate the members of the Royal House of Gadgetry.

    Professor Longnose
    - Master Vile's general
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    First Appearance: 335-ARA2
    Last Appearance: 335-ARA2


  • Master Vile said his field general, Professor Longnose, would lead the five most horrible monsters at his monster conference into battle.
  • Professor Longnose was currently conquering a Dark Galaxy star and would meet the monsters at the quarry (actually the desert).


  • In the desert, Professor Longnose led Crabby Cabbie, Garbage Mouth, See Monster, Brick Bully, and a new green monster, supposedly the five most horrible monsters at Vile's monster conference.
  • After fighting the Aquitian Rangers for a while with the team of five monsters, Longnose declared that he'd had enough of this and that it was time to grow, and at that point, the traditional lightning from above (presumably from Rita and Zedd) made Longnose and the five monsters all grow.
  • Aurico knew Longnose's name.
  • Giant Longnose wielded a red fold-up fan.
  • When the Battle Borgs appeared, Longnose asked whether it was supposed to be a joke.
  • The Shogun Megazord's Fire Saber destroyed giant Longnose.

    - witch; old friend of Lord Zedd
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    First Appearance: 339-WYTh
    Last Appearance: 339-WYTh


  • When Rita suggested sending down a monster to prevent the Aquitians from finding a pure water source, Zedd told her that this job called for a professional, not one of Finster's "mishaps"; he said he had called in his old friend Witchblade.
  • Witchblade had a large claw arm.
  • Witchblade held out her hand and caused several large explosions in the water across which morphed Cestro was running.
  • Rita didn't think Witchblade was very smart, as she'd knocked Cestro into the water while she was supposed to keep the Aquitians away from the water.
  • The Shogun Megazord's Fire Saber destroyed giant Witchblade.

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