MMPR season 3 villains' inventions/devices
- technologies used by Rita and Zedd's forces
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  • Finster presented Zedd with a vehicular transformer apparatus, a cannon with a green barrel which Zedd used to transform the cab that Bulk, Skull, and Kim were in into Crabby Cabbie with a green energy beam; Zedd's staff may have still been damaged at the time, perhaps explaining the purpose of the transformer apparatus.


  • Finster shot a blue and green energy beam from a device to try to transform Kat's chimp Kelly into a monster, but he missed each time.


  • Rito used a handheld force field generator to erect a translucent white forcefield around the Aquitian Rangers, keeping them in contact with the contaminated lake water.
  • Alpha in the Command Center was unable to penetrate the powerful forcefield, but Billy deactivated it after obtaining the device.

    Dream device
    - device used to scan a monster from Kimberly's dream
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    First Appearance: 308-ABWD
    Last Appearance: 308-ABWD


  • Finster made a device to view the dreams of Earth creatures as a gift for Rita; following Zedd's instruction, Finster modified the device to turn the dreams into reality.
  • Finster's device scanned Ninja Kim with a green ray, knocking her out and storing the Artistmole inside.

    - stand which turns former villains evil again
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    First Appearance: 330-MVA2
    Last Appearance: 330-MVA2


  • When Kat told Rita and Zedd she wanted to be evil again, Zedd summoned with his staff the Revivafier, a platform apparatus which irreversibly drained all the goodness out of people who were once evil and replaced the goodness with pure evil.
  • Finster had created the Revivafier.
  • Once Kat had stepped into the Revivafier, red energy flames engulfed her legs, and redness crept up her body.
  • The Revivafier's status meter was labeled "Good" (light blue), "Mean" (purple, where Kat was currently at), "Cruel" (reddish purple), "Evil" (red), and "Really Evil" (reddish orange).
  • The meter on the Revivafier was moving to "Cruel" and the redness was up to Kat's neck when morphed Tommy appeared and used the Zeo Crystal to drain all the redness from her.

    Implosion devices
    - devices used to generate powerful blasts; one destroyed Command Center (343-HdA2)
    Implosion device (second)
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    First Appearance: 334-ARA1
    Last Appearance: 343-HdA2


  • Master Vile planned for Rito and Goldar to blow up the Command Center with an implosion device which, once detonated at the base of the Command Center, would cause a chain reaction that would wipe out the Morphing Grid forever.
  • After Rito and Goldar had planted the device just outside the Command Center, a tiny bit of flaming energy from Goldar's sword lit the device's long fuse.


  • Young Billy explained that an implosion device was like a bomb, but much worse.
  • Outside, Alpha nervously used a device to deactivate the implosion device's main core with purple energy, then he snipped a wire on the implosion device, stopping the fuse in its tracks.


  • Zedd told Rito and Goldar that in his search for a weakness in the Command Center, he'd located an ancient scroll map in the long-forgotten tunnels beneath the Command Center; Rita told them to follow the map to the Command Center's most vulnerable spot, where they were to plant another implosion device that would supposedly blow Zordon into antimatter.
  • Rita called the implosion device a destruction fallout mechanism.
  • The implosion device which Rita gave to Rito and Goldar was of the same design as Master Vile's, but it was now silver rather than black.


  • Rito accidentally turned on the implosion device while trying to make Goldar carry it.
  • Rito said the device wouldn't go off for several hours, but the countdown hadn't yet been started.
  • Rito pulled up the ends of the four side sections of the device, revealing flashing yellow lights.


  • Rito pulled off the side sections from the device and placed them around the Command Center basement.
  • As Rito planted the device, the timer appeared to read 942.
  • Goldar called the device an implosion generator.


  • Rito and Goldar activated the countdown, causing it to start counting down from 999 at a rate slightly quicker than one per second.
  • Later as Rito and Goldar were trying to figure out how to deactivate the device, the timer appeared to read 520.
  • Some time later still, after time had been restored, the timer was counting down from 50 when Rito and Goldar teleported up to the Command Center to steal the Zeo Crystal.
  • When the device reached zero, small explosions began to rock the Command Center, and the structure quaked violently.
  • Over forty seconds after the implosion device had begun generating small explosions, the Command Center finally exploded, leaving only a smoking, charred lower framework behind.


  • When the Zeo Crystal made the six teens fall through a shaft in the ground into the basement, the basement was, with the exception of a considerable amount of dust, relatively unaffected by the implosion device which had gone off within the basement, destroying the Command Center above.

    Dimensional teleporter
    - device used to bring Hydro Hog to Earth
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  • Zedd and Rita had Finster activate the dimensional teleporter so they could summon Hydro Hog from Aquitar.
  • When the preparation of the dimensional teleporter caused a major drain of external heat energy "in the area" (how far from the Command Center or even the Earth is uncertain), the Command Center sensors revealed that Zedd was somehow tapping into the "dimensional galaxy"; when Alpha realized that Zedd was pinpointing Aquitar, the Aquitians knew that Zedd might be trying to teleport them to Aquitar or teleport someone from Aquitar there.
  • Once the dimensional teleporter was ready, Alpha said the "energy grid" (perhaps the Morphing Grid) showed that Zedd was attempting to teleport someone or something from Aquitar.
  • To block Zedd's transmission to Hydro Hog, Alpha in the Command Center used a thermal energy charge, locked onto Zedd's energy beam, and activated a shield; the Viewing Globe showed a green beam being blocked by a purple beam from Earth.


  • Zedd now used a bolt from his staff, rather than a beam from the dimensional teleporter, to contact Hydro Hog after sending an initial decoy bolt.

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