MMPR season 3 Zords
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  • After forming the Shogun Megazord to fight giant Dischordia, the Rangers brought in the Ninja Megazord by remote; giant Ninjor then flew in to help the Rangers as well.


  • As the Battle Borgs were shown in the Viewing Globe, Cestro said that their Battle Borgs possessed similar technologies to the Earth Rangers' own piloted Zords, but with telepathic control; he said the Battle Borgs would be at the Aquitian Rangers' disposal at a moment's notice.
  • The Battle Borgs were streamlined versions of the Shogunzords, with the same colors, shapes, animals, and general designs.
  • Zordon told the Aquitian Rangers that they would have control of the Earth Rangers' Shogunzords in cases of emergency.


  • After the teens' first fight as Zeo Rangers, Tommy reminded Billy that they'd need help if the Machine Empire launched a full assault, since Ninjor was back in the temple and the Zords were gone.

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