MMPR vehicles
- various vehicles used by Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
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  • Zordon introduced the Shark Cycles as "faster, new vehicles," as though implying previous use of non-Zord vehicles.

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  • During MMPR season 2, the five Rangers each had a "Thunder Bike," a motorcycle modeled after a unicorn/pegasus, according to the toy line.

    - modified flying Volkswagen Beetle
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    First Appearance: 115-SwPl
    Last Appearance: 140-Ddy2


  • The RADBUG was parked in or near Billy's garage; it's possible that Kim saw it then, explaining her lack of surprise when Billy introduced the vehicle to the teens in 116-BigS.


  • The RADBUG could transport the teens to any location on the planet's surface.
  • The RADBUG did 0 to 3,000 in 2.8 seconds.
  • The teens rode the RADBUG to the Command Center since teleportation was for some reason down.
  • On the flight to the Command Center, Billy drove, with Zack in the passenger's seat and the other three teens in the back seat.
  • The RADBUG was shown flying into the Command Center through the main exterior tube.
  • While following Zordon's directions to the cave of the Morphing Masters, the teens rode in the RADBUG along the ground rather than in the air so that they might surprise Rita.
  • Billy had either Jason or Zack bring in the RADBUG by remote from the Megazord to take Maria to safety.
  • Someone was in the driver's seat of the RADBUG when it stopped to pick up Maria as the Megazord set her down.


  • The teens rode the RADBUG to the Command Center when teleportation was again down, this time as a result of Green Ranger's damage to the Command Center; Billy drove, with Jason in the passenger's seat and the others in the back seat.
  • After the teens had gotten out of the RADBUG in the Command Center, the car wasn't shown in the background of any subsequent shots.


  • When Zack and Kim rode the RADBUG to the Command Center, Zack piloted it with no problems.


  • Kim, Billy, Trini, and Zack took a field trip in the RADBUG.
  • Teleporting away to help Jason at the beach, the four teens left the RADBUG in the middle of the road.


  • When the teens went to Billy's garage to change the frequency on their communicators to foil Rita's jamming of the frequency, the RADBUG was parked outside the garage, missing the large apparatus which should have been attached to the rear of the car.


  • The abbreviation "RADBUG" reportedly stood for "Remote-Activated DrivingZord for Basic Ultra Geomorphology." (Source: unknown)

    Battle Bikes
    - dinosaur-themed cycles perhaps used by Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
    Battle Bikes
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    First Appearance: 131-CKim
    Last Appearance: 131-CKim


  • The three Battle Bikes (red, blue, and black) were in the background behind the four Rangers as they fought Samurai Fan Man at the Putty Bowl Restaurant.
  • The Rangers hadn't been shown teleporting from the Command Center to the Putty Bowl Restaurant, so there is a possibility the Rangers rode the unintroduced Battle Bikes to the restaurant.


  • The term "Battle Bikes" comes from the name of the toys.

    Shark Cycles
    - shark-themed cycles used by Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
    Shark Cycles (not shown: Pink, identical to Yellow)
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    First Appearance: 321-FCab
    Last Appearance: (all but pink) 323-DSP2, (pink) 324-DSP3


  • Zordon told the Rangers that to stop the Crabby Cabbie, they would have to surround him from all sides, and to do that, they would need faster, new vehicles; Alpha knew that Zordon was referring to the Shark Cycles without his even mentioning the vehicles' names.
  • The five Shark Cycles (pink absent) were on a stairstep platform beyond the Viewing Globe in the Command Center, either appearing or being revealed with flashing white light and thundering sounds.
  • Seeing the Shark Cycles for the first time, Billy told Alpha he'd really outdone himself, but it hadn't yet been stated that Alpha had created the cycles.
  • Zordon told the Rangers that the Shark Cycles were created out of the fossilized fin of a great prehistoric shark and that like the shark, they were swift and powerful; he said that the spirit of the great shark resided within them.
  • The yellow Shark Cycle had what looked like machine gun turrets for eyes, and a black hollowed-out handle area; the black cycle seemed to have orange headlights for eyes with white handle areas; the blue cycle was like black, and red and white were like yellow, but white had gold handlebar areas; yellow was the only cycle of the five with a long, pointy nose.
  • Alpha told the Rangers that he'd equipped the cycles with several battle features, should they find themselves in trouble.
  • The Rangers teleported from the Command Center as their Shark Cycles teleported with them; they were then shown speeding down the road on the cycles.
  • Rocky said his shark could smell its prey already.


  • When the five Rangers were overwhelmed by a number of monsters, Tommy had the Rangers call on the Shark Cycles to handle the situation; morphed Kim would soon arrive on her Shark Cycle, the only time it would be used.
  • The pink Shark Cycle was of the same design as the yellow cycle, with a long, pointy nose.


  • When Zordon told Kat of the pink Shark Cycle, the body of the cycle leapt out of the nearby podium as if the podium were water, then the cycle solidified into motorcycle form.

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