Angel Grove Monster Tours
- Ranger-themed tours of Angel Grove; operated by Lt. Stone (526-DrkD through 528-FOPh)
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  • In the Juice Bar, Ashley gave Justin and Carlos tickets for the Angel Grove Monster Tour, which took people all around town to where Rangers had fought monsters; the three teens went together on the tour.
  • Bulk and Skull were tour guides on the monster tour.
  • As part of the tour, Skull jumped out from behind a tree in a furry costume, pretending to be a monster, but he removed the head from his costume after a little girl had kicked him in the shin, knowing he wasn't a monster.
  • The pamphlet had promised its patrons that they would see the Rangers or a real monster in action.
  • Lt. Stone, the owner of the tours, planned for Bulk and Skull to try again the next day, as their first tour left its customers disappointed.
  • On the tour the next day, as the tour ended downtown, Bulk reminded the tour group that Angel Grove had a highly sophisticated monster detection system, and that in the case of an attack, they were to proceed directly to the designated monster safety zone without panicking.
  • The people ran away screaming when they saw Metallasaurus attacking the city.


  • The next day, beside a large building with a number of windows high up along its side, Bulk and Skull showed another tour group a city corner where the Rangers had supposedly fought Mechanizer; actually, in 414-MBWR, the Zeo Rangers had fought Mechanizer in the Angel Grove University warehouse in the warehouse district, and the fight had caused the entire warehouse to explode in a massive fireball.
  • When the tour group was upset that the brochure had promised that they'd see the Rangers or a monster, Lt. Stone tried to appease them, saying it was a misprint.
  • Bulk pointed to the Lightning Cruiser flying overhead, but the people missed it and didn't believe him.
  • Lt. Stone led the group into a skyscraper, from the top of which they could see the entire city; this building, with a large, curved bottom side, would soon be severely damaged by Metallasaurus.
  • Upstairs, Lt. Stone's tour group ran upon seeing Metallasaurus outside the window, then Lt. Stone ran as well.
  • In the Youth Center after Metallasaurus had been defeated, but not without cutting in half the skyscraper Bulk and Skull had been in, T.J. helped Bulk and Skull suit up with protective padding for their next monster tour.
  • Lt. Stone told Bulk and Skull they were giving tour from a big yellow bus, not a battle tank, but Bulk took him out to the parking lot to show him otherwise.


  • Bulk and Skull hired five people to pretend to be Turbo Rangers for the monster tour, with Red being overweight and Yellow having a cane.

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