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  • There was a full moon.


  • When Rita was upset about Jellyfish losing, Baboo told her the moon was in retrograde.


  • The moon was in the daytime sky near the horizon during the Rangers' fight with Beamcaster.


  • The moon had a gray atmosphere.


  • The moon underwent its normal phases.


  • In a cavern somewhere beneath the surface of the moon, Master Vile, with blue and yellow energy snakes flowing from his right and left hands, respectively, called forth, "Forces darker than the farthest regions of the universe, hear my call! I command you, respond! (ground rumbles briefly) Powers of the deepest evil, come forth! I command it! (ground rumbles more, with more glowing red areas revealed by the quaking) I summon you! Might of the malevolent masters, appear before me and do my bidding!"; this was followed by more quaking and rocks falling, causing the moon palace to shake violently and lightning to strike around it.


  • Zedd realized that while Billy's generator device had been designed to remove the Earth's impurities, Billy had never taken into account lunar toxic waste; he planned for Erik and Merrick the Barbaric to dump space waste into the lake and destroy the Aquitian Rangers.


  • The moon's sky was gray during Rita, Zedd, and crew's retreat from the moon palace.
  • If the Machine Skybase was on the moon (as revealed in 427-GHnr, 439-RCGo, and 441-ZR5?), it is unknown why the cratered, rocky landscape around the Machine Skybase was brown rather than gray.


  • There were lunar bats flying around the Space Base's balcony; presumably, Porto's construction of Divatox's evil Zords on the moon (a project which Divatox had ordered in 537-Accd and which was shown completed in 541-LSMn) had introduced the creatures to the Space Base.


  • Porto, Elgar, and Piranhatrons worked on the three evil Zords on the surface of the moon.


  • Goldgoyle was on the moon before he was sent to Earth.


  • For their last training exercise before Terra Venture's departure, fleets of soldiers landed heliships on the moon, where explosives were set as part of the drills.
  • The soldiers wore no spacesuits, indicating that the moon, or at least that area, did indeed have an atmosphere, perhaps thanks to some alien force in the past such as Lord Zedd.


  • When Mike mysteriously returned to Terra Venture after what had probably been a few months of absence, Stanton, startled, said he'd thought they'd left him on the "practice moon," although this seems like an odd name for their training area on the moon.


  • Apparently having moved into the normal universe, Mirinoi now had a moon which looked identical to Earth's moon, with the same oddly habitable atmosphere.


  • Inserting the Golden Key into a skeletal coffin in her skull castle which resided in a circle of six giant stones in downtown Mariner Bay, Bansheera called on the forces of evil to heed her call; the moon, naturally involved in a solar eclipse, then released a purple energy beam which began to remove the coffin's lid.
  • As Bansheera called, "Demons arise!" several fiery energy rings flew down from the moon, passing perfectly over the six giant stones, and the peak of each was thus lit orange, each beaming a purple energy bolt inward toward the castle.
  • The purple beam extended all the way into the Shadow World chamber below in preparation to unleash the seething mass of monsters.
  • As the eclipse began to depart with Bansheera having been knocked inside, Ryan removed the key, causing the coffin lid to slam shut as the moon beam ceased.


  • During Ransik's seige of a warehouse in Millennium City at some point in the year 3000, the moon was in its final quarter.

    Lost Episode special

  • A recap of the Power Rangers story began: "10,000 years ago, Rita Repulsa was imprisoned in a space dumpster on the moon."; see Rita's planetoid for further notes on the moon/planetoid distinction.

    MMPR: The Movie

  • The moon was covered with giant stagmites protruding from its dark surface.
  • The moon appeared to have an atmosphere of some sort.
  • As the Ninja Megafalconzord and Hornitor-Ivan flew by the moon palace, the Earth was too small from the moon's perspective.
  • The moon looked perfectly normal from a distance, despite the dark, spikey surface always shown in shots of the moon palace.

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