Moon palace
- home of Rita and Lord Zedd
Moon palace (clearer shot from Zyuranger)
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First Appearance: 101-DOTD
Last Appearance: 500-TPRM
Pictures: moon palace (shown at right), moon palace on Earth, Rita's balcony, moon palace with Zedd's balcony, moon palace with Zedd's balcony (bottom), moon palace, with Zedd's balcony (top)
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  • Soon after being released from the space dumpster, Rita and her minions occupied a palace on the moon.
  • Rita used a telescope on an observatory balcony.
  • Rita's flying bicycle hung in the room connecting the observatory and Finster's workshop.
  • The balcony of Rita's observatory faced the Earth.
  • If the wall opposite the observatory steps were designated as "north," with the balcony as "south," then Finster's workshop was to the northwest of the observatory steps.
  • A large seemingly inflated globe of the Earth was on the floor in the observatory.


  • When Giant appeared in Angel Grove, the moon palace appeared atop a skyscraper beside him.


  • Baboo had a chemistry lab, the background of which was solid black; it may have been located somewhere in the moon palace.


  • In Trini's dream, Goldar walked up to the moon palace observatory from a room down the steps, on the east side of the area north of the steps.


  • Goldar would ocasionally stand in front of a bare wall which was supposed to be part of the observatory, perhaps on the east side of the observatory, but it wasn't there in other shots of the observatory; it was shown fully in 121-GWE5, in which it was revealed to be a part of another balcony area never shown in shots of the regular observatory.


  • There were gold- or copper-colored double doors in the north wall, near (or possibly even in) Finster's workshop; Goldar and Scorpina walked in through these doors after Goldar had pulled Scorpina out of battle.


  • Squatt and Baboo came out from behind a curtain on the east side of the area down the steps from the observatory; Rita would later emerge from behind this curtain after hearing of Shellshock's victory.


  • Finster considered putting the stolen Forest Spirit Statue in the palace's dining room or parlor.


  • Rita looked out a palace window at Kim's grandmother's stolen spinning wheel, which was in front of a dark rocky background outside before being transformed into the Wheel of Misfortune.


  • Zordon referred to Rita's palace as a moonbase.


  • Rita was sleeping in her rocking chair somewhere other than the observatory.


  • After a dimensional beam from the moon palace had teleported everyone in Angel Grove but the teens to another dimension, Zordon had Alpha lock the scanner onto the dimensional beam and carefully track its coordinates for any movement toward Earth, fearing Rita would move her palace to Earth, greatly increasing her powers.
  • As the palace flew to Earth, it had what looked like a white skyscraper attached to the bottom; there were layers of brown rock both at the bottom of the skyscraper-like structure and between the structure and moon palace.


  • Alpha discovered that because Rita was on Earth, the Command Center computer was able to penetrate her data bank, giving them access to her files of spells and secrets and allowing them to reduce her power or even stop her altogether; with this access, Alpha learned of Cyclopsis's weakness toward quick configuration changes.
  • Rita flew the moon palace back to the moon after Cyclopsis had been destroyed.


  • Goldar told a Putty that it would be a clay pot on Rita's coffee table if it didn't shape up.


  • Upon returning to take back control from Rita, Zedd ordered for the palace to be prepared for his return; he then teleported into his chamber of command by flying into the palace through Rita's balcony; afterward, the palace quaked violently.
  • The chamber of command's balcony was about halfway up on the right side of the palace's main, front tower.
  • If the balcony of Zedd's chamber of command were designated as "south," with the fan wall as "east," then Goldar entered the chamber from Rita's observatory through an entrance on the "east" side of Zedd's observatory.
  • There was what appeared to be red ground below the palace, yet the palace was on the moon.


  • Dark clouds were often shown in the sky above the palace; at other times, a starry sky was shown above the palace.
  • From a low angle, the top of the palace couldn't be seen; it appeared as though the top section and the angular side tower-like structures on the palace were gone.


  • Rita called the palace "the castle."
  • Rita tiptoed onto her old balcony from an entrance on the east side of the balcony, with south being the direction of Earth; from there she walked into Finster's workshop.


  • Listening in the direction of his workshop's window or perhaps Rita's old observatory, Finster overheard Zedd's awakening in his rejuvenation chamber.


  • Rita, Squatt and Baboo went toward a hall to the east of Rita's old observatory to go to the procession in Zedd's chamber of command; she would later emerge into the chamber from its western entrance.


  • The Ghost of Darkness's altar was in a red misty-floored room which may or may not have been in the moon palace.


  • The western entrance to the chamber of command led to Finster's workshop.


  • As was a frequent mistake, Rita's Repulsascope wasn't shown in the exterior shot of the palace's balcony.
  • Rito and the four monsters (Fighting Flea, Lizzinator, Stag Beetle, and Octophantom) went down the hallway leading to Finster's workshop simply to leave the palace; why they didn't teleport from the chamber of command is unknown.


  • Rita called the palace the "castle."


  • Rito, Squatt, and Baboo went down the west hallway, toward Finster's workshop, simply to leave the palace.
  • When Rita selected an orange Oriental lantern for Zedd to harness its power, Baboo picked out an off-white lantern and said that it matched the drapes better.


  • Once they'd returned to the palace in Serpentera, Rita and Zedd entered the chamber of command from the north end of the east wall; this was the machine wall in which the giant fan was located.


  • After being captured, Kat was locked in a prison cell in the moon palace's dungeon.
  • On a black cloth-covered podium in the dungeon near Kat's cell was a chest glowing with pink energy containing the pink Power Coin.


  • When quakes and bright flashes of light rocked the moon palace (from Master Vile's approach), Rita asked Finster if he'd forgotten to pay the electric bill again.
  • The Caves of Deception, where the people of the M51 galaxy had hidden the Zeo Crystal thousands of years ago, were directly beneath Rita and Zedd's palace.
  • Zedd had taken over the "alien palace" above the caves; his evil had corrupted the palace but couldn't destroy the pure good in the caverns below.
  • To give the Tengas snakes which Master Vile had said would make them stronger, Squatt fearfully handed the Tengas the sack of snakes in a cavern of some sort, with mushrooms growing in the cavern.
  • Morphed Tommy and Kat were able to teleport into the moon palace; they appeared in the northern doorway of the chamber of command.
  • Morphed Kat was able to remove her helmet in the palace.


  • Master Vile's army of monsters rushed off in the direction of Finster's workshop to leave the palace and go to Earth.


  • Quadrafighters from the Machine Empire repeatedly blasted the palace, leaving its exterior scorched with black marks.
  • The side of the front of the palace was shown, with the mountainous gray ground nearby coming up almost to the bottom of the balcony's lower design; the moon's sky was gray.
  • In the chamber of command, the lights were off, paper trash was floating around, the throne was gone, and there was a "For Sale" sign in the chamber.
  • Zedd, Rita, Finster, Baboo, Squatt, and some Tengas walked away from the palace at the level of the aforementioned ground, which made the palace appear to be sunken into the ground.
  • Rita asked Zedd if he had cleaned out the dungeon, and he said he had.


  • Rita and Zedd were driving around in an RV on the moon, looking for the "palace" (presumably the Machine Skybase and not their old moon palace) so that they could regain control of Louie; Rita would later say that they had to find "that palace" and the remote control to Louie.


  • Rito and Goldar worked on an engine on the back of the RV so that they would have enough speed to zip through Machine security unnoticed and storm the "palace" (again, presumably the Machine Skybase rather than the moon palace), and once they'd brought destruction to the Machine Empire, Rita said, they would be home.


  • When Divatox called Rita for advice on defeating the Power Rangers, Rita and Zedd were sleeping in an orange bed, beside which was a fancy antique rotary phone on a nightstand.
  • In the background was a railing, against which Rita and Zedd's staves were leaning, and beyond that appeared to be the Earth; thus, the bedroom was probably in the moon palace.

    Pilot Episode

  • Rita shot a red energy beam from her wand while on the planetoid, causing skyscrapers in downtown Angel Grove to shift around, with one skyscraper flying up into the sky; the Command Center's hologram projector later showed Rita's palace descending to downtown Angel Grove atop the skyscraper which had previously flown into the sky; Rita and Goldar were then shown flying over the city.

    MMPR: The Movie

  • moon palace, MMPR: The Movie The moon palace was vastly different; the entire structure was made of some sort of rock with crude architecture, including Zedd's balcony (with a Z above it).
  • At the bottom of the exterior of the palace was a large red archway with a black "Z" in it.
  • The moon looked perfectly normal from a distance, despite the dark, spikey surface always shown in shots of the moon palace.
  • The movie's credits called the moon palace "Lord Zedd's castle."

    Finster's workshop
    - room in moon palace where Finster created monsters for Rita
    Finster's workshop
    You are here: Where / Universe / Space / Planets / Sol system / Earth / Moon / Moon palace
    First Appearance: 101-DOTD
    Last Appearance: 401-AZB1
    Pictures: workshop (shown at right), US version


  • To the left of the Monstermatic spout was a set of steps which led to the observatory, the balcony of which could be seen outside the workshop window.


  • Finster seemed to get the idea of the Pudgy Pig out of a slender brown book.


  • Finster put down a slender black book before reminding Rita about Eye Guy.
  • In the back wall of the workshop was a doorway blocked by white curtains.


  • In Finster's picture book of monsters were the Snizard, Bones, Chunky Chicken, King Sphinx, the Genie, Mr. Ticklesneezer, what appeared to be a gray goat monster with long, curved, horizontally-oriented horns, and the Nasty Knight, who was on page 12.


  • Rita consulted a book on Finster's desk as she told her henchmen she'd cast a spell to make the itch from Fighting Flea contagious.


  • Rita called the book on Finster's desk her "monster cookbook."


  • On Finster's desk was a hand mirror which Rita used to look at herself, a weight balance with gems in the balance plates, and a brown globe.


  • Goldar teleported a defective Putty Patroller back into the jar on Finster's workbench.


  • - In his workshop, Finster could apparently hear Zedd's angry ranting in his chamber of command.


  • Finster's workshop had a different look in some shots (the reason being that this was US footage).
  • The antique clock in Finster's workshop has 12 labeled as "High Noon," 3 labeled as "No Noon," 6 labeled as "Low Noon," and 9 labeled as "Medium Noon."
  • Finster had two normal analogue clocks, both upside-down, on his wall beside the antique clock; all three clocks read about 9:48.
  • Finster had small gray figurines in his workshop, along with a few bubbling chemicals.
  • Finster consulted a narrow red book from his desk before recreating some of Rita's most favorite monsters as wedding guests and the meanest ones to ambush the Rangers.


  • When Rita entered Finster's workshop, she said she didn't smell monsters cooking.


  • After Rito's monster had been destroyed, Rita shooed Rito off to go clean Finster's lab.

    Green Ranger's preparation room
    - chamber in which Tommy first awoke as Green Ranger
    You are here: Where / Universe / Space / Planets / Sol system / Earth / Moon / Moon palace
    First Appearance: 117-GWE1
    Last Appearance: 117-GWE1


  • Rita teleported Tommy onto a platform in a misty room with candles all around, and he was covered in a cottony material; this may have been somewhere inside the palace, or perhaps even inside Rita's crystal ball, which she had prepared for it to receive Tommy.

    Rejuvenation chamber
    - chamber used for Lord Zedd's Sleep of Oblivion
    You are here: Where / Universe / Space / Planets / Sol system / Earth / Moon / Moon palace
    First Appearance: 241-Wed1
    Last Appearance: 241-Wed1


  • Zedd had to go into his rejuvenation chamber once a century to rejuvenate his evil energies.
  • Zedd fell into the Sleep of Oblivion in his rejuvenation chamber to recharge his powers of evil and destruction.
  • The bed of the rejuvenator appeared to be lined with red silk or satin.
  • Zedd had a tube hooked up to him from the setup of chemicals and such on the rejuvenator.
  • The varying lighting in the rejuvenation chamber suggested that behind the head end of the rejuventation bed was a smaller, slightly quicker version of the fan in the chamber of command. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")

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