Morphing Grid
- energy plane maintained by Zordon and Lord Zedd; powered Command Center and Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers; also apparently connected to Dino Rangers (PRDT)
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First Mention: 104-PrEn
Last Mention: 1230-SRel, also 1300-HidE


  • Upon seeing that the communicators had inadvertently teleported the teens, Billy mentioned a neutrino power grid having cross-molecularized.


  • Zordon told Alpha to adjust the Morphing Grid and locate Jason on the Viewing Globe.
  • Following Zordon's instruction, Alpha tapped the Morphing Grid and teleported the sack of Power Crystals to Jason.


  • Immediately after Squatt's camera had ejected flying spheres of light which matched the other four Rangers' colors, Zordon noted a disturbance in the Morphing Grid; this may have been due to the camera spewing out Ranger-colored energy or the Nasty Knight fighting Zack.


  • The Genie's lamp caused what Zordon called a dangerous disturbance in the Morphing Grid.
  • When Alpha was preparing to destroy the lamp in the teleporter, Zordon warned that if Alpha supplied too much power at once, it would destroy the Morphing Grid; Alpha had to increase the power slowly, or, Zordon said, they'd all be vaporized.


  • An interdimensional power surge caused by the beam which was trying to locate Zordon shut down all sources of energy in the Command Center and throughout the Morphing Grid, preventing the teens from morphing until after the surge had ended; Billy restored power by rewiring the control panels.
  • Before vanishing after Green Ranger's attempt to banish him to another dimension, Zordon said "the grid" was failing and that he was losing contact.


  • During the earthquake caused by the opening of the bottle containing the map to the Mirror of Destruction, Zordon said that he sensed something unusual in the Morphing Grid.


  • Zordon said that taking Zords into battle at half power had never been tried before; if the Zords' backups failed, the Rangers and everything in the Morphing Grid could vanish forever.


  • Zordon's sensors indicated a major disturbance in the Morphing Grid as a result of the growing Octoplant beneath the park.


  • After Zedd had stripped the Dinozords of their power and sunk them into the lava, Zordon told Alpha to recalibrate the Morphing Grid and encase the Zords with static power, then move them to their hiding places, and with luck there would be enough left of the old Zords to create the new Zords.


  • Zordon said his sensors had detected an unusual disruption in the Morphing Grid; he may have been referring to Guitardo's mind-controlling powers.


  • After Zordon had transported from his plasma tube into the Command Center's hidden chamber to prepare to create the White Ranger, Zedd detected a sudden weakness in the Morphing Grid.
  • Zedd said the Morphing Grid's balance was maintained by the constant struggle between Zordon and himself.


  • While the Red Dragon Warrior Mode was being clobbered by giant Lipsyncher, Zordon said that Red Ranger's power systems were overloading; Billy added that they'd destroy their entire system if they tried to elevate the power level any more; similar to this power crisis was Billy's overloading the Command Center's hydro-generator while making computations on the computer to reverse Pursehead's compact ray.


  • There were some wildflowers in the desert around the Command Center, but Alpha noted that it was still quite barren, so he tapped into the Morphing Grid and caused some flowers to emerge from the ground.


  • When Tommy was being confronted by his clone and the other five teens were stranded in 1790's Angel Grove, Zordon had Alpha activate the Viewing Globe because he detected a disturbance in the Morphing Grid.


  • When Rocky requested more power during the Thunderzords' fight with giant Rito and four monsters, Zordon told Alpha to proceed with caution, as the power accelerator was almost at its peak level; Alpha replied that the Zords' power bank was leaking like a spaghetti strainer and that he had to try to siphon some energy back into it.
  • Alpha soon said the controls were going crazy and that he was afraid to push the power accelerator any harder; as the controls crackled and a humming sound grew louder, Zordon warned the Rangers that the power accelerator was becoming increasingly unstable and that the flux of power could ultimately strip them of their powers; Tommy said it was a risk they would just have to take.
  • When the Command Center controls began to explode with sparks, Alpha was unable to stabilize the accelerator, and he shrieked that the Zords were going to blow up; there was then a final, large explosion of sparks from the Command Center console, after which Alpha woefully asked what they were going to do now; soon afterward, the combined attacks of giant Rito and the monsters made the Rangers eject and demorph just in time to watch the Thunder Megazord and Tigerzord Warrior Mode explode, fall apart, and explode some more.


  • In the darkened Command Center, Billy was unable to give the teens good news, as he had no idea how to repair the Command Center's power core (perhaps the Morphing Grid); Alpha said that such repair could take centuries.
  • Zordon said that since the Command Center's power was nearly depleted, there was no way to revitalize the lost Thunderzords.
  • Immediately after Billy and Zordon had been talking about the Command Center's power core, Adam asked where their Ranger powers had come from in the first place.


  • Although Billy and Adam's device had allowed the sensors to establish Tommy's coordinates through Rita and Zedd's shield, Zordon warned that without enough power, Tommy and his companion could be lost forever in the Morphing Grid.


  • Zordon said the Metallic Armor tapped directly into the Morphing Grid.


  • Zordon used a high-energy surge from the Morphing Grid to attempt to recharge the Rangers after their energy had been heavily drained by Globbor; Tommy gave the okay before Zordon had been able to answer Kat's question of whether the process was safe.
  • Streaks of Ranger-colored energy shot into the Rangers from Zordon's direction and recharged the Rangers; Aisha still felt dizzy, and Billy said they were still recovering from the energy drain and that it would take some time for their powers to be fully restored.


  • Master Vile planned for Rito and Goldar to blow up the Command Center with an implosion device which, once detonated at the base of the Command Center, would cause a chain reaction that would wipe out the Morphing Grid forever.


  • In the simulated past (see "Orb of Doom"), the Shogunzords were able to be operated by the Aquitian Rangers despite the kids' loss of their connection to their powers.


  • The Command Center still had power after the Power Coins had been destroyed.
  • The same day that the Power Coins had been destroyed, the Aquitian Rangers used solely their Battle Borgs, without the help of the Shogunzords.


  • Before summoning the Shogun Megazord (the first time the Shogunzords were used after the destruction of the Power Coins), the Aquitian Rangers combined their energy and then had the Battle Borgs energize.
  • Before leaving for Aquitar with the others to rehydrate, Aurico, impressed by Billy's selflessness, said that Billy and the others were truly brethren, and he was honored to share the power of the Rangers with them; this was after the Power Coins had been destroyed.


  • While the Aquitian Rangers were fighting giant Bratboy with their Battle Borgs, which were weak for some reason, Zordon told the kids and Billy that the Command Center's power level was already strained, but that he would attempt to teleport the kids and Billy, as they had asked.
  • Billy had Alpha teleport himself, the kids, and young Bulk back to the water park, and Alpha did so without being sure he could muster up enough power.


  • Once the villains' dimensional teleporter device was ready, Alpha said the "energy grid" (perhaps the Morphing Grid) showed that Zedd was attempting to teleport someone or something from Aquitar.


  • When the Aquitian Rangers needed help against giant Hydro Hog, Billy used the Falconzord remote to bring in the Falconzord and form the Shogun Megafalconzord; the Falconzord's power source is unknown, as it seemed that the Shogunzords had to be powered by the Aquitian Rangers in order to operate following the coins' destruction.


  • Back in the present, the teens (Tanya not included) and Billy were able to use their communicators to teleport with their old Ranger colors, even though the Power Coins had been destroyed in the past in 336-CEvF.

    MMPR Interactive CD-ROM

  • The Rangers' powers supposedly emanated from the Command Center.

    MMPR: The Movie

  • An unknown time after the Command Center had been ravaged (but immediately after the ooze beings had been destroyed), the Rangers lost power: white electricity began to flow up the Rangers' bodies; Saba vanished in blue energy, then the Rangers' armored suits faded away as the electricity ran along them.
  • Despite Ivan Ooze having been shown only blasting the Command Center's interior, Zordon told the teens that the "Power" (presumably the Morphing Grid) had been destroyed and that the Zords, the weapons, and the Power Rangers themselves were gone.
  • Alpha downloaded the last plasmatic morphing gem into the Command Center's transport core, supplying just enough power to teleport the teens to Phaedos, but none was left to bring them home.
  • After the teens had streaked away, most of the remaining lights in the Command Center shut off.

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