Mountain Blaster Turbozord
- Blue Turbo Ranger's monster truck Turbozord
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First Appearance: 500-TPRM
Last Appearance: 544-CIS1


  • Mountain Blaster, similar in design to a Ford Bigfoot truck, was the Blue Turbo Ranger's Turbozord.
  • Mountain Blaster bore the number two.
  • Mountain Blaster, in Zord size, formed the torso, waist, and upper legs of the Turbo Megazord.


  • At one point, Justin looked out a rear windshield of Mountain Blaster, but his cockpit had no rear windshield.
  • On the tailgate of Mountain Blaster was now "Power 2 Vehicle," while in 500-TPRM, all that had been there was the number two.
  • Mountain Blaster was durable enough to ram into Elgar's evil vehicles without sustaining much, if any, damage.


  • To power the stolen Turbo Megazord with the Phantom's Power Ruby, Porto had a giant battery pack, with the ruby within, mounted on the Megazord's stomach, or the roof of Mountain Blaster.
  • Justin noticed that there was something attached to the "power module"; presumably he was referring to the giant battery pack on Mountain Blaster.


  • Giant Count Nocturn hit the Turbo Megazord's chest (Mountain Blaster) with his sledgehammer, not appearing to cause damage as it appeared the Rescue Megazord's chest (Lightning Fire Tamer) had sustained.
  • Giant Count Nocturn used his drill to damage the Turbo Megazord's hands (Wind Chaser) and begin drilling into its chestplate (Mountain Blaster).
  • Mountain Blaster formed the torso, waist, and upper legs of the Rescue Turbo Megazord.

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