Movie dimension
- dimension in which Sprocket trapped the Zeo Rangers (409-IORS)
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First Appearance: 409-IORS
Last Appearance: 409-IORS


  • Video Vulture, flying over the Rangers, shone a bright beam down on the Rangers, lifting them up and planting them in Prince Sprocket's movie dimension.
  • The waiting room where the Rangers ended up was a room with a black and white checkered floor and some furniture and a TV, but no walls or ceiling, and in all directions was an expansive field in the mountains.
  • Klank spoke to the Rangers through the TV in the waiting room, from the dark gray dimension the Rangers would later be in.
  • When Adam and Tommy tried walking beyond the invisible wall of the room, they ran into a blue force field grid; Adam punched the force field three times, then Tommy punched it once and made the dimension start warping slowly, with a noise, and Klank said he had caused a disruption in the production audio track; Adam stopped the warping by punching it again; finally, Tommy tried shooting the wall with his Zeo Laser Pistol, but it had no effect.
  • Communication between the Power Chamber and the Rangers in the movie dimension was impossible until Billy thought to route their signal through Sprocket's closed-circuit frequency, allowing them to communicate through the waiting room TV.
  • Zordon called the movie dimension Sprocket's back lot.
  • Sprocket had silver Cogs working the sound equipment in his control room.
  • When morphed Tanya held her hand over the antique phone in the waiting room, the receiver jumped up to her hand.
  • Morphed Kat was trying to pour morphed Rocky a glass of water, but the water went up into the pot from the glass.
  • Beyond the "To Set" door in the waiting room was a purple vortex which dropped Tommy and Tanya into the dark gray set; all around them were damaged buildings and dead trees with Christmas lights on them.
  • Zordon agreed with Billy that by significantly altering the course of Sprocket's movie, the Rangers might recover their powers, but there was no evidence of any loss of powers in the movie dimension.
  • There was a sign bearing Japanese writing on the set.
  • When the other Rangers walked up to Tanya and Tommy, they had already spoken with Billy, and they were watching a TV with a speeding bus on it.
  • Some chickens were knocked into a square passageway between the set and the bus's movie world, and the Rangers realized that they could go through it to save the bus.
  • After going through the passageway, the Rangers were then shown riding on horses after the bus.
  • A malfunctioning robot bus driver was at the wheel of the bus; the Rangers managed to save the people on the bus just before the bus drove off a cliff.
  • The steering wheel of the bus was on the right (not left) side.
  • After the Rangers had saved the civilians from the bus, the people vanished, and the Rangers were apparently back in reality, even though their surroundings hadn't changed.
  • Sprocket had wanted the bus to go off the cliff with the Rangers in it.
  • Sprocket, Klank and Orbus, and the Cogs were in "Buldont Studio."
  • The shot clapper in the control room of the studio read, "Scene 3013-6," "Take 1," "Prod. <Japanese writing>," "Dir. Buldont," "Buldont Studio," "Day Nite Date," and "Silent Sound."


  • In this episode, it could be seen that Leaky Faucet had "Buldont State" written on the back of his jacket.

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