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  • On TV one night at 9:00 was The Bride of Hackensack, in which a vampire, a werewolf, a mummy, and a witch teamed up to stop a mad doctor and his evil bride.

    Invasion of Blueface
    - cheezy sci-fi/action movie starring Biff Starr
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  • Famous actor Biff Starr played the costumed hero of the movie Invasion of Blueface; along with his sidekick, the hero fought a train/eye monster, a faucet/horse monster, and a caped jack-o-lantern monster; these monster costumes would be stolen from the movie set and turned into the train monster, Leaky Faucet, and the jack-o-lantern monster.
  • Biff hurt his left pinky when one of the monsters in a fight scene blocked his punch.
  • Biff's sidekick quit, having trained at the Royal Academy, unable to work with "this."
  • Kat, Tanya, and Rocky were extras in the movie; they wore Ranger-colored togas and kept their communicators on their wrists.
  • Lt. Stone was friends with the movie's head of security, and he wanted Bulk and Skull to make a good impression.
  • Skull wanted to find a way to get into the movie to become famous.
  • Biff's sidekick had just gotten a job on a soap opera, so the assistant director hired Rocky to be Biff's sidekick, even though Rocky looked nothing like the previous actor, who was quite a bit shorter and had long black hair.
  • When Cogs arrived to steal the movie's monster costumes, the assistant director dragged the Cogs away, as she said they were needed on the set; the director was quite pleased with the Cog "costumes."
  • While the cameras were rolling, Biff Starr tried to punch the Cogs in the stomach for a fight scene, but they were extremely hard; Rocky smashed the Cogs' fists together, then flipped them both back, before they could punch Biff.
  • The other Cogs stole the three monster costumes that were to be used in the movie.
  • There was a woman in some sort of clown girl costume on the set.
  • Skull was Rocky's fight scene stand-in.

    Star Crossed Lovers
    - romantic movie seen by Space Ranger teens, also apparently remade aboard Terra Venture
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  • In the newspaper Cassie was reading was a full-page ad for the movie Star Crossed Lovers.
  • The tagline for the movie was, "In Love, but Worlds Apart."
  • The movie starred Clark Hammer (note: Clark Gable played Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind) and Vivian O'Hara (note: Vivien Leigh played Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind).
  • The movie credits on the newspaper ad were as follows:
    Production Design: Julie Bolder
    Art Direction: Eric Clemons
    Assistant Art Direction: Michael Kocurek
    Decorator: T.H. Robinson
    Assistant Decorator: John Carolan
    Leadman: Andrew Reens
    Property: Mark Michael
    The aforementioned names and titles were actually credits from the Power Rangers in Space art crew.
  • When Cassie excitedly announced that Star Crossed Lovers was playing in town, Ashley gasped with joy, having wanted to see it, and they insisted that they go see it.


  • Aboard Terra Venture upwards of a year after 643-CTD2, movie star Carolyn Pickets was the star of the movie Star Crossed Lovers (apparently a remake of the classic), but at some point before or during shooting, she was supposedly injured, so lookalike Kendrix Morgan took her place.
  • In a dimly-lit office set with a nighttime city backdrop out the window, Kendrix tossed some papers onto the desk of a guy named Bobby who was working in the office at night.
  • "Bobby," the co-star, had apparently been a student at Angel Grove High in 310-WFAD and also one of Mad Mike's victims in 522-TBTS. (Source: Submitted by Jason Takach)
  • Aloof, Kendrix told Bobby, "Here are the reports you wanted," but the director, probably in his early sixties, told her to play it more friendly, and she did.
  • As Kendrix looked at some folders with her back to Bobby, he approached her and put his hand on her shoulder, and she gasped and flipped him onto the ground, shocking everyone.
  • Kendrix desperately apologized, saying it was a reflex.
  • At an outdoor cafe scene, Kendrix was eating with an older man with black hair when she suddenly got up and saw Bobby talking to a girl on the other side of the area.
  • Kendrix was supposed to go to Bobby, calling him over, but her leg hurt, and she crashed into the waiter, who wore a Hawaiian shirt.
  • On a hillside in the park some time later, the last shot of the movie was preparing to be filmed.
  • The director told Kendrix she had broken the poor boy's heart and would do anything to get his forgiveness, so she was to climb up the hill to Bobby and deliver her line.
  • Bobby, in the same shirt as the cafe scene, was sitting on a rock at a hilltop looking at a red rose when Kendrix called out from below.
  • On repeated takes, Kendrix came up the hill and told Bobby that she loved him, but her leg pain was growing steadily more intense.
  • The slate for the movie had "Star Crossed Lovers" under the Producer line and "Miurhead" under the Director line.
  • On her final take, Kendrix hobbled up the hill limping from her injured left leg; finally reaching the top, Kendrix delivered a moving line: "I love you, Bobby! I always have, and I always will!"
  • The two characters hugged tightly, and the director was astonished, calling it perfect.
  • Kendrix would later idly read a line from her script in which her character said, "Oh, Bobby, I'm gonna miss you so much!"
  • An indeterminate amount of time after the filming of Star Crossed Lovers, Carolyn was on Terra Venture television accepting what looked identical to an Oscar, which she dedicated to Kendrix for teaching her the value of keeping a promise and working hard.

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