Mr. Caplan
- principal of Angel Grove High
Mr. Caplan
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First Appearance: 103-TmWk
Last Appearance: 540-C&TC


  • Mr. Caplan worked at Angel Grove High.
  • Mr. Caplan had brown eyes.
  • Mr. Caplan wore a toupee.
  • After walking off to talk with someone named Mrs. Quagmire, Mr. Caplan returned to find that the mess he'd told the teens to clean up was gone.


  • Mr. Caplan was the principal of Angel Grove High.
  • Mr. Caplan's wig fell into the punch bowl during the food fight at the food festival.
  • Mr. Caplan spent a while cowering behind a table during the food fight.
  • Mr. Caplan didn't stop the food fight until he'd been personally splashed with a bowl-full of punch.
  • Mr. Caplan assigned the five teens to cleaning up the food festival but eventually realized that they hadn't been responsible for the mess.
  • Mr. Caplan laughed after pouring water over his head and saying, "A little hot, but not bad" in reaction to an extremely spicy (and $20) sub Alpha had made.


  • Mr. Caplan had told Skull that Skull was an airhead.


  • Mr. Caplan supervised the rehearsal for the class play of "Rumpelstiltskin."


  • Ten minutes after arriving at school, Kim was supposed to show Mr. Caplan her pep rally plans.


  • Jason, Tommy, and Skull all called Mr. Caplan "Mr. C."
  • Mr. Caplan had thought up the talent show which was held in the Youth Center.


  • Twin Man's evil duplicates of the teens sabotaged a water fountain with soap, covering Mr. Caplan with suds when he went to drink from it; the real teens got detention for the prank.


  • Mr. Caplan attended Power Ranger Day.


  • Mr. Caplan substituted for the absent Miss Appleby; he brought in a live pig as a specimen for his lecture; on the chalkboard at the time was "Freshman Biology."


  • Mr. Caplan was apparently in charge of the Oddball Games; he ended up being knocked into the mud as the blue team lost the tug o' war.


  • Mr. Caplan was still Miss Appleby's substitute.
  • Mr. Caplan passed out after smelling Bulk and Skull, who'd been dumped out of a portable toilet into a dumpster.


  • Mr. Caplan personally handed Bulk and Skull their mid-semester grades, and they were terrible; Mr. Caplan told Bulk and Skull that if they got D's on Monday's huge science test, they'd spend the rest of the year in detention.
  • Miss Appleby was ill the day the tests were ready to be handed back, so Mr. Caplan filled in to personally hand them back.
  • Bulk and Skull got detentions for the rest of the year, apparently in Mr. Caplan's office rather than Miss Appleby's room, for failing their science exams.


  • Mr. Caplan mingled with the parents and students attending Parent's Day in the Youth Center.
  • Mr. Caplan was among the captives from Parent's Day to be returned with no memory of the ordeal after the destruction of Dramole in 150-ROF2.


  • At Parent's Day, Mr. Caplan expected Miss Appleby to stop the food fight which had broken out; she cackled and splattered a pie ontop of Mr. Caplan's head, putting his toupee back ontop of the pie; they both then began laughing and throwing popcorn.


  • Mr. Caplan came out of the computer lab just in time to be accidentally tackled by Bulk; Mr. Caplan gave both him and Skull a week of detention.
  • Wearing sweatclothes, Mr. Caplan read the names of the members of the football team, as if he had some sort of involvement with the team.
  • Mr. Caplan was pleased to discover that Bulk had made the team.


  • Mr. Caplan was one of the people in charge of the motor rally.


  • Zack and Billy tackled the other teens and Mr. Caplan because they thought the "Putties" (which they were hallucinating due to Zedd's spell) were going to attack Mr. Caplan.
  • Mr. Caplan dragged Zack and Billy down the northeastern hall off the main hall for detention.


  • Mr. Caplan organized a club signup day; some of the signups were in the Youth Center, while others were in the (school?) auditorium.
  • Mr. Caplan had accidentally put the wrong location for Kim's club in the school paper, but the members eventually found Kim in the Youth Center.


  • During the Rock of Time's time regression which seemed to make everyone roughly eight years younger, Mr. Caplan had black hair and a black moustache.
  • When young Bulk and Skull told Mr. Caplan about Goldar (a "gold baboon"), Photomare (a "camera monster"), Alpha (a "little red martian" chasing them), and the photograph containing the six kids, Mr. Caplan dragged them off to detention for lying and had them each write an essay on the evils of lying.
  • A bit later, Alpha teleported into the main hallway in Angel Grove High School in front of Mr. Caplan; Mr. Caplan said hello, then Alpha realized he'd teleported to the wrong hallway and vanished.
  • Once time was back to normal, Mr. Caplan asked Bulk and Skull if they were finished with the essays, but neither he nor Bulk and Skull remembered why they were in detention.
  • Mr. Caplan had Bulk and Skull write 100 times on the chalkboard, "Silence is golden, and I will abide by the rules."


  • Mr. Caplan announced to Miss Appleby's class that they had been selected as teen exchange speakers to represent the United States in Australia.


  • Mr. Caplan had invited Rocky's uncle, Joe Haley, to give the Angel Grove High football team some pointers before the Stone Canyon game.


  • The invisible Miss Chief used a love potion to make Mr. Caplan fall in love with Miss Appleby; Finster's antidote later cured him from the spell, at which point he introduced himself to Lt. Stone, with whom he'd been fighting while under the spell.
  • At the Junior Police Ball in the Youth Center, Mr. Caplan danced with a blonde woman of an indeterminate age.


  • The Angel Grove High school song contest was held in the Youth Center and hosted by Mr. Caplan.


  • Valuing Tanya's respect, Shawn told Tanya that he'd given Mr. Caplan the cheat sheet he'd been planning to use for his upcoming algebra exam.


  • Mr. Caplan called Billy into his office, having reviewed Billy's academic record and found an alarming mistake.
  • Mr. Caplan's nameplate on his desk appeared to read, "Principal Kaplan."
  • Due to a computer error, Billy had taken more credit hours than any other student at Angel Grove High and maintained a 4.0 grade point average; Mr. Caplan handed Billy his diploma, saying he'd exceeded Angel Grove High's requirements, even though he still had another year.
  • That same day, Mr. Caplan attended the "Congratulations, Billy!" party in the Youth Center.


  • Mr. Caplan bought a raffle ticket for the silver and turquoise arrowhead from Delmar.


  • Miss Rodriguez, apparently an assistant principal, was in charge of the school while Mr. Caplan was on vacation.


  • Speaking at the teens' graduation, Mr. Caplan gave the following speech: "And for the last four years, I watched you all grow and learn, and it has given me hope that the future of this great nation is secure. I am so proud of all of you, as you should be proud of yourselves."
  • When the graduating three teens noticed that Justin was late, Adam left the ceremony to call Zordon; after learning that Justin was supposed to call if there had been trouble, Adam soon called Kat and Tanya away as well, and they rushed off to take care of an emergency, as they told Mr. Caplan.
  • Stalling for time until Kat returned to give her commencement speech, Mr. Caplan talked about the senior class trip to the botanical gardens, where they'd had a problem with poison ivy, and a trip to the recycling center.


  • Mr. Caplan told Justin in the Youth Center that, based on his test results, he was a prodigy, and as of that fall, he'd be attending Angel Grove High, but numerous instances in the future suggested that Justin and other students attended Angel Grove High during the summer.


  • Miss Appleby had told Mr. Caplan that Cassie wanted to take an upcoming major test at a later time, as she'd been "very busy with other interests", but Mr. Caplan made her take the test as scheduled.


  • When Mr. Caplan caught Bulk and Skull in Angel Grove High (hunting Carlos), he told them he thought they'd graduated, and they nodded affirmatively, but he sent them to detention.

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