Mr. WIlton
- teacher at Angel Grove High
Mr. WIlton
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Full Name: Wilbur Wilton (310-WFAD)
First Appearance: 310-WFAD
Last Appearance: 338-Bulk


  • Mr. Wilton participated in the "Teacher for a Day" program where a student and teacher traded places for a day; he switched places with Rocky.
  • As Mr. Wilton entered the Youth Center, Tommy and Billy both recognized Mr. Wilton and were intimidated by him; Adam said his science classes were brutal and that he was really strict.
  • Mr. Wilton thought it would be intriguing to see if he could fit in as a modern-day teenager.
  • Mr. Wilton loaned Rocky his teacher edition books to help with his teaching.
  • Mr. Wilton told Rocky that discipline was absolutely essential for a teacher to maintain order and that students wouldn't respect him unless he were very tough; Mr. Wilton then, while gesturing, inadvertently smashed his fist through the board Billy was to break for his karate training.
  • Mr. Wilton reminded Adam, Billy, and Tommy that they would have to treat his just as they treated Rocky, for the experiment to work.
  • One of the teacher's edition textbooks Mr. Wilton gave Rocky was "Modern Physics."
  • One of the classes that Rocky taught for Mr. Wilton was a chemistry class in which Adam and Tommy were lab partners.
  • During the day of "Teacher for a Day," Mr. Wilton wore a red t-shirt with jeans, as though he were duplicating Rocky's wardrobe.
  • Mr. Wilton's first name was apparently Wilbur.
  • Mr. Wilton was enthusiastically answering all of the questions from the textbook during history class.
  • When Billy softly told him to lighten up, Mr. Wilton sternly told Billy to stop talking in class, and threatened him with detention.
  • The history teacher sent Mr. Wilton to the principal's office for the rest of the period for disrupting class, probably multiple times.
  • After school, Mr. Wilton was depressed in the park when Rocky came along; Mr. Wilton hadn't realized how hard it was to be a teenager these days.
  • Mr. Wilton seemed amused by Rocky's story of forgetting his books and making a disaster area of the lab.
  • Rocky invited Mr. Wilton to the Youth Center, and Mr. Wilton said he'd be along in a minute.
  • Mr. Wilton was attacked by the Tengas when they mistook him for Rocky.
  • Just after Rocky had left the area, the Red Ninja Ranger arrived to protect Mr. Wilton from the Tengas.
  • Rito planned to turn the Ninja Rangers into monsters, but since he had Zedd's staff pointed the wrong way, its energy turned Mr. Wilton into a monster (Marvo the Meanie) instead.
  • A translucent Mr. Wilton head could be seen briefly in Marvo's stomach, calling out for the Rangers' help.
  • The Ape Ninjazord's linked swords made giant Marvo fall over, shrink, and turn back into Mr. Wilton.
  • White Ranger called Mr. Wilton by name.
  • Later, Mr. Wilton had become popular with the teenagers because of his experience with the Rangers.
  • Mr. Wilton had learned than being a teenager was very difficult, and that he should be more understanding.
  • Upon discovering that Bulk and Skull had taken the teacher's books from Rocky (thinking Rocky was using them to cheat), Mr. Wilton was furious, saying they could have ruined the experiment; he angrily broke another board in the Youth Center.
  • Skull fearfully told Mr. Wilton that they'd see him in class.


  • Rocky and Alan were lab partners in Mr. Wilton's chemistry class; in the same class, Aisha and Billy were also partners.
  • To quiet down his conversing students and begin class, Mr. Wilton merrily told them, "Enough chatter, everyone. Let's don those goggles and begin mixing," a tremendous change in his personality.
  • Mr. Wilton was the teacher (or at least one of the teachers) of the chemistry class which used the often-seen textbook entitled Modern Chemistry.
  • Mr. Wilton told Alan that until he could get his grades up, he was going to suggest that the coach suspend Alan from the football team; when Rocky offered to help Alan study, Mr. Wilton agreed not to say anything to the coach if he could see that Alan was making an extra effort.


  • In the simulated past (see "Orb of Doom"), Mr. Wilton chaperoned the five kids to Splash City; Billy, posing as young Tommy's "Uncle William," was also a chaperon.

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