- lost volcanic island inside Nemesis Triangle; former prison of Maligore
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First Appearance: 500-TPRM
Last Appearance: 500-TPRM
Pictures: Muiranthias (shown at right), demonic volcano, Serpent's Temple
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  • Elgar referred to Lerigot's Golden Key as the key to the island of Muiranthias.
  • After receiving Divatox's ultimatum that they surrender Lerigot, Zordon believed that Divatox planned "to use Lerigot and his Golden Key to pass through the treacherous Nemesis Triangle into another dimension," and that once there she would "likely travel to the lost island of Muiranthias and attempt to join forces with an evil creature named Maligore, at which point not even the Zords (presumably the Zeozords, Super Zeozords, etc.) would be able to stop them.
  • The Turbozords which the teens created would allow them to pass safely through the Nemesis Triangle to rescue their friends from Muiranthias.
  • Communication between the Rangers and the Power Chamber was impossible while the Rangers were inside the Nemesis Triangle.
  • In the Power Chamber, Zordon told the Rangers to take their Turbozords across the "great desert" to the sea; there they would find the Ghost Galleon, a phantom ship which would take them and their Zords to the Nemesis Triangle.
  • The Nemesis Triangle was apparently in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Zordon said the combined power of the Rangers' keys and the galleon would see them safely through the Nemesis Triangle.
  • Alpha said the Rangers had to merge the power of their keys at the moment they crossed the Nemesis Triangle.
  • It's unknown why Divatox didn't merely teleport the subcraft closer to the Nemesis Triangle rather than wasting at least a day traveling by sea.
  • There were reefs at the ocean bottom near the Nemesis Triangle which caused Divatox to have the subcraft ascend.
  • The Nemesis Triangle, shown as the Ghost Galleon approached, was a wall of dark blue dense cloudy material, with a stormy sky above, lightning all around.
  • On Divatox's subcraft, warriors were being shaken up, and there were flashes of light in the sub, both on the bridge and in the bilge.
  • Underwater, the barrier of the Nemesis Triangle was a rippling wall of reflective material.
  • Purring in tones with his eyes closed, Lerigot unleashed gold sparkles of energy from the Golden Key, sparkles which flowed from the subcraft's exterior into the wall of the Nemesis Triangle, and the subcraft freely passed through with flickering light around its edges at the points of entry; this scene was confirmed by the flashback in 501-SIT1.
  • Lightning bolts struck the masts of the Ghost Galleon as it approached the triangle.
  • When the teens held their keys toward the center of their circular group, Ranger-colored light glowed from each key's blade, and the teens seemed to have trouble holding them steady; an orange burst of light then flung the teens back, and the galleon passed through the rippling, translucent, dark blue wall of the Nemesis Triangle.
  • In the crow's nest some time later, Justin used a pair of black binoculars to spot Muiranthias.
  • As the Ghost Galleon approached Muiranthias, Adam told the others that Zordon had said Maligore's volcano was inside the Serpent's Temple, but Zordon hadn't mentioned anything about a volcano or a Serpent's Temple in the Power Chamber.
  • The Malachians were savage tribal warriors who inhabited the island of Muiranthias; according to Divatox, they were the guardians of Maligore.
  • Far off in the distance behind the Ghost Galleon as it approached Muiranthias appeared to be another island.
  • Above or near the sealed doorway leading into Maligore's temple was a mountain in the shape of a large sinister-looking monster face.
  • Outside the temple, Divatox let Lerigot out of his cage and removed the mind blocker on him, then gave him the Golden Key, which he used to unlock the door to the temple with a swirl of golden energy specks, despite Yara's protests.
  • Divatox took the Golden Key back after the temple had been unlocked.
  • The unlocked door to the temple swung open when Divatox pushed it.
  • The temple was adorned with steaming jugs of human skulls; Divatox and crew entered through a giant stone cobra doorway, and there was a flaming lava pit in the center of the temple.
  • Divatox commented on how much she liked the temple's interior, as though she hadn't seen it before.
  • Justin, leading the Rangers, found an open cave entrance to the temple, making Lerigot's unlocking of the front door for Divatox completely unnecessary.
  • Somewhere on Muiranthias, a volcano began to erupt just before Maligore broke out of the temple.
  • The Rangers took the Turbozords to a clearing (a large, flat plains area surrounded by mountains), where they fought giant Maligore with the Turbo Megazord.
  • The exhaust trail of a jet was visible in the sky above Muiranthias as the Turbo Megazord destroyed giant Maligore.
  • The volcano continued to erupt after Maligore had been destroyed.


  • Elgar, steaming as he attended Divatox's gathering of villains some time later, said he was still a little crispy from the Pit of Eternal Fire.

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