- mutated lifeforms (particularly humanoid), apparently not synonymous with "monsters"
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  • The transformed Putties into Ranger lookalikes known as "Mutant Rangers," individually called "<Color> Mutant."


  • Calling his monster wedding guests closer to him, Lord Zedd fondly told them, "You monsters are like mutant sons to me," saying they were all like one big evil family.


  • During Rita and Zedd's wedding, Squatt served as the "mutant of dishonor."


  • When Master Vile's plot to blow up the Command Center was foiled, Zedd disparagingly remarked Vile was merely a mutant after all.
  • The Aquitians referred to Vile's assortment of monsters (Professor Longnose, Crabby Cabbie, a green monster, See Monster, and Brick Bully) as mutants; Corcus remarked he had never seen so many in one common area.
  • Master Vile and crew, meanwhile, had referred to the aforementioned assortment strictly as "monsters."


  • Aurico addressed Slotsky as a monster.


  • Delphine and Aurico addressed Bratboy as a monster.


  • Disgusted with Elgar's incompetence, Rygog remarked, "Never send a moron to do a mutant's job!"


  • Divatox referred to Elgar as a mutant; he would refer to himself as such at several points in the future.


  • Engaging Terrortooth, Blue Senturion declared, "The Blue Senturion always gets his man. Or in this case, monster."


  • Griller referred to himself as a monster; Wicked Wisher (531-BTTW) and Goldgoyle (544-CIS1) would do the same.


  • Blue Senturion referred to Shrinkasect as a mutant.


  • Surprised by the arrival of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Electrotramp uttered, "Mutants...?" to which the Turtles replied he'd at least gotten that part right.


  • At the Onyx Tavern were numerous human-like tough guys, but each having a facial mutation of some sort.  Click for picture


  • In the Onyx Tavern, a crowd of monsters and some humanoids had gathered for an auction; the auctioneer was a bearded bald man with bone spikes in his head, dressed in a Victorian nobleman outfit; his assistant, a pale woman with purple hair in a red dress, held an item up for bid.
  • Among the crowd were humanoid women, some as mutated as the males.


  • At least before any major changes to the timestream, Millennium City, a metropolis on Earth in the year 3000, was populated by mutants, humans, and aliens.
  • Alex noted to Jen that now that Ransik and his "gang of mutants" were put away for good, they would have a little more time to spend together.
  • Members of various alien races were in attendance at the trial of Ransik, such as, on the back row of the courtroom, a purpley-pink haired female, of a similiar mutant look to the auctioneer's assistant from 732-PQsS.
  • Mutant prisoners being prepared for Cryogenic Detainment were bound in with chains and rope shackles.
  • Mutant prisoners were shrunk in the Reanimator, stuck in Chrono-Capsules, and placed in a locked cold storage compartment within the same room.

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