- bratty mutant villainess from the year 3000; daughter of Ransik
First Appearance: 901-Fut1
Last Appearance: 1025-RFF2
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-   According to narration, peace and justice reign a thousand years in the future. Thanks to the brave legion of the Time Force Police, the streets had been cleared of every criminal, except for Ransik.
-   Nadira's identity was public knowledge, though she wasn't initially considered a criminal, possibly because of a previous lack of involvement with her father's gang.
-   At his trial, Ransik looked around the courtroom and spotted Nadira, a young woman sitting at one of the tables, wearing a black leather coat and a rather large black leather hat. She had bright pink hair, with matching lipstick, and a line of similarly colored gems over her right eye.
-   Ransik and his daughter made visual contact, as she smiled at him and wiggled her eyebrows slyly in acknowledgment.
-   Following the guilty verdict, Nadira appeared annoyed by the overjoyed tone of the crowd, as she rose from her seat, and glared angrily at the people, giving a nod to her father, who watched with a cocky smile as she departed.
-   That night, having brought a halt to the prison transport convoy, Nadira laid in the middle of the road, feigning unconsciousness. Katie & Trip dismounted their Patrol Cycles, and rushed toward her.
-   They crouched by Nadira's side, and touched her to check her condition. She rolled onto her back, eyes closed. Trip, not recognizing her, waved his arms while screaming out to Lucas, "Call for an ambulance!"
-   He failed to notice the woman's hand springing to life, her pink colored fingernails suddenly extending outwards, forming into one quite long and sharp blade claw.
-   She quickly opened her eyes, and Katie & Trip gasped in shock, just before Nadira slashed her nail-blades across both of their chests. They were knocked to the ground by a sparkily explosion resulting from the attack to their persons, both taken down instantly.
-   Nadira stood up, holding her white gloved fingernail-bladed hand upward. She suddenly grabbed her black leather coat, and ripped it off, taking not only her whole outfit with it, but her whole appearance as well! All that remained the same when she finished switching back to her true form, was her face and hair color, as she was now wearing her usual costume.
-   Her costume was a white leather outfit, with gold chains around her exposed midriff, black elbowed gloves, pink highlights on her shoulder-pads, a small cape, and a helmet headpiece which kept her pink hair encased and held upward to a point.
-   Nadira grinned maliciously, and quipped to the stunned pair of TF Officers, "You'll be the ones needing an ambulance!"
-   As the hoverchopper zipped around the skies, aiming its huge floodlight down on the area, Lucas navigated the transport truck around Nadira. She just stood there, with the unconscious Trip & Katie at her feet, and their abandoned Cycles parked behind, all of which the massive truck narrowly avoided smashing into.
-   Following the crash of the transport truck, Nadira anxiously hopped in front of Frax, causing the robot assistant to bow before her and state humbly, "After you, Nadira!" She giggled as she headed toward her father.
-   Nadira skipped up and down past the robot, and once at Ransik's side, she tittered girlishly, "Ohh, Daddy! I need a new dress! This one got filthy from lying on the street!" She showed him the golden blouse she was wearing under the black-leather coat earlier, before casting it aside into the burning remains of the transport truck.
-   Ransik's evil mood shifted to fatherly for a moment, as he promised her softly, "Anything you want, my dear. Hahahaha! HAHAHAHAHA!" Nadira smiled and took his arm, as they headed off towards the hoverchopper.
-   Their journey was cut short by the sound of debris being shoved aside by Jen, who crawled out of the wreckage with her Chrono-Blaster in hand.
-   After Jen passed out, Ransik put his arm around his daughter, and continued heading for their getaway vehicle.
-   A few hours later, inside the Cryogenic Detainment Tower of Funaro Maximum Security Prison, just before the guard at a control panel could Chrono-Freeze Gluto, he was suddenly suddenly struck from behind by a pink boltblast from Nadira's Chrono-Blaster.
-   The other guards turned around and gasped in stunned recognition, "Huh?! Nadira!", to which she replied with a high pitched wailing laugh, another guard she took out seen lying on the floor nearby.
-   The only two remaining guards fire their large bazookoids, with blue & gold concussive laser bursts. Nadira spun around, deflecting the attack with her whipped up cape, before returning fire with her Blaster, shooting down both guards instantly.
-   Nadira proceeded to walk across the room, when she noticed one of the guards awakening, reaching for the center console. He groaned loudly, but managed to hit the alarm alert button, just before Nadira was able to shoot him in the back. The sirens blared, sending a distress call to TF HQ, making her growl in frustration.
-   The guards were neither seen, nor mentioned again, their possibly dead bodies disposed of offscreen.
-   Nadira activated the control panel for the Reanimator, causing it to open. She at first had an evil smirk on her face, which faded quickly when she discovered she'd saved such a gross and bumblingmutant as Gluto.
-   After Gluto stepped out of the mist-filled chamber, he knew Nadira by name, and happily pledged his eternal loyalty to her for saving him.
-   Nadira slapped Gluto's large mouth in frustration, and screamed "Whatever!" in a tantrum, becoming disgusted as she shook the germs off her hands from touching him.
-   As Trip began to recieve a psychic vision, images of Nadira started to flash in his head.
-   Nadira left Gluto (now lacking chain-cuffs) standing in the chamber, and strutted over to him, whining, "Let's get out of here, daddy. It's so depressing!" Ransik chuckled, then leaned in and gave her a quick peck on the lips, informing her they would very soon.
-   Ransik mentioned to his excited daughter, "The future, will be all ours... or should I say, the past?"
-   Nadira, Frax, and Ransik watched the Red Ranger's journey up the stairs to the prison on the Holoscreen.
-   Nadira was in the Cryogenic Detainment Tower of Funaro Maximum Security Prison when it warped out of the year 3000 through a time hole.

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