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First Appearance: 544-CIS1
Last Appearance: (General Norquist) 630-DSR2, (NASADA) 1034-FRed
Pictures: General Norquist, NASADA sign (shown at right), experimental shuttle, NASADA astronaut
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  • On the TV was a news broadcast of the landing of a specially-equipped NASADA space shuttle, its mission coming to a successful end.
  • The voices announcing the landing were announcing the landing after the shuttle seemed to have already touched down onto the runway.
  • Live at mission control, a reporter interviewed General Norquist, mission control commander for NASADA.
  • General Norquist looked quite similar to Mr. Peabody, the man in charge of props at the stunt show in the Angel Grove Amusement Park in 510-GlHa.
  • Norquist said the mission had been a complete success, and that their next goal was longer-range exploration of space; "but first," he added, "the astronauts will need--", and the rest of his comment could not be heard.
  • NASADA's logo featured a drawing of the Astro Megashuttle, with the Space Rangers' rectangle emblem drawn on its side.
  • The shuttle shown in the live landing did not at all resemble the design of the Astro Megashuttle, which was far shorter and more rectangular.


  • With the Power Chamber and their Turbo powers gone, the teens needed to go to the Cimmerian planet to rescue Zordon and prevent Divatox from ever returning to Earth; after Alpha had unearthed from the Power Chamber's rubble a black box containing secret codes they would need, Justin apparently thought of NASADA.
  • While the other teens and Alpha hid in the bushes nearby, Justin sneaked past security guards into NASADA, behind the car of a man driving in to see Colonel Walsh, after the guards hadn't let him in to speak to the commander.
  • Justin sneaked into Mission Control; just inside the security-locked glass doors, which Justin entered before they could close behind a scientist entering, was a display of model rockets.
  • As the guards were dragging Justin out of the mission control room, Justin got General Norquist's attention by shouting that he had a message from the Power Rangers.
  • Norquist referred to himself as Commander Norquist.
  • Justin, dirty and wearing tattered clothes, told Norquist the Power Rangers needed his help, and after Norquist asked what they needed, Justin replied, "the space shuttle," causing the guards to chuckle; this was the same day as the news coverage of the shuttle landing, implying that the shuttle that had landed earlier that day and the Megashuttle were the same, despite the gross inconsistency of their two designs.
  • Justin thought to whisper something into Norquist's ear, after which Norquist exclaimed, "Eltar!" and asked when the Rangers needed it; Justin replied right now, and Norquist accepted, causing his two fellow directors or scientists to look at each other, dumbfounded.
  • Soon afterward, Norquist told Justin that the shuttle was set to take the Rangers to Eltar, as Justin had requested, but the teens had earlier intended to go to the Cimmerian planet.
  • The Megashuttle was shown inside a hangar, ready for launch; if this was supposed to be the same shuttle as had landed earlier that day, it's unknown how a shuttle could be prepared for another launch in such a short time.
  • A launch supervisor's voice said to prepare to switch all systems to computer control.
  • The four unmorphed teens, dirty and wearing tattered clothes like Justin, with at least some of NASADA's staff knowing they were the Power Rangers, entered the shuttle's hangar with Alpha and then went into the shuttle using a gantryway; inside the hangar had been numerous cameras feeding into mission control.
  • The Megashuttle was supposed to be inside a hangar, but it was outside, with buildings seen nearby, when the four teens and Alpha entered the shuttle from the gantry; once the teens and Alpha were in the passenger room of the shuttle, the shuttle rose up out of its hangar to prepare for launch.
  • The Megashuttle lifted off with the aid of booster rockets which would later be used as the Astro Megazord Blaster.


  • The Megashuttle was actually able to link up with the Red Space Ranger's Astro Megaship to form the Astro Megazord, with the help of the black box Alpha had salvaged from the Power Chamber; how NASADA had built or obtained an alien Megazord component is unknown, but Alpha explained that it was all part of Zordon's master plan.


  • One night weeks after the ex-Turbo Ranger teens' departure from NASADA in the Megashuttle, the Astro Megaship came to Earth orbit, and the five Space Rangers flew the Megashuttle from it, down to NASADA in hopes of obtaining much-needed equipment to prepare the Megaship for their long-distance journeys to search for Zordon.
  • The next day, the teens bought the last of their needed Megaship parts from Angel Grove Electronics, which was having a sale all week on computer components.
  • After the teens were attacked by Quantrons in town, Andros called DECA after they'd morphed, telling her to position the shuttle for launch and evacuate the NASADA buildings; the Rangers then ran off, and the shuttle emerged from its holding bay at NASADA.
  • Professor Phenomenus stopped his RV outside a NASADA guard booth, and Bulk and Skull assumed he'd brilliantly stopped there because of their top-secret alien spacecraft or their satellites and telescopes the size of cannons, but he had actually stopped because of a flat tire.
  • Three Quantrons appeared nearby, apparently in the effort to infiltrate NASADA.
  • Somewhere on NASADA premises near a giant satellite dish and the Megashuttle launch bay, Ecliptor confronted the Rangers.
  • While Ecliptor fought the Rangers at NASADA, a light blue energy beam shot down from the bottom of the Dark Fortress, destroying large portions of NASADA, including a hangar containing a helicopter.
  • As NASADA was exploding all over, Alpha told the Rangers they had to hurry and save the shuttle, and they ran from approaching explosions behind them and took an elevator with an "INET" logo above it.
  • The elevator oddly took the Rangers down to the shuttle rather than up.
  • The Rangers entered a passenger room of the shuttle through a door with INET logos on it.
  • The shuttle lifted off just in time to avoid a huge explosion below.


  • Flying a Velocifighter, Elgar shot down a NASADA satellite he'd been looking for, making it crash onto the planet Kalderon; Astronema had him go after the satellite to make sure it was destroyed because of the information it had gathered.
  • NASADA sent the Rangers an encrypted (meaning top secret) video transmission from Commander Norquist.
  • Norquist's transmission told the Rangers that if they could hear him, NASADA needed their help.
  • The satellite's last images showed the satellite being blasted, from an external view.
  • The information the satellite had gathered was invaluable to the space program; if the Rangers could retrieve the data discs, it would mean that eight years of scientific study would not have been wasted.
  • NASADA currently had no spacecraft to make the journey (perhaps due to the recent destruction caused by the Dark Fortress), and the Rangers were their only hope.
  • The teens found the satellite; when the disc drive of the satellite was opened, one of the four discs was burnt on one side.
  • From the Megaship bridge some time later, the morphed Rangers transmitted the data from the three undamaged discs.
  • Norquist, now with a team of scientists, thanked the Rangers but was sorry the discs had been of no help to the Rangers; Red Ranger agreed with the sentiment but said they'd find what they were looking for someday, and Norquist wished them good luck before the transmission ended.


  • On or just in front of his bedroom wall in his new house, Justin had something with a NASADA sign on it.


  • The day after spotting an enormous asteroid headed for Earth, Professor Phenomenus waited in his RV with Bulk and Skull behind some bushes near the entrance to NASADA.
  • After two black NASADA Jeeps and a black military personnel vehicle had driven into NASADA, a silver car with General Norquist reading "classified" and "top secret" documents in the back seat drove out down a dirt road after Norquist was saluted by two guards, but the car was immediately blocked by the Professor's RV.
  • The car's driver, in camouflage fatigues, and the two uniformed guards held the three back as the Professor shouted about having to see the commander, and as Bulk and Skull shouted about a national - no, world - emergency, Norquist curiously got out and asked about the emergency.
  • The Professor said there was an asteroid heading straight for Earth, but Norquist seemed skeptical.
  • Soon, Norquist sent a message to the Rangers telling them of the asteroid heading for Earth, saying they were the only ones who could stop it, and pleading for them to help if they could hear the message.
  • A crowd was gathered somewhere outside at NASADA, clamoring to ask questions to Norquist, who was at a press conference; behind him was apparently the same sign as had been behind him during his transmission to the Rangers.
  • Norquist addressed the people:
    "Please! People of Angel Grove and the world, I have troubling news. A large asteroid is on a collision course with Earth. (people are slightly alarmed) Every country in the world has been alerted. We are doing everything we can and exploring every means possible to avert this catastrophe, a catastrophe just like the one that happened to our planet 65 million years ago. An asteroid of this size, traveling at this speed, hit Earth with devastating effect. The impact formed a cloud of dust and water that covered the entire planet, shutting out nearly all of the sunlight necessary to sustain life. Many plant species died, and scientists believe this may have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs."
  • Following Norquist's announcement, the crowd began to panic, and people began to flee the area.
  • Soon, people were running everywhere in panic, and military personnel were trotting alongside the personnel truck at NASADA, with the Professor, Bulk, and Skull trotting behind them before the three stopped.
  • The Professor saw a sign pointing to a restricted area where an experimental spacecraft was located, and when a loudspeaker called all guards to report to area C, making two uniformed guards leave, the three went to the experimental spacecraft area.
  • The Professor soon beheld the large Saturn V-like rocket (with "United States" on the side) on a launchpad nearby and planned to blast off into space before the asteroid hit.
  • The Professor, Bulk, and Skull got into the rocket from its gantry, and the rocket quickly lifted off.


  • Soon, the roar of the asteroid in the sky overhead was deafening to the crowd of military personnel, reporters, and scientists outside NASADA, as well as people in the streets.
  • As the asteroid flew overhead and left, its course having been changed, people cheered, and Norquist was equally elated.
  • In the desert, the Professor, Bulk, and Skull had crashed their rocket but had survived the crash unharmed, thinking they were on an alien planet.


  • Probably months after 639-Ghst, an astronaut with a reflective helmet (actually a disguised Darkonda) amidst wreckage scattered across an alien desert tried to contact NASADA for help, saying they'd crash-landed on the planet Forza and couldn't survive much longer; receiving the transmission, the Rangers flew in to help.
  • For Darkonda's ruse to be believable for the Rangers, NASADA had to have been conducting interstellar voyages at the time.


  • The last shuttle flight from Earth (apparently Angel Grove) to Terra Venture, and presumably all those before it, was a space shuttle looking identical to real NASA/NASADA space shuttles, but which functioned like a passenger jet capable of flying into space.


  • A white building associated with the GSA administration building on Terra Venture had a white halfpipe-shaped walkway bridge coming out of its second floor, much like the one shown at NASADA's mission control center in 545-CIS2.


  • The white halfpipe building (associated with NASADA in Angel Grove and the GSA on Terra Venture) would be seen several times in downtown Mariner Bay.

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