Native Americans
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  • When young Tommy arrived in a Native American tribe in an unknown time period on his Zeo Quest and told a woman he was looking for a big, shiny rock, she silently pointed him to a falcon (what Tommy thought was a hawk) in the sky, three times, and then sent him on his way.
  • True of Heart brought young Tommy to a place up the mountain where crude drawings were on a rock wall; pointing to the drawings, True of Heart recounted to young Tommy the tale told by his people for generations: "'A stranger will come,' so the story goes (pointing to drawing of a person with long black ponytailed hair). 'He shall come in search of the light,' symbolized by rock (points to sun and mountains, drawn close together). 'A crystal (points to drawing of red Zeo Subcrystal), pure in power.' (points to crude drawing of Zeo Ranger Five's helmet) Are you the one?"
  • After young Tommy had responded that he was looking for the crystal, True of Heart smiled and walked away chuckling.
  • To the right of the Zeo Ranger Five helmet was a drawing of Lord Zedd's staff, with arrows flying between the helmet and staff; to the right of that was what looked like a cluster of three teepees.

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