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  • An article in the Angel Grove Clarion reported, "And because of their contributions to justice and their unending effort to protect the entire planet, Angel Grove city officials have declared today 'Power Ranger Day.'"; "Mayor Carrington hopes that the mysterious superheroes will make a public appearance in Angel Grove Park, where countless fans will be gathered to celebrate them."


  • Under the "News in Brief" column in the Angel Grove Gazette was a headline from Angel Grove: "Three Local Teens Chosen For World Peace Summit"; the article, nearly identical to a TV reporter's story, read, "Out of thousands of entrants, three local students were chosen today to attent the World Peace Summit in Switzerland. Hunger, poverty, and cultural barriers are among the topics on a very busy agenda for these young people. They will be visited by scientists, politicians, and..."; this passage was repeated multiple times in the same article, simply to fill space.


  • The headline on the Angel Grove Gazette was "World Famous Coach Gunthar Schmidt Arrives in Angel Grove Today."


  • Bulk and Skull were paperboys, with Skull driving the patrol bike, and Bulk throwing papers.
  • A man from the Angel Grove Gazette fired Bulk and Skull because (although they claimed not to have missed a house in two weeks, they were always early, they were very good, and their customers loved them) they hadn't made their customers pay anything.


  • The day after seeing the Dark Fortress in the night sky, Bulk read about Professor Phenomenus, an expert on aliens, in the newspaper.


  • Cassie was reading a newspaper, apparently the Angel Grove Gazette, on the Megaship when she saw the full-page ad for the movie Star Crossed Lovers.


  • The day after Vypra's theft of the yellow Starlight Crystal from a highly secured lab, the Mariner Bay Herald gave a giant headline, "Fourth Starlight Crystal Stolen," showing a full-width photo of the yellow crystal (looking green in the blue light).


  • As the teens arrived in the Rescue Rover during a monster attack, a photographer snapped photos and continued as the teens rushed into action as rescue personnel, Carter and Joel manning fire hoses as the others located injured civilians in the rubble.
  • Holding a prone little girl suffering from smoke inhalation, Dana rushed her toward an ambulance nearby, the photographer snapping photos continuously as she passed him.
  • The next day's edition of the Mariner Bay Herald featured the photo of Dana holding the injured girl in her arms on the cover.

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