Ninja Megazord/Megafalconzord
- Megazord formed by combination of five or six Ninjazords
Ninja Megafalconzord
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First Appearance: 306-NjQ3
Last Appearance: 332-TSOD
Pictures: Ninja Megazord, Ninja Megazord cockpit, Ninja Megafalconzord (shown at right)


  • The Falconzord locked onto the back of the flying Ninja Megazord with blue energy to form the Ninja Megafalconzord.


  • The Ninja Megazord assembly was as follows: the Crane transforms, the Bear and Frog fly into the air and transform, the Crane, Ape, and Wolf simultaneously link with the Bear (which now has the rod from beneath its neck in its mouth), then the hands went over the Ape and Wolf heads, then the upper body linked with the frog.
  • Once the Ninja Megazord was complete, it posed in front of a fiery orange background with the drawings of the ape, crane, wolf, bear, and frog.
  • In front of a red and blue streaking background, the Ninja Megazord's Wolf arm punched giant Rito, flashing briefly with a picture of a wolf's head, knocking Rito's flamethrower off, then the Ape punched, flashing briefly with a picture of an ape's head, sending Rito flying back from a wave of blue energy at the point of contact.
  • The Ninja Megazord's power punch didn't destroy giant Rito.
  • The Ninja Megafalconzord spun around in midair with a kick, knocking giant Rito out of the air.
  • As the Ninja Megafalconzord flew down toward giant Rito, the Falconzord's wings glowed with white energy, then the Ape and Wolf fists glowed with red and blue energy respectively; the flashing Wolf and Ape were shown, then the glowing fists slammed into Rito with a bluish-white energy barrier as before; this power punch did seem to destroy him, even though he then retreated from the explosion as a black cloud.
  • The Ninja Megafalconzord's Wolf/Ape power punch, immediately after giant Ninjor's energy blast, destroyed giant Vampirus.


  • During the Ninja Megazord assembly, the Ape's and Wolf's gloves would often be shown attaching in the wrong order, after they had already been shown on the assembling Megazord.
  • The Megazord's cockpit was shown for the first time; it did have seats for the Rangers, with the possible exception of the White Ranger, who appeared to remain standing, between the seated Blue and Black Rangers in the back row of the cockpit.
  • The Ninja Megafalconzord's Wolf/Ape power punch destroyed giant Artistmole.


  • The Ninja Megazord's cockpit was in its head, a part of the Crane.
  • The five Rangers were shown taking their places in the Megazord cockpit by rising up from below; at first they were facing toward the right (looking into the cockpit) but then turned to face forward as they rose.
  • The Megazord cockpit didn't appear to have seats.
  • When White Ranger took his place in the Ninja Megafalconzord cockpit, he also rose up from below and turned from the right (looking toward the cockpit) to face forward.
  • The Ninja Megafalconzord's Wolf/Ape power punch destroyed giant Lanterra.


  • When the Ninja Megafalconzord dove down at giant Marvo the Meanie with charged fists, only the Ape flashed and struck him, striking multiple times.
  • One he had decided to combat Marvo alone, Red Ranger turned around to face the rear of the cockpit and then sank down through the floor; the Ape glowed red and detached from the Megafalconzord to personally fight Marvo.
  • The Ninja Megazord's Ape/Wolf power punch destroyed the giant Centiback immediately after giant Ninjor in battle mode had performed a powered-up slash on the monster with his blade.


  • The Ninja Megafalconzord's Ape/Wolf power punch didn't destroy giant Face Stealer.
  • To form the Ninja Ultrazord, the Ninja Megafalconzord descended onto Titanus's back as the Megadragonzord had done.
  • As the Ninja Megafalconzord descended to merge with Titanus, its legs bore the stickers from the U.S. toy rather than its normal designs: the pentagon symbols now contained N's rather than J's, and lightning bolt symbols had been added.


  • The Ninja Megafalconzord's Wolf/Ape power punch destroyed giant Miss Chief.
  • Just after the Ninja Megafalconzord had destroyed giant Miss Chief, White Ranger was shown in the Falconzord cockpit rather than in the main cockpit with the other Rangers.


  • The Ninja Megazord Wolf/Ape power punch knocked off giant Rito's flamethrower and sent him flying back, at which point he returned to the moon.
  • Giant Ninjor's energy ball, followed by the Ninja Megafalconzord's power punch (no flashing Wolf or Ape faces), destroyed the giant cat monster.


  • The Shogun Megazord cockpit's design was quite similar to the Ninja Megazord's, but with the Rangers in different positions in the cockpit, along with other slight differences.


  • In the Shogun Megazord cockpit, morphed Billy installed the Falconzord remote, allowing the Rangers to form and pilot the Ninja Megazord by remote.


  • The Ninja Megazord cockpit could be seen to have the same wall symbols for the Black, Pink, Blue, and Yellow Rangers as the Shogun Megazord cockpit had.
  • The Ninja Megafalconzord's Wolf/Ape power punch made giant Globbor explode, but he soon rose from the flames.
  • The Rangers, perhaps using the Falconzord remote, were able to control the Shogun Megazord remotely from the Ninja Megazord. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")
  • When the Rangers stopped defending themselves so that they wouldn't hurt Ninjor, giant Ninjor-Globbor pummeled the Zords until the Rangers were ejected and the Zords fell over, at which point the Ninja Megazord and Falconzord split up; Billy was pessimistic about their functioning again after taking such a beating.


  • To switch from the Ninja Megazord to the Falconzord, which wasn't currently docked with the Megazord, White Ranger turned left to face the rear and sank into the floor.
  • After being hit by the Shogun Megafalconzord's blasts and, soon afterward, the Ninja Megafalconzord's Wolf/Ape power punch, giant Master Vile laughed, then, while holding his chest, swore to return, and he then teleported away laughing.


  • Initially facing the rear of the Shogun Megazord cockpit, the six Rangers turned around (toward their rights), and then, facing forward, the Rangers (with the exception of the White Ranger), sat down into seats; strong similarities in design between the Shogun and Ninja Megazords make it likely that the Ninja Megazord also had five seats.
  • After forming the Shogun Megazord to fight giant Dischordia, the Rangers brought in the Ninja Megazord by remote, as though the use of two Megazords was default.
  • Giant Dischordia's notably powerful energy blast detached the Falconzord from the Ninja Megazord.
  • Once the Falconzord had taken to the skies again after being detached from the Ninja Megazord, the sky brightened back up (bothering Dischordia), and the previously weakened Ninja Megazord, Shogun Megazord, and giant Ninjor got back up, seemingly at full strength.

    - Phrases used after the Ninja Megazord is complete
    Rangers: "Power up!"
    317-Cat2 Rangers: "All right, Megazord battle mode, power up!"
    317-Cat2 Rangers: "Ninja Megazord, battle mode, power up, now!"

    - Phrases used for Falconzord to link with Ninja Megazord for Ninja Megafalconzord
    309-PsLn Tommy: "Falconzord, power up!"
    317-Cat2 Tommy: "Initiate docking sequence, now!"

    - Phrases used once Ninja Megafalconzord is complete
    309-PsLn Tommy: "I'm locked on!"

    - Phrases used for Ninja Megazord power punch finishing move
    317-Cat2 Rangers: "Ninja Megazord, power punch!"

    - Phrases used for Ninja Megafalconzord power punch finishing move
    309-PsLn Tommy: "Let's pull his plug! Fire!"
    317-Cat2 Six Rangers: "Falcon Megazord, power punch!"

    MMPR: The Movie

  • During the assembly of the Ninja Megazord, the Crane was locked on when the Wolf and Ape docked with the Bear (which was already docked with the Frog), but then the Crane locked onto the Bear a second time immediately afterward, after the arms were already connected.
  • Once the Megazord was complete, Pink Ranger was shown riding her seat out of her Crane cockpit, and she would then be in the Megazord cockpit, located lower down in the Crane, which served as the head of the Megazord.
  • Ninja Megazord, MMPR: The Movie The Ninja Megazord summoned a Power Sword, which looked identical to the Shogun Megazord's Fire Saber; the sword was destroyed in a flash of sparks upon colliding with the Angel Grove Tower which Hornitor-Ivan was wielding.
  • After the Megazord had been punched repeatedly by Hornitor-Ivan and then hurled through a bank, Billy said that all systems were down.
  • To combine with the Ninja Megazord, the Falconzord attached its feet to the prone Megazord's back and then lowered itself onto the Megazord.
  • Once the Ninja Megafalconzord was complete, White Ranger rode his seat out of his cockpit, in through double doors in the rear of the Megazord cockpit.
  • Blue Ranger set a course for space in the Ninja Megafalconzord.
  • Twice, Black Ranger monitored the Megazord's micropressure.
  • When Aisha broke in the red "For emergency use only" glass, she was pushing the red button inside, as it was shown coming back out when she pulled her hand back; she then mashed it again, activating it.
  • The Megazord's emergency attack was a knee-to-groin maneuver.

    - Phrases used to call for the assembly of the Ninja Megazord
    MMPR: The Movie Tommy: "We need Ninja Megazord power, now!"
    Six Rangers: "Ninja Megazord, power up!"

    - Phrases used once Ninja Megazord is complete, to switch from single cockpit to group cockpit
    MMPR: The Movie Kim: "Cranezord locked on. (seat slides back) Checking out!"

    - Phrases used once five Rangers are in Ninja Megazord cockpit
    MMPR: The Movie Rangers: "Ninja Battle Mode, now!"

    - Phrases used for Ninja Megazord to summon Power Sword
    MMPR: The Movie Billy: "Activating Ninja Megazord battle mode!"
    Rangers: "Power Sword, now!"

    - Phrases used for the assembly of the Ninja Megafalconzord
    MMPR: The Movie Tommy: "Falconzord, coming in to complete the sequence!"

    - Phrases used once Ninja Megafalconzord is complete, for White Ranger to switch from single cockpit to group cockpit
    MMPR: The Movie Tommy: "Ninja Falcon Megazord!"

    MMPR: The Movie (early script revision from 10/31/94)

  • The Ninja Megazord had knuckle rockets.

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