Ninja Rangers
- ninja forms of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers after attaining Ninja Power Coins; less powerful than fully-morphed forms
Ninja Rangers
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First Appearance: 306-NjQ3
Last Appearance: (black and red) 327-ABIW, (blue, yellow, pink, and white) 328-Chmp
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  • In the Temple of Power, Ninjor had the teens form a circle around him and join hands, then close their eyes and concentrate; Ranger-colored energy bolts trickled from one arm to the other for each of the teens.
  • Ninjor told the teens before they were suited up in their hoodless Ninja Ranger suits, "I shall guide you in your quest for knowledge and power. Older than time itself - man has always known the calling."; the teens were suited up as hoodless Ninja Rangers as he continued, "Light of the light, strength of the soul, ignite this eternal power inside of me. I am Ninja!"
  • Once the teens were wearing their hoodless Ninja Ranger suits with headbands, Ranger-colored energy came from their glowing ninja animal chest symbols and traveled down their limbs.
  • The hoodless Ninja Ranger suits looked identical to the hoodless Ninjetti suits.
  • The Ninja Ranger suits had numerous diamond patterns on them (white for all Ninja Rangers except White, whose diamonds were black), reminiscent of the Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger suits' diamond patterns.
  • The Ninja Ranger suits had chest symbols of their respective animals, just like the armored Ranger suits and Ninjetti suits in MMPR: The Movie.
  • Ninjor continued, "I am pure of heart, body, mind, and spirit. Join with me now as I become one with the power of Ninja. Your journey is complete. Open your eyes and claim your destiny."
  • Ninjor told the teens before going out into the garden with them, "You now possess the power of Ninja deep within your souls. Come and learn of your new gifts."
  • After he'd shown the teens their Ninjazords, Ninjor told the teens they had to activate their Ninja powers to prevent the Tengas from gaining access to the Temple of Power; to do this, he said they had to look into their hearts and become one with their animal ninjas.
  • A red ape drawing flew out from Ninja Rocky as he posed and said, "I am the ape, mighty and strong! We are one!"
  • A yellow bear drawing flew out from Ninja Aisha as she posed and said, "I am the bear, cunning and fierce!"
  • A blue wolf drawing flew out from Ninja Billy as he posed and said, "I am the wolf, silent and sure!"
  • A pink crane drawing flew out from Ninja Kim as she posed and said, "I am the crane, agile and graceful!"
  • A black frog drawing flew out from Ninja Adam as he posed and said, "I am the frog, courageous in spirit!"
  • A white falcon drawing flew out from Ninja Tommy as he posed and said, "I am the falcon, just and able!"
  • A Ranger-colored energy bolt looped around each of the ninjas, then each ninja's chest symbol shined out Ranger-colored light like a lighthouse, then Ranger-colored specks of light from all the ninjas joined into a white ball of light in the air and then dissipated; Ninjor then told the teens, "Congratulations, Power Rangers. You've passed through the portal of power and light. Go forth in the spirit of Ninja!"
  • Confronting the Tengas in the Desert of Despair, the ninjas now wore their hoods and masks, which, unlike the Ninjetti suits, had an inner lining hiding all but the teens' eyes.
  • Just as he was kicked by a divebombing Tenga, Ninja Tommy did the decoy suit trick, whereby he left behind an empty decoy suit, only to appear (fully-clothed) elsewhere.
  • Ninja Kim performed two slide-teleport maneuvers, by which a Ninja Ranger would almost instantaneously "slide" to another nearby location with a blurry streak.
  • Adam said the Ninja power was like being supercharged.


  • Rita seemed to refer to the Temple of Power as the source of the Rangers' new powers.
  • Zordon told the teens that both Ninjor and the Temple of Power were key elements to maintaining their powers and that if either one fell into Zedd's hands all would be lost, yet this would later be disproved during Ninjor's captivity from 318-ChZ1 through 329-MVA1 and again from 329-MVA1 through 331-MVA3.
  • Ninjor was able to do the Ninja Rangers' slide-teleport maneuver.
  • According to Zordon, now that Ninjor was in allegiance with them, he would from that day forward answer the teens' calls for guidance and help; Ninjor told them that, as was the power of Ninja, they could contact him simply by closing their eyes and focusing on their collective energy.


  • When Ninja Kim reached out her hand at Rito, he smacked it away and somehow knocked her communicator off.
  • Whenever the Ninja Rangers wanted to demorph (see also: "MMPR demorphing"), one or more of them would be shown close-up grabbing onto his or her chest or shoulder and then tossing his or her ninja suit aside, and all Ninja Rangers present would then be demorphed.


  • Ninja Billy had himself and Ninja Adam do the double vault move, by which he threw Adam into the air and then jumped up after him.
  • Ninja Aisha jumped up to a very tall branch in a tree.


  • The Ninja Rangers were able to teleport, but unless otherwise noted, their teleports were performed with such stealth that the actual teleportation wasn't ever shown, merely the ninjas springing from a place where they had not previously been, such as inside a huddle of Tengas.
  • Ninja Rocky performed a slide-teleport up onto a tree branch.


  • Ninja Rocky performed several slide-teleports.
  • Ninja Adam performed the decoy suit trick.


  • Ninjas Billy and Adam simultaneously performed slide-teleports into the ground, then grabbed the Tengas' legs from underground and flipped the creatures, then shot out from the earth.
  • Ninjas Kim and Tommy used "double Ninja Ranger power" to combine their "laser power": she climbed up onto him, and they merged their hands (Tommy's left and Kim's right) into a gun shape, then projected pink and white swirls of energy which blew the Tengas back.


  • Ninja Rocky knocked Goldar over with a jumping double punch.


  • Ninja Aisha fought Rito by herself.
  • The other five Ninja Rangers appeared from explosions to help Ninja Aisha.
  • Ninja Kim performed a slide-teleport.
  • Ninja Adam summoned a handful of swirling black energy balls, which he threw at the Tengas.
  • Ninja Rocky backed up against a somewhat thin tree trunk and warped into it; he kicked the Tengas from inside it, then flipped out.
  • Again fighting Rito alone, ninja Aisha performed a slide-teleport straight down into the ground to duck a swing from Rito's sword; she was then with the others when the Ninja Rangers eventually regrouped.


  • Upon seeing the Tengas rampaging on shore, the teens, floating in the middle of the lake slipped underwater and stayed under for almost a minute before bursting up from the water as ninjas and landing on the beach with dry suits.
  • Ninja Adam split into two identical ninjas to fight two Tengas at once, then they soon merged back into one ninja.
  • Ninja Aisha vanished in an explosion of smoke to confuse the Tengas.
  • Tengas threw ninja Tommy into the water, but he burst back out with a dry suit.
  • As the Ninja Rangers fought Tengas nearby, Kat removed Kim's Power Coin from her bookbag, suddenly weakening ninja Kim during the fight.
  • Several minutes after having ninja-morphed underwater, the Ninja Rangers demorphed and then had dry hair and swimsuits.


  • Kim ninja-morphed to protect Kat from Tengas even though she was dangerously weak from the loss of her Power Coin (Zordon had even warned that any exertion might destroy her); in the middle of the fight, she began to lose her balance, then she collapsed after apologizing to Kat.
  • The unconscious ninja Kim involuntarily demorphed with pink energy swirls.


  • Ninja Aisha led the Tengas for some dance steps, then had them all, except one, flip back, telling them to "get down."
  • When two Tengas leapt at ninja Adam, they landed in his palm; apparently ninja Adam had grown to giant size; he shook them around a bit in his hand and then tossed them away, then presumably returned to normal size.


  • Ninja Adam performed a slide-teleport.
  • Ninja Tommy performed the decoy suit trick.


  • When Kat ninja-morphed for the first time, she noted that Zordon had been right: she could harness the Ninja power of the Pink Ranger.
  • Ninja Kat had a great deal of fun with her increased agility and strength as the pink Ninja Ranger.


  • Ninja Billy performed a slide-teleport into the ground.
  • Ninjas Aisha, Billy, and Tommy did handsprings one way and then the other, tiring out the pursuing Tengas.
  • When splitting up with the girls, ninjas Billy and Tommy did hand gestures and then teleported with upward-moving blur vanishes.


  • The Aquitian Rangers performed the Ninja Rangers' decoy suit trick.

    Other Sources

  • The Ninja Ranger toys came with various weapons, including what were generally less advanced versions of the Battle Borgs' weapons (see "Battle Borgs: Other Sources" for table of weapons).
  • In addition to the aforementioned weapons, the Ninja Rangers also each wielded a second weapon or tool; Ninja White had a large mace, Ninja Red had a man-sized version of the Shogun Megazord's Fire Saber, Ninja Pink had a large net, Ninja Yellow had a staff with two pincers, Ninja Blue had a throwing disc, and Ninja Black had a gun-shaped weapon with a squat, triangular blade.

    - Phrases used for double Ninja Ranger power
    313-SHM1 Kim/Tommy (Kim climbing up on Tommy): "Double Ninja Ranger power!"
    Tommy (holding hands in front of glowing chest symbol, then forming two-handed gun): "Summon laser power!"
    Kim (doing same): "Summon laser power!"
    Kim/Tommy: "Combine laser power, now!"
    - two hold hands together, Tommy's left and Kim's right, in a gun shape and shoot pink and white swirls of energy which blow the Tengas back

    - Phrases used as Ninja Rangers pose in preparation for combat
    312-FiFO Tommy: "White Ninja power, now!"
    Rocky: "Red Ninja power!"
    Billy: "Blue Ninja power!"
    Adam: "Black Ninja power!"
    Aisha: "Yellow Ninja power!"
    Tommy (as Tengas rush in): "Ninja attack mode! (ninjas group pose) Let's go!"

    - Phrases used for two identical black Ninja Rangers to combine back into one ninja
    318-ChZ1 Adams: "Goin' solo!"

    - Phrases used for Ninja Rangers to demorph
    308-ABWD Tommy: "Power down."
    309-PsLn Tommy: "Okay, guys, let's ninja power down."

    - MMPR: The Movie equivalents of Ninja Rangers; possess few to no magical powers
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    MMPR: The Movie

  • When Tommy asked Dulcea if she could help them on their journey to the monolith, Dulcea said they would call upon the sacred animals of the Ninjetti for help.
  • Once night had come, Dulcea poured a glittery dust from a pouch on her belt into her palm and told the teens, "Buried deep within each of us is an animal spirit waiting to be released. Close your eyes and look deep inside."; she then blew the dust into the fire, and blue glitter swirled over the area, finally gathering around the teens and suiting them up in the Ninjetti suits.
  • The Ninjetti suits were identical in appearance to the Ninja Ranger suits but without the hoods' inner wrapping which covered all of the face with two holes for the eyes; this less-covered hood and mask combination would appear intermediately during the Ninja Rangers' morphs, appearing between the teens' plain heads and the fully-wrapped Ninja Ranger masks.
  • The teens almost immediately pulled down the hoods and mouth masks, leaving them this way until their battle with the Gatekeepers the next day.
  • Dulcea told the teens, "To be in harmony with the sacred animal spirit is to have the force of the Ninjetti. To those who are Ninjetti, anything is possible."
  • Before leaving the teens, Dulcea told them, "The strength is inside you. Trust it. Your sacred animals will be your guide. May your animal spirits watch over you."
  • For the battle with the Gatekeepers, the Ninjetti teens' hoods were apparently back on instantly once Tommy had called out, "Ninjetti!", after which the six hooded Ninjetti teens called out the names of their animals.
  • Ninjetti Billy flipped gingerly onto a tree branch from a cliff; the Ninjetti power (if the Ninjetti suits had any purpose other than for appearance) may have boosted his agility to allow him to perform this stunt.
  • To finish off the final Gatekeeper, Tommy performed the Ninjetti Corkscrew Kick, leaping off a branch and flying down feet-first toward the monster like an arrow, then in mid-flight starting to twirl around like a corkscrew; his kick sent the monster flying back through the air and shattering against the front of the monolith's temple.

    - Phrases used for Ninjetti teens to prepare for combat
    MMPR: The Movie Tommy: "Ninjetti!"
    - teens are wearing their hoods again, apparently instantly
    Tommy: "The falcon!"
    Adam: "The frog!"
    Rocky: "The ape!"
    Kim: "The crane!"
    Billy: "The wolf!"
    Aisha: "The bear!"

    MMPR: The Movie (early script revision from 10/31/94)

  • According to Dulcea, the only way to obtain the Great Power was to achieve the highest state of being, by learning the ancient art of Ninjetti, the genesis of what would be known as the Ninja on Earth; it was the perfect union of mind, body and spirit.
  • Without the power of the Ninjetti, the Great Power would destroy the teens.
  • In the language of the Nathadians, "Nin" stood for "man" and "jetti" stood for "animal"; thus, "Ninjetti" was man and animal, together as one.
  • Ninja Pink's power was enhanced agility and perfect balance.
  • Ninja Red's power was enhanced strength and the ability to quickly climb up things.
  • Ninja Blue had enhanced senses, able to fight blindfolded.
  • Ninja Black's power was lightning-fast and perfectly-aimed strikes.
  • Ninja Yellow's power was to stand firm, unfazed by attacks.
  • Ninja White's power was the ability to glide through the air.

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