- Zords accompanying new Ninja Power Coins; based on various modern animals
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First Appearance: 306-NjQ3
Last Appearance: (all but Falconzord) 332-TSOD, (Falconzord) 343-HdA2
Pictures: Ninjazords (minus Falconzord; shown at right), cockpit
Subcategories: Ape, Bear, Wolf, Crane, Frog, Falconzord, Ninja Megazord/Megafalconzord
See Also: Shogunzords, Battle Borgs, (Wind) Ninjazords


  • Once the ninjas were in the garden outside the temple after receiving the ninja powers, Ninjor shot a bluish-white energy beam from his fingertip into the sky, saying, "Behold the power, grace, and beauty of your new Ninjazords."; his beam struck each of the six Ninjazords.
  • Ninjor told the teens, "These Zords are driven by the force of Ninja and infused with the power of light and strength. They are far superior to your Zords of the past. Where before your power came from the brute strength of the dinosaurs, now it comes from the swift, intelligent cunning of the Ninja."
  • The Ninjazords, seeming to be near the Temple of Power, were actually shown in a city scene.
  • When Tommy asked how they called on the Ninjazords, Ninjor told them they would know when the time came.


  • The Rangers' Ninjazord summoning poses were modified versions of their Thunderzord summoning poses.
  • On the head of the Ninja Megazord and Megafalconzord were the symbols of the five Ninjazords: a pentagon for the Frog, a square for the Wolf, a circle for the Ape, an arrowhead for the Crane, and a triangle for the Bear; in 314-SHM2, the Falconzord would be shown to have a hexagonal symbol on its underside.
  • While summoning the Ninjazords again at a later time, the Rangers shot Ranger-colored energy bolts into the sky from their hands.
  • When responding to the Rangers' summoning and then when assembling into the Ninja Megazord, the Ninjazords were always in a city scene, even when a city scene wasn't appropriate.


  • While calling for their Zords, the six Rangers stood in a circle, and energy flowed from their hands into their bodies; the Rangers brought their hands in, then held closed fists up toward center, making energy flow back into center, making a white flash.
  • The Falconzord's cockpit was shown, for the first appearance of a Ninjazord cockpit; the Ninjazord cockpits had Ranger-colored tubes along the side walls, similar to the Dinozord cockpits.
  • The cockpit had no seat.


  • The other Ninjazord cockpits were of the same design as the Falconzord's.


  • The Rangers were actually shown leaping up to the Ninjazords.


  • The five Ninjazords fought giant Rito individually.


  • Finster said that with the technology of a Ninjazord and a power source, he would be able to bring the Shogunzords to life.
  • For his and Rita's plan to steal a Ninjazord to access the Shogunzords, Zedd said they needed a Power Coin to get into the Ninjazord; a coin would allow them to steal a Ninjazord to copy its technology.
  • Having obtained the pink Power Coin, Zedd said they could steal the Falconzord, which would render the Rangers defenseless.
  • Possessing the pink Power Coin, Kat teleported into the Falconzord cockpit behind White Ranger and sent a pink energy bolt from her index finger into morphed Tommy, knocking him out with pink energy claw marks running all over his body, then used the same pink energy bolt to teleport him out with a pink clawed teleport, sending him falling to the ground.
  • After Kat had teleported out, pink energy transformed the Falconzord into a real falcon; the falcon appeared on Zedd's arm in the palace with pink energy, and Zedd had a cage, with his red Z cloth over it, ready to hold the falcon.
  • The weakened Ninjor, after being shrunk to normal size after being pummeled by giant Goldar, glowed blue, turned translucent, and then vanished, with Zedd planning to use him as the power source needed to operate the Shogunzords.
  • Having obtained Ninjor and the Falconzord, Zedd declared that they had everything they needed to bring the Shogunzords to life: "the battle technology from the almighty Falconzord and Ninjor's energy as its power source."
  • The Ninjazords were now for some reason out of commission.


  • The Ninjazords couldn't be used with Zedd in control of the Falconzord.


  • The five Shogunzords were humanoid warrior versions of the Ninjazords: each bore the color, symbol, and animal face of its respective Ninjazord, with the exception of the White Shogunzord, which bore the face and symbol of the Crane.
  • The Shogunzord cockpits were identical to their respective Ninjazord cockpits, with a falcon symbol in the White Shogunzord's.
  • On the Shogunzords' belts were the same lettered symbols as on the Ninjazords; the circular S of the Ape was also on Red's shield weapon.
  • Zordon said that as long as Zedd held the Falconzord captive, the Ninjazords would be inoperative, but the Shogunzords still functioned.


  • Billy used a small Falconzord-shaped device hooked up to the Command Center's computers to imitate the Falconzord's energy readings to allow the Rangers to operate both the Shogunzords and Ninjazords simultaneously; Rocky told him it was good work, but Billy admitted it was no substitute for the real Falconzord's power.
  • In the Shogun Megazord cockpit, morphed Billy installed the Falconzord remote beneath a control panel; he pushed a sequence on the device's three buttons, and the antenna-like head of the tiny model Falconzord extended; he then closed the panel back up.
  • The Falconzord remote brought in the Ninjazords and assembled the Ninja Megazord.


  • When the Rangers switched over to the Ninja Megazord after giant Globbor had remotely drained the Shogun Megazord, they discovered that the Ninja Megazord's power was low; Globbor had gotten to it too, but the Rangers fought in it anyway.
  • Giant Globbor spat black goo onto the Ninja Megazord, making it spark and causing a major power drain.
  • When the Rangers stopped defending themselves so that they wouldn't hurt Ninjor, giant Ninjor-Globbor pummeled the Zords until the Rangers were ejected and the Zords fell over, at which point the Ninja Megazord and Falconzord split up; Billy was pessimistic about their functioning again after taking such a beating.
  • Master Vile planned to send the Zords off to a distant galaxy; he told giant Ninjor-Globbor first to suck out every last bit of their power, but then the Zords were teleported away with green energy just as Globbor leapt for them; Globbor was confused, but Vile didn't act surprised, so it was most likely his doing.


  • With Adam and Aisha's help, Billy modified the tracking system in the Command Center to locate the Zords; the Shogun Megazord, Ninja Megazord, and Falconzord were on a defeated planet in the M51 galaxy, where the extremely corrosive atmosphere had covered the Zords with rust.
  • When Master Vile decided it was time to activate the Zeo Crystal and destroy the world, he released blue and yellow energy snakes from both hands, after which red eyebeams from the Ninja Megazord, Falconzord, and Shogun Megazord combined into a single red beam which shot to Earth and decimated entire buildings; at the time, the Zeo Crystal was in a central podium in the Shogun Megazord's engine room.
  • The Rangers used the energy of their Power Coins, combined with the Morphing Grid's energy that was being drawn by the Shogun Megazord's panels, to break Master Vile's connection with the Zeo Crystal; in the process, they also regained control and full power to the Zords.
  • On the M51 planet, the Ninja Megazord, Falconzord, and Shogun Megazord's eyes glowed red again, but this time they teleported back to Earth in the same green energy with which Master Vile had originally teleported them to the planet.
  • Upon tapping the Ninjazords' and Shogunzords' energy, giant Globbor wore the symbols of Ninjor and four of the Zords (with no Ape or Falcon symbols), and he had four Aquitian Ranger helmets for heads: yellow in front, white on his right, black in back, and blue on his left; he was still wielding a sword, but not Ninjor's; Globbor then told the six Rangers he now had the same power as they did.
  • Giant Ranger-Globbor leapt through the air and was suddenly in front of the Ninja Megazord, as though he had performed the Ninja Rangers' slide-teleport without the blur effect.
  • Told to use his "weapons" by Master Vile, giant Ranger-Globbor wielded a small wrist-mounted crossbow bearing the J pentagon of the Black Ranger's Zords; it fired what looked like three pink energy darts; at this point, Tommy exclaimed that Globbor was using their own powers against them.

    - Phrases used in place of or before individual Ninjazord summonings
    Rangers: "We need Ninjazord power, now!"
    307-NjQ4 Rocky/Tommy: "Let's do it!"
    others: "Right!"
    Six Rangers: "We need Ninjazord power, now!"
    Six Rangers: "Power Rangers, we need Ninjazord power, now!"
    Six Rangers: "We need Ninjazord power, now!"
    310-WFAD Aisha: "All right, Rangers, let's do it!"
    Six Rangers: "We need Ninjazord power, now!"
    317-Cat2 Rocky: "All right, let's do it!"
    Five Rangers: "We need Ninjazord power, now!"

    - Phrases used to summon Ninjazords individually
    Rocky: "Red Ape Ninjazord, power up!"
    Adam: "Black Frog Ninjazord, power up!"
    Kim: "Pink Crane Ninjazord, power up!"
    Billy: "Blue Wolf Ninjazord, power up!"
    Aisha: "Yellow Bear Ninjazord, power up!"
    Tommy: "White Ninja, Falconzord, power up!"
    308-ABWD Adam: "Black Ranger, Frog, Ninjazord power!"
    Kim: "Pink Ranger, Crane, Ninjazord power!"
    Billy: "Blue Ranger, Wolf, Ninjazord power!"
    Aisha: "Yellow Ranger, Bear, Ninjazord power!"
    Rocky: "Red Ranger, Ape, Ninjazord power!"
    Tommy: "White Ranger, Falconzord power!"
    315-PoNo Kim: "Pink Crane!"
    Billy: "Blue Wolf!"
    Tommy: "White Falcon!"
    Rocky: "Red Ape!"
    Adam: "Black frog!"
    Aisha: "Yellow bear!"
    Six Rangers: "...Ninjazord, power up!"

    - Phrases used for Ninjazords to attack monster individually
    314-SHM2 Tommy: "Initiate battle sequence, now!"

    MMPR: The Movie

  • The Ninjazords' individual symbols and group symbol were the symbols of the ninja animals.
  • When the Great Power was released from the monolith, golden miniature Ninjazords emerged from the animal spirit insignia on the monolith's stone triangle structure, flew around the teens, and then entered the respective Ninjetti suits' chest symbols, suiting the Rangers back up in their armored suits; the old animal symbols were now replaced with the ninja animals' symbols.
  • Adam knew that the golden mini-Ninjazords were, in fact, new Zords.
  • Once the Rangers were on Earth, Tommy first uttered the name "Ninjazords".
  • After calling out the names of their Ninjazords, the Rangers stood in a circle facing each other, then removed their Morphers from their belts and held them toward the center of the circle; their glowing golden Power Coins flew forward and merged into a single coin bearing the group symbol of the ninja animals, and the group coin then flew straight up, after which the Ninjazords descended from the sky.
  • The Ninjazords were of a different design than normal.
  • Each of the Ninjazords was flying as it descended to Angel Grove.
  • Once the Ninjazords had appeared, the Rangers flew, rather than leapt, up to the Zords.
  • Once the Rangers had entered their Ninjazords, each (except for Red Ranger in the Ape and Yellow Ranger in the Bear) was shown sliding into his or her cockpit in a control seat which slid forward through double doors in the rear of the cockpit, with the doors opening for the seat and closing once it was secure; while the Bear's cockpit was similar in design to the other cockpits, the Ape cockpit was of a different design and may not have had rear sliding doors like the other cockpits.
  • All of the Ninjazords but the Bear were referred to by their pilots as "<animal>zord," such as Falconzord, Wolfzord, etc.
  • To escape Ivan's electromagnetic deadlock, Kim apparently wasn't sure which button controlled the Crane's thrusters, but she was able to activate them quickly.
  • The Ninjazords transformed into their Ninja Megazord components in a different manner.

    - Phrases used to initiate the summoning of the Ninjazords
    MMPR: The Movie Tommy: "We've got new Ninjazords. Let's use 'em!"
    Rocky/Aisha: "Right!"
    Billy/Adam: "Right!"

    - Phrases used to summon the Ninjazords
    MMPR: The Movie Kim: "Ninja Crane Zord!"
    Billy: "Ninja Wolf Zord!"
    Adam: "Ninja Frog Zord!"
    Rocky: "Ninja Ape Zord!"
    Aisha: "Ninja Bear Zord!"
    Tommy: "Ninja Falcon Zord!"
    - Rangers face each other and hold Morphers toward center, then glowing Power Coins fly forward and merge into a single coin, bearing the group ninja animals symbol, which flies up into the sky

    - Phrases used for Rangers to fly up to Ninjazords
    MMPR: The Movie Tommy: "Let's do it!"
    Six Rangers (crossing arms and then holding up left arms to sky): "Right! Ninjazords, power up!"

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