- ancient warrior; rumored creator of Power Coins
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First Appearance: 306-NjQ3
Last Appearance: 332-TSOD
Pictures: Ninjor (shown at right), Ninjor battle mode


  • Immediately after Billy and Zordon had been talking about the Command Center's power core following the destruction of the Rangers' powers and Thunderzords, Adam asked where their Ranger powers had come from in the first place; Zordon told them of a legendary (perhaps merely mythical) lost temple hidden beneath the Desert of Despair, and that the keeper of the temple, Ninjor, was thought to have forged the original Power Coins to be used by those battling the evil forces of the universe.
  • Alpha (not Alpha Five) and Zordon had found a map to the hidden temple when they'd originally found the Power Coins.


  • On an ornate table in the Temple of Power was a large blue jar with a long neck; Ninjor was inside.
  • Ninjor told the teens he didn't know Ninjor, but when Aisha called Ninjor great and wise, he chuckled that maybe he did know Ninjor.
  • Ninjor teleported out of the jar with red flame energy.
  • Ninjor was a warrior covered in blue armor; on his chest (matching a smaller version on his forehead) was a circular golden N emblem. (see "Recurring letters")
  • Ninjor gave the teens five seconds to explain what they wanted, and afterward, he was unmoved by Tommy's explanation, "Our leader Zordon sent us on a quest for new powers and Zords. Lord Zedd destroyed our old ones."; Ninjor told them it was a lovely story and not to let the door hit them on the way out.
  • Ninjor was equally unmoved when the teens told him they were the Power Rangers; when Adam said their world was in incredible danger, Ninjor told them it wasn't his problem.
  • When the teens were sad that the world would be destroyed and they couldn't stop it without any powers, Tommy told them they had within themselves a power Zedd could never take away: the knowledge of what's right and true; after Tommy's brief speech, Ninjor admitted that their hearts spoke the truth and that they had convinced him that they didn't seek the ninja powers out of greed.
  • At the end of the ceremony which suited the teens up as hoodless Ninja Rangers, two white energy bolts struck Ninjor's hands from above, then the energy flowed between his hands and dissipated.
  • Once the ninjas were outside in the garden, Ninjor shot a bluish-white energy beam from his fingertip into the sky, saying, "Behold the power, grace, and beauty of your new Ninjazords."; the beam struck each of the six Ninjazords.
  • Ninjor knew that even as they spoke, Zedd had begun to attack Angel Grove and that the Tenga Warriors were trying to gain access to the temple; he said that the Tengas were creatures of evil and that their vile spirits must not be allowed to disturb the inner purity of the Temple of Power.
  • Ninjor went out into the Desert of Despair to send the ninja teens off after they had defeated the Tengas.
  • Ninjor told the ninjas he couldn't have done a better job selecting them than Zordon had.


  • Outside the Desert of Despair's entrance leading to the Temple of Power, Vampirus declared, "I call upon Ninjor, keeper of the temple of Ninja power!", after which three blue ghosts with red eyes and black mouths emerged from the alcove; Vampirus was blasted by a bluish-purple energy beam, and Ninjor then stood near the entrance.
  • After Vampirus had grown, Ninjor made himself grow.
  • Ninjor did some stretches upon growing, saying it had been a while, but that it sure felt good.
  • Zordon told the teens that both Ninjor and the Temple of Power were key elements to maintaining their powers and that if either one fell into Zedd's hands all would be lost, yet this would later be disproved during Ninjor's captivity from 318-ChZ1 through 329-MVA1 and again from 329-MVA1 through 331-MVA3.
  • Giant Ninjor was able to perform the Ninja Rangers' slide-teleport maneuver, by which he would almost instantaneously "slide" to another nearby location with a blurry streak.
  • In the middle of the fight with giant Vampirus, giant Ninjor vanished into smoke, then came riding down on a flying white cloud.
  • Giant Ninjor wielded the sword normally held in the sheath on his back.
  • Giant Vampirus warped himself and giant Ninjor into a place with flames and a red sky; after looking around, Ninjor was inexplicably shown lying down on the ground in weakness.
  • Saying evil made him so angry, with flames appearing inside his visor, giant Ninjor regained his strength and transformed into Ninja Battle Mode.
  • Giant Ninjor's transformation into battle mode was as follows: his head flips back, revealing a red warrior head and a different N symbol on his chest; his shoulder guards flip up, and his thigh guards then slide down.
  • Giant Ninjor, in battle mode, connected the handle of his sword with the end of its sheath, forming a long, bladed staff.
  • A slash from the bladed staff of Ninjor in battle mode returned both giant Ninjor and Vampirus to the Desert of Despair.
  • Giant Ninjor in battle mode was able to summon white streaks and specks from around him and then hurl at his opponent a glowing red sphere of energy.
  • The Ninja Megafalconzord's wolf/ape power punch, immediately after giant Ninjor's energy blast, destroyed giant Vampirus.
  • Once the teens were back in the Command Center, Zordon patched Ninjor through to the teens, with whom Ninjor had been wanting to speak; from the temple, he told them that now that they had mastered the art of ninja powers, they could join forces to protect the Temple of Power from the evil which inhabited the universe.
  • According to Zordon, now that Ninjor was in allegiance with them, he would from that day forward answer the teens' calls for guidance and help; Ninjor told them that, as was the power of Ninja, they could contact him simply by closing their eyes and focusing on their collective energy.


  • When summoned by morphed Tommy, Ninjor flew down on his cloud and helped the Rangers fight Artistmole.
  • Multicolored energy from Artistmole's paintbrush sucked the colors and powers out of the Rangers and Ninjor, turning them all black-and-white.


  • When the Ninja Megazord confronted giant Lanterra, giant Ninjor flew in on his cloud, thinking the Rangers could use some assistance.
  • After giant Lanterra had pounded Ninjor and called him a "dim bulb," Ninjor shook angrily as he declared, "What did you say? No one calls Ninjor dim and survives to converse about it!"; he then transformed and threw his energy ball, shouting, "Ninjor is furious!"


  • Since he said Rocky's plan to invert Centiback's energy wave to free the others wouldn't work with interference, Zordon told Rocky it was imperative for the mission that Rocky summon Ninjor, and immediately after Zordon had mentioned his name, Ninjor appeared in the Command Center beside Rocky.
  • Ninjor said football was his favorite sport, but he had all his sports facts mixed up.
  • In battle mode, giant Ninjor slashed giant Centiback with his glowing red blade as his eyes glowed red, and red and blue sparkles flashed behind him; immediately afterward, the Ninja Megazord's Ape/Wolf power punch destroyed the giant monster.


  • The giant Ninjor flew in on his cloud to help the Rangers fight the giant cat monster.
  • Giant Ninjor's energy ball, followed by the Ninja Megafalconzord's power punch, destroyed the giant cat monster.


  • Ninjor appeared in the park to help White Ranger against Goldar and the Tengas.
  • Ninjor grew to fight giant Goldar.
  • When giant Ninjor was distracted by White Ranger's landing in the park after the Falconzord had been hijacked, giant Goldar caught him offguard and pounded him until he fell down and returned to normal size with blue and gold energy.
  • The weakened Ninjor, after being shrunk to normal size after being pummeled by giant Goldar, glowed blue, turned translucent, and then vanished, with Zedd planning to use him as the power source needed to operate the Shogunzords.
  • Zedd kept Ninjor imprisoned in a blue jug in the palace.
  • Having obtained Ninjor and the Falconzord, Zedd declared that they had everything they needed to bring the Shogunzords to life: "the battle technology from the almighty Falconzord and Ninjor's energy as its power source."
  • Zedd gave Ninjor's jug to Finster to have him siphon off Ninjor's energy so they could power up the Shogunzords.
  • Zordon told the six teens that when Ninjor had recharged their Power Coins, he'd linked them with their natural human energy, and now that Kim's Power Coin was in evil hands, her body was undergoing a power drain.
  • Billy theorized that Zedd's using the pink Power Coin to steal the Falconzord must have left Ninjor powerless and an easy target.


  • Zedd said everything was going as planned: he had Kimberly's Power Coin, and Finster was working on a way to siphon off Ninjor's power, combine it with the Falconzord's technology, and bring the Shogunzords to life; then, he said, all he needed was six pilots to command the Zords.


  • Rita told the Rangers that the Shogunzords were powered by Ninjor and armed with battle technology by their caged Falconzord.
  • When asked by Adam if there was any way to gain control of the Shogunzords once they were in the cockpits, Billy said he might be able to reprogram the Zords off their Power Coins, which would transfer control to the Rangers.
  • In the Blue Shogunzord cockpit, Billy used a small silver rod to make adjustments to his Shogunzord's circuits; he was making adjustments to the quantum linear controller, apparently only in the Blue Shogunzord cockpit; once he was finished, the Shogunzords' chest symbols shimmered with white light, and the Zords posed individually.
  • Zedd said the Shogunzords had been released from his power source (Ninjor).


  • Ninjor was now being held in a blue jar.


  • Rito accidentally dropped and shattered Ninjor's jar to show it to Master Vile; the tiny Ninjor soon grew to normal size again and told Vile, after hearing that his master plan involved the Zeo Crystal, that the crystal would never be his.
  • Ninjor teleported directly from the moon palace to the Command Center to tell the teens of Vile's plans.
  • As Ninjor and Zordon recounted the hiding of the Zeo Crystal in the Caves of Deception on the moon by the people of the M51 galaxy and Zedd's corruption of the moon palace, Zordon told the teens, "We thought the crystal would be safe from Zedd, but Master Vile is much older and infintely wiser in the ways of evil."
  • When the Rangers were overpowered by the super-strong Tengas, Tommy had to call into his communicator for Ninjor to help, and when Ninjor did arrive, he teleported into the wrong part of the park and had to run on foot to where the Rangers were.
  • When Globbor suddenly latched onto his back, Ninjor grew, but a blue lightning bolt from the clouds made Globbor grow as well.
  • Globbor and Ninjor, both giant, vanished in bluish-white energy after Globbor had begun draining Ninjor's power.
  • Ninjor awoke in chains in Master Vile's Space Skull's throne room.
  • Master Vile told Ninjor that Globbor had already drained most of his power.


  • Giant Globbor took on Ninjor's energy, making himself look a bit like Ninjor.
  • Master Vile told Ninjor that Globbor had absorbed all of his powers.
  • Giant Ninjor-Globbor wielded a sword like Ninjor's, and he was able to throw Ninjor's red energy ball.
  • Giant Ninjor-Globbor fired a blue energy bolt from his bladed staff.
  • Ninjor, now on a rooftop, still in chains, sparked in pain from the Fire Saber's attack on giant Ninjor-Globbor and from any of the successive blows to Globbor.


  • Ninjor was later again in the Space Skull's throne room.
  • Upon tapping the Ninjazords' and Shogunzords' energy, giant Globbor wore the symbols of Ninjor and four of the Zords (with no Ape or Falcon symbols), and he had four Aquitian Ranger helmets for heads: yellow in front, white on his right, black in back, and blue on his left; he was still wielding a sword, but not Ninjor's; Globbor then told the six Rangers he now had the same power as they did.
  • Giant Ranger-Globbor leapt through the air and was suddenly in front of the Ninja Megazord, as though he had performed the Ninja Rangers' slide-teleport without the blur effect.
  • Told to use his "weapons" by Master Vile, giant Ranger-Globbor wielded a small wrist-mounted crossbow bearing the J pentagon of the Black Ranger's Zords; it fired what looked like three pink energy darts; at this point, Tommy exclaimed that Globbor was using their own powers against them.
  • Ninjor was badly hurt by the Ninja and Shogun Megazords' fight with giant Ranger-Globbor.
  • When daylight weakened Globbor, Ninjor began to regain his strength.
  • After Globbor had released all of the powers he'd absorbed, Ninjor was able to break free from his chains; when he confronted Master Vile, Vile grew to giant size, wrecking his throne room in the process.
  • Ninjor, then outside, simultaneously grew and transformed to battle mode.
  • The Fire Saber, followed immediately by giant Ninjor's energy ball, destroyed giant Globbor.


  • Without being called, giant Ninjor flew in on his cloud to help the Rangers fight giant Dischordia after the Rangers had formed both the Ninja and Shogun Megazords.
  • Once the Falconzord had taken to the skies again after being detached from the Ninja Megazord, the sky brightened back up (bothering Dischordia), and the previously weakened Ninja Megazord, Shogun Megazord, and giant Ninjor got back up, seemingly at full strength.
  • Ninjor shoved the Megazords aside for a chance to attack giant Dischordia.


  • Ninjor was nowhere to be seen as the Orb of Doom was placed on Earth and activated.


  • When young Billy, in the simulated past (see "Orb of Doom"), asked about Zords, Cestro of the Aquitian Rangers told the six kids, "Our Battle Borgs were presented to us over a millennium ago by your great sage, Ninjor."
  • When young Adam noted that they could use Ninjor's help at this point, young Billy said that they wouldn't find the Temple of Power for years.


  • After the teens' first fight as Zeo Rangers, Tommy reminded Billy that they'd need help if the Machine Empire launched a full assault, since Ninjor was back in the temple and the Zords were gone.

    - Phrases used to summon Ninjor
    308-ABWD Tommy: "Ninjor, we summon you from on high!"

    - Phrases used for Ninjor to grow
    308-ABWD Ninjor: "Ninjor expansion mode!"

    - Phrases used for giant Ninjor to transform into battle mode
    307-NjQ4 Ninjor: "I'm up to good! Ninja Power, now!"
    308-ABWD Ninjor: "Ninjor Battle Mode, now!"
    332-TSOD Ninjor: "Time to power up!"

    - Phrases used once giant Ninjor has transformed into battle mode
    307-NjQ4 Ninjor: "Behold the power of Ninja!"

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