- dragon-warrior; son of Queen Bansheera
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First Appearance: (as Impus) 801-OpLs, (as Olympius) 817-OlAs
Last Appearance: 838-SDem
Pictures: Impus, Olympius, close-up (shown at right), medium shot, advanced form (833-OlAs), long shot, advanced form (833-OlAs), close-up, dragon form (838-SDem)


  • Materializing with the other demons in the skull castle lair soon after their release from the Tomb of Forever, Impus formed from a red demonic wisp, onto an existing squat pillar.
  • Loki declared they were free to reclaim the palace of Queen Bansheera, but Diabolico noted she wasn't there; he then told the perturbed Vypra that they must care for her son Impus.
  • Impus was a green-eyed red dragon baby sucking on a white pacifier and in a red cocoon for swaddling.


  • When Vypra mentioned "the queen," Impus giggled, "Mama," in a cute child voice.


  • When Diabolico mentioned Queen Bansheera, Impus spoke, "Mama," making Jinxer protest that he'd gotten Impus all upset.


  • On this occasion, Impus was shown inexplicably on a short bed of glowing blue crystals.
  • When Jinxer mentioned "the queen," Impus cooed, "Mama!"


  • As Diabolico planned to steal the fuel cell the teens had been sent to protect, Impus whimpered, and Loki angrily hoisted him up into the air, crazy from his crying, but Jinxer quickly took the child, saying he thought he was maturing and was ready to create his first monster.
  • With purple energy from his pacifier, Impus formed Fireor's card, and Jinxer set him down, congratulating him, and he then summoned the monster in the demon maw.


  • Vypra planned to lay waste to Mariner Bay with the Vyprari so Queen Bansheera would rise again, and she smiled at Impus, who cooed, "Mama."


  • Jinxer was tending to the whining Impus when the others entered, Loki furious with the crying.
  • As Impus whimpered, "Mama," Jinxer held a silver rattle and despaired that he'd tried everything, but Impus missed his mother.
  • Vypra confrontationally told Diabolico the day Bansheera returned, Impus would remember how Diabolico had treated him, and she then smiled fondly at the child as he continued to whimper.
  • Jinxer hoped Queen Bansheera returned quickly, as Impus needed the comfort of his mother.


  • When Queen Bansheera's face appeared in the sky above, Diabolico was seemingly pleased to see her, saying they'd been preparing for her arrival.
  • Upon appearing in the sky above as a faint blue face, Queen Bansheera asked where her magnificent palace was, but she was distracted as she fondly took note of Impus, and he giggled, "Mama!"
  • As the demons looked at a rippling image of Mt. Jasmine, where Dana was going to test her volcanic equipment, Jinxer said that Impus had the excellent idea to cause the dormant volcano to erupt and destroy Mariner Bay; Diabolico remarked the little pest had finally made himself useful.
  • After Jinxer had created Trifire from Impus's black and red monster card, Queen Bansheera, now above them again, told Trifire to awaken the volcano with his fiery breath.


  • After Magmavore had resurrected Trifire, Queen Bansheera said her powers were waning, and she had to leave until she was re-energized; Diabolico said they would carry on, and Bansheera in parting threatened to replace him with Impus if he didn't, at which point Impus cooed, "Mama."


  • When Bansheera privately threatened to give his Star Power to Impus, Diabolico privately declared his powers would never belong to the "worm" as Impus slept nearby.
  • As the others entered, Vypra admired the "cute one," saying he was probably dreaming of the day he grew up and took over.


  • After Bansheera had left after threatening Diabolico again, he growled at the sleeping Impus, saying the spoiled brat would be nothing if he weren't the queen's child.
  • Approaching to destroy Impus before he got his powers, Diabolico was interrupted when Jinxer arrived and innocently asked what he was doing.


  • When Diabolico was destroyed, the Star Power flew in from the ceiling as a red point of light and went into Impus's forehead, making him coo and open his eyes, and the child giggled as Vypra observed he had the Star Power.
  • On his pedestal, a streak of green sparkles flew from Impus's pacifier and then into him, forming a larger red cocoon around him as he giggled.
  • The cocoon pulsated red and hovered as Loki observed it was happening.
  • Ryan knew of Bansheera's son Impus.
  • Appearing over the city, Bansheera introduced her heir and their destructor; her blue cloud turned orange as she vanished, and the massive red cocoon descended from the clouds over a skyscraper, perhaps a bit smaller than a giant monster.


  • The cocoon flew over the city blasting random orange energy bolts and blowing up buildings; the teens raced after it, but bolts blasted near them, blowing them out of the Rover.
  • The Rangers chased after the cocoon into a large crate area, where they found Jinxer, Vypra, Loki, and Batlings.
  • Carter had them fire at the cocoon, causing a wall of flame to wash over them and the villains as the cocoon crashed into the ground, making a crater.
  • From the flames with green eyes glowing, Olympius flew up from the crater laughing.
  • Olympius was a humanoid red dragon warrior in red and gold armor, the Star Power star in his breastplate, and he held a dual-bladed pike.
  • Olympius had the same red dragon facial fins he'd had as Impus, but now with a white face, green eyes, and a black lightning bolt-like zigzag coming down from each eye.
  • Olympius introduced himself while hovering above the Rangers; he told them to bow to him, but Carter leapt to tackle him, and as the two fell, Olympius flew away as flaming energy, then stomped on the fallen Carter from above.
  • Olympius's hand deflected Chad's V-Lancer beams.
  • Olympius could shoot a flaming stream from his hand.
  • Pinned, Carter drew his Rescue Blaster, but Olympius grabbed it and kicked him in the face, then shot him calmly with his own laser and discarded it.
  • After pummeling Carter, Olympius landed in front of the others, and a gold ray of light from his Star Power star sucked them in as Ranger-colored energy.
  • As Olympius approached Carter to complete his collection, the warrior suddenly wailed in pain, and Jinxer rushed to help him.
  • Jinxer advised his prince he shouldn't use all his new powers too soon, as he needed time to get used to them; Jinxer had him come with him to take care of him, and they swirled away in purple specks, followed by the other villains.
  • In the skull castle, weakened Olympius clutched a column as Jinxer remarked on how proud his mother would be over his captures.
  • Olympius fondly noted the planets would soon be in perfect alignment for them to give her spirit a bodily form.
  • Welcoming Prince Olympius, Vypra told him his powers were impressive for a demon so young; Loki agreed not bad for a kid, wanting to destroy the teens, but Olympius had use for them first.
  • Loki referred to the Star Power star in Olympius's breastplate as a charm around his neck, but it would only be in such a form when Olympius shapeshifted into the teens.
  • Olympius planned to infiltrate the Aquabase; Loki sarcastically told the "genius" great idea, as the Aquabase was underwater, asking, "Ever see a monster get into water? Of course not! We lose our power!".
  • Olympius morphed into each of the four captured teens, the Star Power as a red star pendant around his neck; each impersonated teen wore a Lightspeed jacket with no ID card.
  • All of Olympius's impersonations had pale faces and darkened zombie-like eyes which went unnoticed by everyone.
  • Ryan had been too young to remember much about Olympius; he did describe, however, that Impus had been next in line after Bansheera had given Diabolico the Star Power.
  • Olympius was young, but once he learned how to use his power, he would have even more power than Diabolico, Ryan said.
  • A tech picked up a signal from Chad, and Carter drove to the site, where Olympius was in the form of Chad.
  • Hiding his necklace in his shirt and dusting himself up, "Chad" stumbled out in pain and didn't know what had happened or where the others were.
  • After entering the Aquabase with Carter, Olympius then had an Aquabase ID card, but each time he morphed into a new teen, his card would morph as well to match; however, it was apparently not a real, functional card.
  • In a corridor, Olympius-Chad touched his temple and spoke in Olympius's voice to Vypra that he'd infiltrated the Aquabase, having her move her army to the secret entrance.
  • As Carter, Ryan, and Mitchell planned to send out search parties for the other teens, Olympius-Chad touched the pendant to his skin, morphing into Kelsey to keep the entry clear.
  • "Kelsey" cheerfully greeted the three and told them they'd all made it back, so they could call off the search party; in parting, Carter wondered how she'd known of the search party, and she explained she'd just assumed.
  • At a panel in Ops, "Kelsey" tried operating a keypad, but her access was denied; she shouted at a tech demanding to know why she couldn't get in, and he oddly explained she needed to use her passkey, showing her the slot.
  • Olympius-Kelsey searched Mitchell's desk, throwing papers about, and she opened the upper right drawer, finding an "All Access" passkey.
  • As Mitchell entered his quarters, "Dana" was seated on the couch with a magazine, the scattered papers all cleaned up instantly.
  • "Dana" hugged Mitchell, knowing he was Dana's father and telling him she'd come by to let him know she was okay.
  • Mitchell invited her to the galley, but she yawned and left to get some rest.
  • At Transport, "Dana" watched through a door window as Miss Fairweather worked near a control kiosk labeled "Aquabase Security," and he morphed into Joel before entering.
  • Working buttons, "Joel" inserted the passkey, and the entry gate began to open.
  • Miss Fairweather struggled with "Joel", finally pressing "Emergency Close," but the villains forced the door upwards as "Joel" pressed more buttons before Miss Fairweather managed to pull out the passkey, causing the door to seal shut.
  • Carter picked up the dropped passkey, and "Joel" pretended to be his buddy.
  • Carter angrily confronted the impostor, shouting for him to get away from the console, but "Joel" grabbed Miss Fairweather and morphed into Olympius.
  • Olympius demanded the passkey, and as Carter handed it over, Ryan struck the villain and grabbed Miss Fairweather away, and the passkey fell to the floor; Carter then tackled Olympius, using a leg trip to knock the both of them into the pool, making bright white energy flashes as they were lost from view.
  • On a beach, Olympius and Carter crawled weakly to shore, soaking wet, and Olympius seemed to be steaming slightly.
  • The four Rangers beamed out of the star on weakened Olympius's chest.
  • Olympius staggered and was very weak; as the other demons arrived, Jinxer rushed to care for Olympius, saying the water had weakened his powers, and they would retreat as Vypra sent in Thunderclaw.
  • After Thunderclaw's destruction, Olympius was angry, but Vypra teased him about his best not being good enough, and Loki told him to grow up and learn a thing or two from the master.
  • Olympius retorted that there was no time to wait, as Queen Bansheera would be returning soon.


  • As the planets approached alignment, Olympius said the Rangers had to be destroyed by the time they brought his mother back; Vypra assured him Bansheera would return.
  • As Loki and Vypra left with a plan, Olympius planned to take matters into his own hands.


  • As the planets neared perfect alignment, Vypra excitedly told Jinxer to get Olympius, as it was time to go to Mariner Bay for the ceremony.
  • At the ceremony site, Loki told Spellbinder he'd be in charge, but Olympius didn't think so, as it was too important and Loki had failed his mother too many times.
  • To teach him respect for his insolence, Loki ordered him to spend the ceremony in the Skull Cavern; Olympius left telling Jinxer he wasn't yet strong enough to stop them, but he would be soon, and Jinxer nervously followed.
  • From the skull castle, the two watched, but Olympius was reluctant to celebrate before the ceremony was over.
  • As Bansheera appeared over the city to destroy it with a tidal wave while the Rangers battled giant Spellbinder, Ryan's destruction of the altar stopped the ceremony, and Bansheera, the energy beam, the tidal wave, and the dark clouds all vanished.
  • Anguished, Olympius cried out in fury and pain.
  • In the fiery basement, Jinxer and Olympius were dismayed as Loki and Vypra entered; Olympius was furious with the "buffoons" who had wasted his mother's only chance of getting her body back.
  • As Olympius shouted at Vypra's excuse, Loki stood in front of Vypra and threatened to teach him a lesson he'd never forget if he ever spoke to them that way again.
  • Olympius kicked Loki down, saying he was through with them, thinking he'd never see his mother again, but Bansheera's voice then weakly spoke Olympius's name as her new "body" emerged from blue light.
  • As Olympius was shocked, Bansheera spoke, "Yes, Olympius, it is your mother."
  • Hugging the hovering mass, Olympius could hardly believe she had survived but then asked what had happened to the rest of her body; Bansheera replied the Rangers had done this by ruining the ceremony, and Olympius planned to make them pay dearly.


  • In the skull castle, Olympius showed Queen Bansheera something on the viewing blob: a giant spiked asteroid glowing red from within; Olympius said it was so powerful it would completely obliterate Mariner Bay in just seconds.
  • Queen Bansheera was very impressed, exclaiming it was brilliant, as even the Rangers wouldn't be able to stop it.
  • As the Rangers manned the Lightspeed Solarzord, Bansheera sent Olympius to stop the Rangers, as their firepower could destroy his asteroid.
  • Olympius planned to black out the sun to leave them powerless, a plot he would reuse in the future many times to cripple the Solarzord.
  • Appearing below as the Rangers recharged in the sun, Olympius, his star pulsing, generated blackish-purple energy wisps, creating a dark dome over the Lightspeed Solarzord, and all of their power dropped.
  • Blasted by the Battle Boosters' lasers, Olympius tried to resist, saying they'd never make him retreat, but he staggered back, and the Rangers then retreated.
  • Queen Bansheera said if the plan worked, Olympius would be her second in command, but the asteroid would be destroyed by the Omega Megazord.


  • In a secret laboratory in a skyscraper in Mariner Bay, Triskull, a blue demon-like being from Mirinoi, told guest Olympius that there was almost enough life energy collected to restore Queen Bansheera's mighty powers.
  • Calling him a fool, Olympius said almost wasn't good enough, asking when he'd have it all, and Triskull replied very soon, assuring him the powers his mother would receive would be well worth the wait.
  • Agreeing, Olympius said his payment was delivered as promised, kicking open a chest of golden coins.
  • Before vanishing, Olympius also guaranteed Bansheera wouldn't wait much longer.


  • In the lab as Trakeena spoke of using the life force energy to turn green again, a brown bat watched from an archway, its eyes lighting up red, and the demons watched through its eyes in the viewing blob in the skull castle.
  • Olympius's voice sounded extremely sedated at all times during the episode.
  • Olympius was pleased with the effectiveness of the spy bat, and Bansheera told him she didn't tolerate traitors.
  • Vypra obstinately asked Olympius what he was going to do, and he planned to destroy all of them; Loki begged to let him do it, but Olympius planned to have revenge himself, as he'd been the one who was fooled.
  • Bansheera warned Olympius not to let Trakeena mutate to green, or she would have the power to crush even him.
  • Having a plan, Olympius summoned from red energy a dagger with a wide hilt and, from purple energy, a vial with a cobra's head stopper, the sight of which startled Vypra.
  • Olympius said this poison was stronger than ten taipans (a very poisonous snake) and that even Trakeena stood no chance against it, pouring the glowing purple goo all over the dagger blade.
  • Confronting the Lightspeed and Galaxy teens later, Olympius laughed over his luck, being able to destroy the Lightspeed Rangers and the Galaxy Rangers as well; he was joined by Loki, Vypra, Jinxer, and Batlings.
  • As the ten Rangers fought Batlings, Olympius looked as saber-wielding Damon leapt to strike, but Olympius caught the blade and stomped him to the ground, then blasted incoming Chad with a red energy beam from his hand.
  • Soon, a golden beam formed from blasts from eight of the Rangers struck Jinxer, Olympius, and Loki as Vypra stood in the rear.
  • Initially growling, Olympius then cheerfully wondered why he was wasting energy destroying them, as he'd let Trakeena do that; summoning the poisoned dagger, he laughed that Trakeena had wanted to mutate, so he'd let her have her wish.
  • Olympius threw his glowing purple dagger, and it flew into the hole in the skyscraper above, stabbing into a hose in Trakeena's mutation apparatus as she was mutating in the lab.
  • The life force liquid tainted purple and disappearing, Trakeena vanished as a purple cloud of energy which flew down and transformed into an enormous monster with long tentacles.


  • As Vypra's Starlight Crystal plan was coming to fruition, Bansheera assigned Loki to stop the Rangers' interference and sent Olympius along with him to make sure the destruction (of the Rangers, or perhaps the city) was complete.
  • In the mountains, the Rangers found Olympius and Loki strolling past a cave in the mountains.
  • To attack, Olympius streaked over to the Rangers in a golden gleam, leaving a fire trail on the ground.
  • Olympius told the Rangers he would destroy them, but Loki wanted a piece of them too, and Vypra's Moleman monster joined them as well.
  • Following Carter's Battle Booster-enhanced flying punches, Olympius and Loki then joined the nearly defeated Moleman, but when the Rangers fired the Spectra Blast, Olympius leapt aside, and the monster's explosion sent Loki flying in agony.


  • As Vypra, Olympius, and Loki sat at a banquet table in the skull castle, Olympius had a plate full of assorted fruits, including apples and a mango, but he was busy swishing his blue beverage as he told Loki to stop playing with his food (live rats).
  • As Loki said he enjoyed eating them while they were riled up, Olympius called him disgusting and useless, and Loki angrily stood, demanding he take it back; an unamused Vypra meanwhile rose as well, and Jinxer fretted.
  • Olympius remarked it was true, as Loki hadn't created a monster in ages, and he doubted if Loki even could; to prove otherwise, Loki threw a card into the demon maw, and Cyclopter emerged.


  • Downtown, Olympius and Mantevil walked through rubble; Olympius asked where the Rangers were, and Mantevil replied they'd be there.
  • As the four Rangers were losing to Mantevil, Chad summoned the Rescue Bird, and Olympius watched pleased as it flew down in Unilaser mode.
  • Olympius pulled out a small demonic device which generated a red ray from its horn, pulling the descending Unilaser to him.
  • Holding the Unilaser, Olympius told the Rangers the Rescue Bird was his now.
  • Mantevil told Olympius now was his chance, to let them have it, and Olympius aimed, telling them this was the end.
  • Dana begged Olympius not to do it, please, but he said goodbye and pulled the trigger.
  • During the apparent death gasps of the fatally wounded Rangers, Olympius said Mother would be so proud of him when she found out there was only one Ranger left.
  • When the day repeated, Chad used his Battle Booster just the same during the battle, but approaching as he'd apparently done the first time around, Olympius struck him and snatched the Battle Booster off his wrist, presumably discarding the device.
  • This time when Mantevil told Olympius to let them have it after he'd stolen the Unilaser, Olympius was not shown telling the Rangers this was the end, and Dana's begging was less intense.
  • As Olympius nearly pulled the trigger, this time telling the Rangers to "say goodbye" rather than saying goodbye himself, Carter blasted with lasers as he flew in.
  • The nearby explosion from Mantevil's destruction blew the Unilaser from Olympius's hands.
  • Carter flew by overhead, but Olympius leapt and flew through the air after him, shooting at him with orange energy from his pike.
  • The two flew over a rocky beach at jetlike speed, and Carter flew even faster, diving downward; he then pulled up suddenly, and Olympius crashed down a hillside below.
  • In the skull castle following giant Mantevil's destruction, Olympius apologized to his mother, but Bansheera replied he disappointed her.
  • Olympius tried to explain Red Ranger's new weapon, but Bansheera silenced him, telling him there was no excuse, and Olympius left promising to do better next time.


  • After Olympius had heard Bansheera in the skull castle planning to put Vypra and Loki in charge, Loki and Vypra approached Olympius in an isolated area outside Mariner Bay to which he'd called them.
  • Olympius offered to put their differences aside, saying they'd only have enough power to defeat the Rangers and build the palace if they used their energy together.
  • Olympius gave them his word, calling himself son of Queen Bansheera and heir to the throne; he called for them to put down their weapons and shake on it.
  • As they shook, Vilevine's finger tentacles emerged from the earth and wrapped around Vypra and Loki's legs, slowly pulling them underground as they struggled.
  • As the two were pulled under, Olympius told them no one replaced him, laughing that they'd actually believed he'd share his power with the likes of them.
  • Once they were gone, Olympius picked up Vypra's discarded sword and stabbed it into the soil into which Vypra had vanished.
  • In the skull castle after doublecrossing Vypra and Loki, Olympius told Bansheera that the two had been destroyed mercilessly by the Rangers despite both their valiant fighting and his efforts to help.
  • Troubled, Bansheera told him they had been loyal warriors, wanting their destruction avenged, and Olympius replied no one destroyed demons and got away with it.
  • In the woods, Vilevine briefly reported in on the plan to attach spores to the teens, and they then parted ways.
  • After having Jinxer resurrect and enlarge Vilevine in the skull castle, Olympius emitted purple energy from his star, and purplish black mist rolled through the sky over Mariner Bay; this was the second use of his sky-darkening power, but the instance in 820-OPrj had not filled the entire sky.
  • The sky turned a deep red/purple, presumably to preclude the use of the Solarzord; this followed the Rangers' use of the Solarzord to suck Vilevine's spores into space.
  • As the Omega Megazord confronted giant Vilevine downtown, lightning bolts ripped down around them, setting the surrounding city ablaze.
  • The sky lightened as soon as Vilevine was destroyed.


  • During an outdoor test, Freezard sprayed freezing liquid at the teens and Miss Fairweather, and the Rangers morphed as Olympius stood nearby.
  • When a fireball shot down from a seemingly high elevation, the Rangers were surprised to see Olympius confronting them nearby, although he'd been standing nearby all along.
  • Olympius blasted again from his pike and charged, fighting the Rangers well.
  • After capturing four of the Rangers, Freezard prepared to capture Carter as well, but Olympius claimed the "last surviving Ranger" for himself.
  • Just then, Loki and Vypra blasted the two from behind, amusedly betting Olympius was surprised to see them again.
  • Confronting the two, Olympius told them they just weren't smart enough to learn, planning to get rid of them for good this time.
  • Summoned by Vypra, the resurrected Diabolico noted little Impus had grown, thanks to his Star Power.
  • Olympius thought Diabolico had been destroyed, and he agreed he had been, but he was now back to reclaim his rightful place.
  • As Olympius said he was in charge now, the two fought with staves and kicks.
  • Olympius and Diabolico seemed to be fairly equally matched in strength and combat ability despite Olympius's possession of the Star Power.
  • Olympius used his blur-streak maneuver in combat with Diabolico.
  • Suddenly, blue lightning bolts blasted them both back as Bansheera appeared in the sky and ordered them to stop and return to the Skull Cavern immediately.
  • In the skull castle, Bansheera expressed surprise over Diabolico's return, and Olympius complained about his interference.
  • As Loki and Vypra entered claiming Olympius had tried to destroy them, Olympius lied that they were trying to get his Star Power, and Diabolico interjected that it was his Star Power; at this point, Bansheera ordered them all quiet, not caring about their petty lies and hatred.
  • Bansheera had Olympius go to capture the last Ranger, telling him not to fail her.
  • Soon, Olympius sent a transmission from the skull castle to Rescue Ops, issuing a challenge for Red Ranger to meet him alone at the edge of the northern woods, or he would destroy his friends.
  • As Batlings fought Carter, Olympius wanted to watch Carter suffer as his friends were destroyed in front of him, soon summoning Freezard to the fray.
  • As the Lightspeed Solarzord confronted giant Freezard, Olympius darkened the sky from below to even the playing field, his third time doing so.
  • Lightning bolts struck the Lightspeed Solarzord, blasting it apart into Solarzord and Lightspeed Megazord as auroras rippled in the dark sky above.
  • Losing power, the Rangers sent the Solarzord away, where it was able to recharge them somewhere outside of the dark region.
  • By the time the Rangers formed the Omega Megazord, the sky wasn't particularly dark anymore.
  • Following Freezard's destruction, Olympius entered the lair, and Diabolico taunted him.
  • Olympius told him to watch how he talked to him, but Diabolico retorted he would always be Impus the runt, demanding the Star Power.
  • Diabolico told the prince he couldn't hide behind his mother forever and that he would take the Star Power, by force if need be, and Olympius replied he was welcome to try.


  • Downtown, the dragon gladiator Infinitor attacked; the Rangers fought him, but he easily reflected their attacks as Olympius watched from above.
  • Infinitor looked remarkably similar to Olympius, being a red dragon warrior with a white face.
  • Joel managed to get Olympius to hit Infinitor with a fire blast, allowing them to hit the monster with the Spectra Blast; Infinitor weakly dropped to his knees, and Olympius teleported them both away.
  • In the skull castle later, Olympius somehow knew the Aquabase scientists were trying to discover a way to defeat Infinitor, and they agreed they had to be destroyed; Infinitor would soon attack Clark and Miss Fairweather on their picnic in the park.
  • As the Lightspeed Megazord summoned its saber against giant Infinitor, despite Infinitor's pounding it and the Solarzord, Olympius, watching from the castle, darkened the sky for the fourth time, turning the sky blood red again.
  • In the darkness, the Rangers switched to the Omega Megazord and only won by wielding the discarded Lightspeed Megazord Saber, at which point the sky lightened.


  • In the skull castle, Olympius summoned an egg from the demon maw.
  • Diabolico didn't believe the mere egg could destroy the Rangers, but Olympius replied it would soon hatch into a monster and destroy whatever it saw.
  • Vypra offered to hatch the egg, but Olympius replied that Jinxer was the only one he could trust, and Jinxer emerged.
  • Olympius told Jinxer the egg had to be hatched underwater, having him care for it.
  • In the lair following Bird Bane and the egg's destruction, Jinxer hid behind a pillar as Olympius called out for him, smelling him nearby.
  • Jinxer tried to tiptoe away, but Olympius fireblasted the column beside him; Jinxer anxiously pleaded, but Olympius fireblasted him twice in the butt and chased as he ran away.


  • Vypra was apparently in charge as she manipulated Chad and Marina.


  • In lair during Memorase's attack after four of the Rangers had been given amnesia, Olympius told Diabolico his plan had failed once again, but Diabolico interjected that they only had one Ranger to contend with.
  • In response, Olympius asked, "So?" and Diabolico voiced his intentions to render Pink Ranger useless as well.


  • Queen Bansheera told Olympius he had disappointed her greatly, considering that perhaps she should give his Star Power back to Diabolico, but Olympius protested hurtfully.
  • Bansheera slid back into the shadows, telling him not to fail her again, and Olympius called in Jinxer, having to prove to her that he was worthy.
  • Waiting for Jinxer, Olympius shadow-fought furiously with his pike until winded.
  • Olympius knew Jinxer held the key to the monsters' Shadow World, demanding he give it to him so he could go there.
  • Startled, Jinxer exclaimed it was a horrible, desolate place, but Olympius ordered him to hand over the small golden skeleton key and left.
  • Coming to a set of red doors deep within the castle, Olympius unlocked them and was met by the Gatekeeper who allowed him to enter.
  • In the Shadow World, Olympius ascertained this was where the spirits of the defeated monsters were exiled.
  • Olympius wanted Gatekeeper to lure the Power Rangers into the Shadow World.
  • Confronting the new arrivals, Olympius welcomed the Rangers to the monsters' Shadow World and, to make sure they never left, locked the doors with the Golden Key, and the doorway vanished with blue energy.
  • His staff destroyed, Gatekeeper cried that without his staff, he had no control over the monsters, and the two fled from the lurching armada.
  • As Olympius cowered behind him, Gatekeeper said they'd never stop, and Olympius held up the key and summoned the doors as instructed.
  • While the Rangers were pummeled by the monsters, Olympius and Gatekeeper headed for the doors, but lightning bolts from above blasted them back, and the doors vanished.
  • The key flew from Olympius's hand, and giant on the horizon, Diabolico's image held the glowing key; he then vanished laughing that Olympius would be there forever.
  • Later gasping on the ground from the monsters' blasts, Olympius declared he would not be left there to perish.


  • A weakened Olympius wandered through the wasteland before finding Gatekeeper lying unconscious partially buried in the earth, and Olympius woke him up.
  • Gatekeeper couldn't believe they'd been betrayed by one of their own, and now they were stuck there amongst the remains of defeated monsters, left there to wallow in their grief forever, but Olympius refused to accept it.
  • Flickering in the sky, Jinxer told Olympius he'd found a way out in an ancient book, but it was quite dangerous.
  • Jinxer said the only way out of the Shadow World with the portal closed was to conquer all of the defeated monsters and absorb their powers, but this would not appear to be the case in practice.
  • Olympius planned to do whatever it took to escape and have his revenge on Diabolico.
  • In the Shadow World, Olympius faced down what was mostly the same small army from 832-Sorc; the monsters were faltering and apparently somewhat beaten already.
  • Olympius told the monsters he had to take their strength, as it was the only way he could escape, and he slashed them with his pike repeatedly, apparently severing limbs.
  • A white mist from Olympius's mouth sucked up a heap of beaten monsters, leaving behind what looked like stray smoking body parts.
  • Olympius then sucked up the rest as they were still standing, and he morphed into a bulkier form.
  • Laughing evilly, Olympius morphed into a spikier, bulkier, more hideous warrior form, with a long tail and larger wings, with new chest armor still bearing the red star.
  • Gatekeeper begged Olympius to share the monsters' powers with him, but Olympius shoved him aside, saying he could feel the power pulsing through his veins and they were his alone.
  • Nearby, Olympius held Gatekeeper close to leave, holding up his hand and generating a golden energy bolt into the sky which tore a black fissure into the sky; they would emerge in a burst of flames from the earth in a cemetary.
  • Jinxer remarked Olympius had more power than he'd ever seen, but Olympius noted it wouldn't last and that Jinxer had to find him another energy source to fuel his Star Power.
  • Charged from afar by the Aquabase's Power Core, Olympius observed this new power was incredible, and Jinxer said it would be even stronger soon.
  • Olympius could still shoot his regular fire blasts from his hands.
  • Carter tried to fight Olympius but was punched and then tailwhipped back.
  • When the Rangers drew the Thermo Blasters, Olympius called them an excellent choice, and his energy (shown by a close-up of his charging star) then caused the laser beams to bounce off him with red electricity.
  • Olympius could now shoot green fireblasts from his hands.
  • Using his energy again, Olympius grew to titan size.
  • Catching the Solarzord's punch, titan-sized Olympius grabbed the Zord by its neck and told it he'd crush it like a tin can, then stabbed his sharp fingers into its stomach and tossed it aside.
  • During the Lightspeed Megazord Saber's fire slash, Olympius caught the blade in his hands, and it dissolved with black corrosion.
  • When the Supertrain Megazord joined the fray, Olympius told Jinxer he needed more power, and as the medallion continued beaming, Olympius's chest was shown charging yet again, and he laughed he could feel the tremendous power as his star gleamed with golden light.
  • Outstretching his wings, Olympius flew past the two Megazords, slashing by them.
  • Hovering, Olympius told the Rangers this was the end, ordering them to bow down to Prince Olympius.
  • Olympius blew his wings rapidly, shoving back the Lightspeed Megazord with a green energy cyclone from his wings; when the Supertrain took a second cyclone blast, an explosion engulfed the Megazord and broke it apart into its component Rail Rescues.
  • Confronted by the Omega Megazord and Lightspeed Solarzord, Olympius told the Rangers that all of their Zords together were no match for the strength of his limitless Star Power, and his star charged again.
  • Flying again, Olympius generated more cyclone blasts at the two Megazords.
  • When the medallion was smashed in the Aquabase, Olympius dropped from the sky, realizing his power was gone.
  • The Omega Missile struck Olympius in the stomach, and the Lightspeed Solarzord followed with wrist lasers; then following dual charged slashes from the Omega staff, Olympius's Star Power star shattered.
  • Olympius stumbled forward saying he wasn't beaten yet, but he sparked and then fell and exploded.
  • In the flaming rubble below, Jinxer found the groaning Olympius in normal form; his Star Power star was gone, his eyes dim, and the area around his eyes dark.


  • In a cave, beside a small campfire, a darkened Olympius with rags for a sling and a head bandage grabbed his pike and asked who was there, but it was only Jinxer.
  • Jinxer brought Olympius a vial of green liquid.
  • Jinxer told Olympius to rest and that he'd nurse him back to health; after drinking the liquid, Olympius had Jinxer return to the skull castle before the others suspected anything.
  • Jinxer agreed, saying the others would think he'd perished in the Shadow World, and he'd then return stronger than ever.


  • In the cave, Olympius, now without his sling, stood despite Jinxer's urging to conserve his energy.
  • Olympius argued that he needed to build up his strength, blowing up some rocks with an orange blast from his staff; he exclaimed he could feel his strength returning, and when he had his full powers back, he would have his revenge.
  • As Olympius stomped with determination, the campfire by his foot flared up immensely.


  • After Jinxer had rushed to the cave to tell Olympius of Bansheera's transformation, Olympius confronted the spying Carter outside, wielding his pike and no longer wearing bandages, although the area around his eyes was still darkened.
  • Olympius's Star Power was somehow restored.
  • When Carter, having been tossed around for some time, dodged Olympius's fireblasts and escaped on his Red Mobile Armored Vehicle, the winded prince said they weren't through with this.
  • Weakened in the wilderness with Jinxer following Bansheera's disappearance in battle with the Lightspeed Megazord, Olympius swore revenge for his mother, but Jinxer reassured him she'd merely vanished and might be all right.
  • Hearing his mother's distant echoing laughter, Olympius was joyed to hear his mother was still alive.


  • Confronting Diabolico in the woods, Olympius sought a duel to the finish, summoning Diabolico's discarded staff with golden energy; Diabolico agreed to the duel, and the two locked in combat.
  • In addition to his hand fireblasts, Olympius shot a red energy pulse from his staff.
  • Locking staves after blasting at each other, the two slammed their sparking staves into the ground, flinging the both of them back.
  • Finally, the two charged toward each other, the area tinted orange, and collided in a blinding white light, making a large forest explosion with a fiery spherical shockwave.
  • Walking through the castle, Olympius ordered defensive Batlings out of the way as the chained Diabolico trudged through in front of him.
  • Bansheera was shocked to see her son had survived.
  • Having defeated Diabolico, Olympius planned to use his powers to finally crush the Rangers, and Bansheera congratulated him and then put Diabolico under her control.
  • Dark cloudy circles opened at various points in the sky over Mariner Bay, blasting the city with lightning, apparently to draw out the Rangers before Olympius's arrival.
  • Following a brief rumble, red energy particles rained down before Olympius materialized from yellow flames.
  • Olympius introduced his new warrior, summoning Diabolico with a blue energy cloud from his staff.
  • Mystified, the teens asked Diabolico how he could fight for the queen after what she'd done, but Olympius replied Diabolico couldn't hear them.
  • Ordered to destroy the Rangers, Diabolico mechanically approached with a grunt, and the teens morphed.
  • During the fight, Olympius flew overhead, raining down red staff pulses on the Rangers.
  • Blasted and struck by Carter's Trans-Armor Cycle during the fight, Olympius fireblasted Carter off his cycle as he was racing toward Diabolico.
  • Inspired by Carter to remember Bansheera's betrayal, Diabolico approached Olympius despite the prince's orders to stop; the two again locked in combat.
  • Knocked back by a strong kick, Diabolico nearly handed Carter the Golden Key, but as Olympius blasted with his pike, Diabolico shoved Carter out of the way; critically wounded, Diabolico fell and exploded.
  • The combined blasts from the Trans-Armor Cycle's armor and Mega Battle armor caused Olympius to crackle with red electricity, and he then fell within the flames of a massive explosion, apparently defeated but not physically destroyed.
  • In her lair following, Bansheera called for the two demons to grow with even more power than before.
  • As Bansheera held out her hand, her finger tentacles reached down from the sky and wrapped around Diabolico and Olympius's fallen bodies, charging them with gold energy.
  • Olympius grew with a red dragon head and new chest armor design.
  • While giant Olympius and Diabolico were both shown to be the same size, their individual size changed in relation to whether they were fighting standard Megazords or the taller Supertrain Megazord.
  • Giant Dragon-Olympius lifted the Supertrain Megazord with blue mouth bolts, flinging it back.
  • Giant Dragon-Olympius fired numerous fiery mouthblasts.
  • As Olympius and Diabolico absorbed energy blasts from the Zords, they returned the blasts as energy bolts the same color as the blasts' initial colors, Dragon-Olympius firing from his mouth.
  • A brief eclipse and an incantation from Jinxer caused lightning bolts from the sky to pour into giant Diabolico and Dragon-Olympius; as the sun returned, the two demons' eyes gleamed white.
  • Diabolico remarked they had been recharged, never having felt such power in his life; Olympius remarked nothing could stop them now.
  • Confronted by the Lifeforce Megazord, Diabolico had them take the Rangers down, and Olympius agreed.
  • Charged at Lifeforce level 3, the Lifeforce Megazord slashed its golden saber in an X; the yelling demons crackled and glowed with blue energy and then exploded, unleashing twin floods of blue energy into the sky with a yellow shockwave.
  • Amidst a chain reaction of explosions, the two blue beams connected high above to a bright point in the sky; with a golden gleam in space, blue shockwaves flew out from Earth as a skull-like demonic face with a star in the forehead dissipated in a blue cloud, shattering outward with specks of white light.


  • In spirit form, Diabolico now had the Star Power gem in his chest once more.

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