Omega Megazord
- Megazord formed by combination of Omegazords
Omega Megazord
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First Appearance: 820-OPrj
Last Appearance: 840-FLs2
Pictures: Omega Megazord (shown at right), sentai cockpit, US cockpit, blaster
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  • Calling for the Omega Crawler, the Rangers activated a Battle Booster code, apparently 1-1-1.
  • The Omegazords transformed, Three docking with One, Two splitting, Four and Five transforming, and the arms and legs then docking.
  • Upon assembling, the Omega Megazord would initially be in Omega Crawler, with legs spread and bent for front crawler legs and its arms as rear crawler legs, its chestplate folded down over its groin for a nosecone cockpit; the Omega Missile staff was attached to the top as a cannon.
  • Flying down, the Omega Crawler created a place to land on the spikey surface below by firing a series of red laser pulses from its nosecone.
  • The Omega Megazord's cockpit was nearly identical to the group Rail Rescue cockpit, although uncompressed as before the Rail Rescue cockpit compacted for Supertrain Megazord mode; the seats were in the same order.
  • With four purplish jets on each of its "feet," the hovering crawler landed.
  • Chad apparently controlled the flight of the crawler, and Carter perhaps controlled the walking.
  • The Rangers walked the crawler to the first site where Dana was to bury the first explosive: Dana deployed the drill arms, and two silver robotic arms extended from the Omega Megazord's shins.
  • Omega Five's hand began spinning with the press of a button, and when Dana pushed her joystick forward to begin drilling, the hand drilled into the rock, and she pulled back to remove the arm.
  • Once the hole had been drilled, Kelsey inserted explosive #1, and Omega Four's arm extended holding a yellow canister with a sigil.
  • Joel reminded Kelsey she did not want to drop that thing, but she replied she was already nervous enough.
  • Kelsey pressed a thumb joystick button, and the arm released as the canister began spinning itself into the hole; Kelsey then pulled back, folding the arm back in.
  • At the second location, explosive #2 was inserted into a drilled hole just the same.
  • When the Omega Crawler was pinned to Olympius's asteroid by rocky spines, Carter planned for them to detonate the explosives manually despite Mitchell's warning that it would be too dangerous.
  • When Carter called for the Omega Megazord, a silver sigil labeled "V-Mars Transform" slid open before him, and he pressed the button within; flashes of mini-explosions in blew off the rocky spines touching the Megazord.
  • The Omega Megazord, its chestplate back into position, arose into standing position with its staff.
  • Carter inserted his blaster grip calling for the Omega Missile, and Joel hoped this worked; the Megazord then plunged its staff into the asteroid's surface, and giant explosions blew the asteroid apart; the Solarzord-Rail Rescue train would soon fly out of the asteroid's explosion unharmed.


  • As the Omega Megazord held the weakened Galaxy Rangers in its palm, golden light from their Orion power spread up through the Megazord; in the cockpit, the displays in front of the Lightspeed Rangers were glowing gold with specks of light in the air, and the Galaxy Rangers materialized behind their matching Rangers from gold light.
  • As the Omega Megazord glowed gold, the Orion Galaxy Megazord's shield and crown formed on it to power up its finishing slashes.


  • The Omega Megazord was immune to whatever power loss affected the Lightspeed Megazord and Solarzord in Olympius's darkness spells.


  • Retrieved and wielded by the Omega Megazord, the Lightspeed Megazord Saber was charged with trailing yellow energy amidst flames, and its energized finishing slash was accompanied by a fireball and gold electricity in the background.


  • Carter was able to form the Omega Megazord alone.


  • The four Rangers were able to form and pilot the Omega Megazord without Chad present.


  • The Omega Megazord could fire red energy pulses from its wrist.
  • Running on reserve power from a protracted battle and then repeatedly blasted by redirected energy from giant Olympius and Diabolico, the Omega Megazord fell, missing its left arm, and lone pilot Chad was ejected amidst fallen scrap metal.
  • In the sentai footage, the Lifeforce Megazord cockpit looked nearly identical to the sentai Omega Megazord cockpit rather than its sophisticated design shown briefly in US shots; coincidentally in 839-FLs1, the US Omega Megazord cockpit looked identical to the sophisticated US Lifeforce Megazord cockpit.


  • Downtown, a Lightspeed salvage crew operated a crane as it lowered the Omega Megazord's severed arm onto a flatbed truck near the fallen Megazord.
  • Later, near the white halfpipe building, the Omega Megazord still lay downtown, although its severed arm would be shown to be reattached shortly.
  • Attacking the salvage crew, Jinxer and Batlings entered the Megazord, hijacking it.
  • Of the US Lifeforce and Omega Megazord cockpits, which were clones of each other (the same situation as the sentai footage) but which did not match their sentai counterparts, it was the Omega Megazord cockpit which featured a red sigil above the cockpit, whereas the Lifeforce Megazord's was blue. (Note: Both sigils are off-screen on most TVs and are generally viewable only with a screen capture device such as a Snappy - and even then only during certain frames where explosions jar the camera.)
  • The Omega Megazord, now with both arms, was repaired sufficiently enough to walk around carrying large stone structures under Jinxer's control.


  • Circling around, Carter and Ryan fired together multiple times at the Omega Megazord as it held the sixth and final stone.
  • The Omega Megazord returned fire with a blue and silver double-barreled hand cannon with a sigil on it; the weapon fired dual red lasers, blowing up buildings and only slightly managing to nick the Mobile Armored Vehicle during its numerous shots.
  • Leaping at the last minute, Ryan and Carter ejected as the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle slammed into the Omega Megazord's back with a large explosion, making the torso completely explode.
  • Despite the two Rangers' efforts, however, the sixth stone (accompanied by a sparking severed robot arm) fell into place as the Megazord's exploding legs collapsed.

    - Phrases used to assemble Omega Crawler
    820-OPrj Carter (pressing Battle Booster buttons): "Omega Crawler, activate!"
    Four Rangers (doing same): "Activate!"
    833-OlUn Carter (from afar): "Omega Crawler, activate!"

    - Phrases used to transform Omega Crawler into Omega Megazord
    820-OPrj Carter: "Initiate Omega Megazord!"
    838-SDem Chad: "Transform!"

    - Phrases used to assemble Omega Megazord directly
    826-ATRO Carter: "Let's do it!"
    Rangers: "Omega Megazord!"
    827-FrZo Carter: "4-5-6, engage!"
    Rangers: "Omega Megazord!"

    - Phrases used once Omega Megazord is complete
    820-OPrj Chad: "Omega Megazord, transformation complete."

    Omega Megazord staff
    - staff wielded by Omega Megazord
    Omega Megazord staff
    You are here: What / Technology/Equipment / Giant fighting machines / Zords / PRLR Zords / Omegazords / OmegaMegazord
    First Appearance: 820-OPrj
    Last Appearance: 838-SDem


  • The Solarzord-Rail Rescue train featured the Omega Missile staff latched onto Rail Rescue Five folded over into a cannon mode.
  • The Omega Missile staff formed a cannon on the top of the Omega Crawler as well.
  • When the Omega Crawler was pinned to Olympius's asteroid by rocky spines after having planted explosives in the rocky surface, Carter planned for them to detonate the explosives manually despite Mitchell's warning that it would be too dangerous.
  • Wielded by the Omega Megazord, the Omega Missile staff was a gold staff with a gray shuttle-shaped missile on the end.
  • After forming the Omega Megazord, Carter inserted his blaster grip calling for the Omega Missile, and Joel hoped this worked; the Megazord then plunged its staff tip into the asteroid's surface, and giant explosions blew the asteroid apart.


  • The Omega Megazord could fight with the shuttle tip still on the end of the staff.
  • The Omega Missile finisher consisted of the gray shuttle tip being launched like a rocket into its victim with explosive force; in the shuttle tip's absence, the staff had a golden blade.
  • The Orion Galaxy Megazord Saber's finishing slash, followed by the Omega Missile finisher, caused giant mutated Trakeena to erupt with enormous explosions which spread outward and struck the Zords, and Trakeena soon recovered.
  • A golden X slash from both the Omega Missile staff's blade and the Orion Galaxy Megazord Saber while the Omega Megazord had the Orion armor destroyed Trakeena.


  • A glowing gold dual slash from the shuttle-less staff destroyed giant Cyclopter, although it had the shuttle tip as the Megazord then posed.


  • Dual energy slashes from the staff (from afar, it seemed) didn't faze giant Mantevil.


  • The Omega Missile, followed by two charged slashes from the staff blade, destroyed giant Vilevine.


  • Double slashes from the Omega staff destroyed giant Freezard.


  • The Omega Missile struck giant Infinitor's shield ineffectively.


  • Once titan-sized Olympius's enhanced power source was cut off, the Omega Missile struck Olympius in the stomach, and the Lightspeed Solarzord followed with wrist lasers.
  • To give it all they had, Carter performed the Omega staff's dual charged slash attack, shattering Olympius's Star Power star and causing him to fall and explode.


  • The Omega Missile, followed by a charged staff slash, destroyed giant Aquafiend.

    - Phrases used to wield staff with shuttle tip
    820-OPrj Carter: "Activating Omega Missile."

    - Phrases used to fire Omega Missile
    Carter: "Omega Missile, fire!"
    833-OlUn Carter: "Full power!"
    834-NepD Carter: "Fire!"

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