- Lightspeed Rangers' final fleet of Zords; five individual space vehicles
Omegazords (clockwise from upper left: 1, 2, 4 and 5, 3)
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First Appearance: 820-OPrj
Last Appearance: 840-FLs2
Pictures: Omegazords (shown at right), cockpit, cockpit external view
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  • Days after Ryan's departure, Miss Fairweather explained to the teens a simple modification to Carter's Battle Booster to allow them to operate Max Solarzord by remote, which they'd need to initiate the new Omega Megazord, surprising them.
  • Bringing up the Omegazords on the monitor, Miss Fairweather giddily introduced them as, "The very latest in Zord technology."
  • Inside the elevated Train Bay, a giant crane arm was shown about to lift Omegazord One, with Pyro Rescue One beside it; in the background was Rail Rescue One.
  • Realizing the Lightspeed Solarzord couldn't destroy the approaching asteroid, Miss Fairweather had the Rangers return to initiate the Omega Project.
  • To initiate the Omega Project, the Train Bay's arm set Omegazord One on Rail Rescue One's loading door, and it closed; the others were placed into their respective Rail Rescues offscreen.
  • Pulled into space by the Solarzord, the Rail Rescues opened their side doors and deployed the five Omegazords.
  • The Omegazord cockpits were similar to the Rescuezord cockpits, with red V's on the side walls.
  • Each Omegazord was a unique Ranger-colored spaceship bearing a number matching its owner's Ranger number.
  • Omegazord One formed the head and torso of the Omega Megazord; Two formed the arms, Three the waist, and Four and Five the left and right legs, respectively.


  • On this occasion, none of the Solarzord-Rail Rescue liftoff was shown, as the Omegazords were merely shown assembling the Omega Megazord in space-like streaks; whether the Omegazords could assemble without being in space is uncertain.


  • To switch from their Rescuezord cockpits in the Lightspeed Megazord on Earth to the Omegazord cockpits in space, the Rangers teleported from one cockpit to the other in Ranger-colored energy, the only instance of the Lightspeed Rangers actually teleporting.


  • Previously damaged from the battle in 838-SDem, the Omega Megazord was destroyed by a kamikaze impact from the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle.

    - Phrases used to teleport into Omegazords
    827-FrZo Carter: "Boarding Omegazords!"

    - Phrases used to deploy Omegazords from Rail Rescues in space
    820-OPrj Carter: "Omegazords, engage!"

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