- planet in a prohibited sector; crossroads for the forces of evil and other intergalactic criminals/fugitives
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First Appearance: 616-FDrk
Last Appearance: 732-PQsS
Pictures: Onyx (PRiS; shown at right), Onyx (PRLG), bartender, auctioneer


  • Upon realizing that Darkonda had kidnapped his sister, Andros secretly went to the planet Onyx, a red planet with yellow rings, located in a prohibited sector.
  • Beneath Onyx on the Megaship's star chart was "Onyx" and "661 32;" this presumably set it within the Milky Way, if the numerical address were 661.32 to signify local coordinates.
  • Onyx had a blue sky with an orange tint to its atmosphere, and the area where Andros went to spy on the villains gathered there was like an Old West town in the desert.
  • Pulling up to the Onyx Tavern where two Quantrons and two Tengas stood beside a parked Velocifighter, three more Quantrons were driving Piranhatron bikes.
  • Beside the saloon were a staircase, a satellite dish, and some crates behind which Andros put on a cloak.
  • Inside the saloon, the Onyx Tavern, were Octophantom (just leaving), Sinister Simian, Batarax, Darkonda, a Crocovile, Skygantor, two "Gray" aliens, Psycho Yellow's monster form, Marvo the Meanie, and numerous other monsters, mutants, and aliens, including what looked like a cyborg woman, a hammer-headed silver robot, and a dinosaur-like bartender who served an ant creature a steaming canister of sugar bowl zinger; Darkonda teased the ant that he looked just like his aunt, not amusing the ant.
  • Darkonda went upstairs; down the hallway above was a "Bottled Drinks" sign, and Darkonda went past that and knocked on a door beside a "Rooms" door.
  • An aged elven fellow opened the door a crack and apologized that they were closed, but Darkonda forced his way in and picked up the elf, ordering that he give him a vial of strength potion.
  • The elf scurried into the back to look while Darkonda waited outside.
  • Speaking with Ecliptor in the back, the elf told him to hurry, or Darkonda would destroy him; Ecliptor gave him a vial of red liquid to give Darkonda, then picked up the elf and insisted he'd never been there.
  • Hearing something, Darkonda approached the door, and as the elf returned with the vial, Darkonda looked inside, but Ecliptor had stepped back into the shadows; Darkonda then took the vial and left.
  • At a table, some villains played a card game with circular cards; the dealer was a hooded monster razor-edged teeth, playing with a green-skinned alien with two bulges in his head and a hideous face, a creature wearing a metal mask with eyeholes and grin-like mouth slots, and a villain known as Skygantor.
  • The dealer won, and the green-skinned alien got up, with Darkonda taking his seat.
  • Darkonda put down a blue gem and told the dealer to deal, but a cloaked Andros then joined the game.
  • When asked by Skygantor who he was, Andros, speaking in a low throaty voice, replied he was just a traveler, and Darkonda agreed, "Aren't we all," and had the dealer deal.
  • The circular cards had "Onyx Tavern" printed on the back.
  • Each card player put down one crystal, making a total of five.
  • On the walls of the tavern were several dinosaur-like lizard monster heads.
  • As the dealer dealt three cards to each player, Darkonda took out a wad of necklaces and jewels to bet with.
  • Skygantor put down five crystals, and Andros put down five more; the silver-masked player put in a necklace, and Darkonda added a pearl necklace, calling.
  • When Skygantor took out five black keycards to bet with, the dealer yelled that they were worthless, but Darkonda carefully examined them with intrigue, asking where he'd gotten them.
  • Skygantor defensively told the dealer, "I stole them when we battled on Eltar!"; the dealer was unimpressed.
  • Skygantor added, "They were Zordon's! They must be worth something!" and Darkonda agreed, saying the keycards were priceless.
  • Giving in, the dealer then shrugged, "Eh, it's only money!" and shoved in his whole pile of necklaces and gems.
  • Skygantor showed his hand, and the cards had orange, red, and yellow squares and triangles on them.
  • Skygantor had three zanabas, but Darkonda topped that with five zanabatars (still only three cards).
  • The silver-masked player and dealer were beaten, and the dealer threw down his cards and grumbled, "Not again!"
  • Andros laid down his cards, and upon seeing it was a zinta, Skygantor stood and aimed a large gun at Andros, telling him, "You cheat!"
  • Andros kicked Skygantor's legs out from under him and caught his gun, aiming it back at him; he growled at Skygantor, "You're the one who was cheating, and you're lucky I'm in a good mood today," then set the gun on the table and walked over to the bar to look through the keycards, which were the only prize he'd taken from the table.
  • Darkonda ordered from the "server" two Onyx juice specials for the traveler and himself, and Andros would drink from the steaming cup.
  • Spotting the Morpher on Andros's arm, Darkonda slashed at him, calling him Red Ranger, at which point the bar patrons began to get anxious, either from the mention of the Ranger, or merely from the fight breaking out.
  • The bartender kept wiping the bar as the fight moved past the bar near the steps.
  • As the fight moved up the steps, a female alien planning to go down was frightened off.
  • At various locations in the Old West streets of Onyx were Quantrons, Piranhatrons, Coralizer, Punchabunch, Cogs, the Toy robot, Octophantom, Stag Beetle, Marvo, and Tengas.
  • One shop on the street Andros flew through was a restaurant, and another was a bank, with another a motel.


  • Recalling the struggle on Onyx when interrogated by Astronema, Skygantor described the Red Ranger's presence and said that Darkonda had eventually discovered he was a Ranger in disguise.


  • In space upwards of a year after 643-CTD2, was an orange planet with lighter and darker areas that made the planet look geologically active, as well as a green moon; this planet was later called "Onyx" despite it not looking like the ringed Onyx in 616-FDrk.
  • Trakeena wandered through a blue-skied desert, perhaps a salt flat, leaving her staff behind in the desert; she eventually staggered into the Onyx Tavern.
  • Onyx's air was no longer tinted red as it had been in 616-FDrk.
  • At the bar were numerous human-like tough guys, but each having a slight modification/mutation in the face; the dinosaur-like bartender was still there.
  • At a table, Villamax played the round card game with a tough-looking Western-type human.
  • At the stairs, Villamax's friend Kegler said a happy, "Well, goodbye then," to an alien with insect antennae like Trakeena's, a red face, and a gold cloak.
  • Among assorted human-like and alien beings in the saloon were several past monsters (all of them based on living creatures), including Rhinoblaster, Fearog, Waspicable, a Barillian Bug monster, and Termitus.
  • Also in the saloon were an ant-like monster playing cards with the Barillian Bug, as well as what may have been the alien dealer from 616-FDrk.
  • Trakeena entered the bar, and everyone looked at her as she approached the bar.
  • Trakeena pushed her way between two rough human-like bar patrons and rudely ordered a drink.
  • On the wall behind the regular bartender was a stone cobra head quite resembling the one in the Tomb of Forever on Earth.
  • One of the men, an unsavory man with an alien-shaped snout in place of a nose, leered at Trakeena; the other had an alien-shaped forehead and wore a metal mouth/nose mask.  Click for picture
  • Trakeena took the mouthplate guy's green drink and drank some, making him angry, but she then spit it out on the snout guy's outfit; he told her his mom had gotten him that.
  • The mouthplate guy wanted an apology for his friend, and she began to walk off sarcastically, saying the next time she came there, the drinks had better be free.
  • The snout guy grabbed Trakeena's arm, and when she went to hit him, the mouthplate guy grabbed her arm, letting the snout guy hit her in the stomach, then threw her back, knocking her back into the table where the Barillian Bug and ant monster were playing cards.
  • Trakeena charged, but a black-haired guy with an eyepatch and gross protruding head bumps (Click for picture), sitting at a table nearby, tripped her, and the snout guy threw her, making her feet slam onto Villamax's table.
  • Getting up, Trakeena grabbed a glass bottle and hit it repeatedly against the side of the table but couldn't break it, making the crowd laugh at her.
  • A dinosaur-like monster head with horns was on the wall.
  • Trakeena threw the bottle, but the snout guy caught it and shattered it in his hand, then bumped arms gleefully with the eyepatch guy.
  • Trakeena was thrown right out of the saloon by the three guys, and when they approached her outside, Villamax said it was no way to treat a lady.
  • Villamax, whom the three guys didn't know, took off his shortsword belt to teach them a lesson in manners.
  • Destructoid was across the street watching.
  • The three guys attacked, but Villamax beat them up, making them run away.
  • A place across the street from the saloon had rooms available.
  • Some time later, perhaps weeks or months (see "Missing time"), Trakeena returned to the saloon, where the same two guys were at the bar, and the third at the table.
  • Soccadillo was now in the saloon as well.
  • With two fingers, Trakeena held down the snout guy's arm he was holding his drink with, took the drink, and released, making him punch himself in the face.
  • Trakeena drank the green liquid, then shattered the glass in her hand in front of the mouthplate guy's face.
  • Trakeena beat up the two guys and spin-kicked a chair held by the third guy, shattering it, making the three run away; she then joined Villamax outside, done showing off.
  • A "Billiards" sign hung on the wall outside the saloon.


  • The night after Kendrix's death, Trakeena and crew watched as the four Rangers flew into space after the missing Quasar Saber.
  • Knowing news about the saber would travel fast in the underworld, Trakeena sent Villamax to check for rumors, and he knew exactly where it would end up; presumably he thought of Onyx.
  • Soon after finding the Quasar Saber in his field on Gwinnet, the short humanoid Runtus had sent or taken it to an auction on Onyx, perhaps having received gold nuggets in payment; learning this, Deviot sent word to Trakeena by way of Ironite.
  • In the Onyx Tavern, a crowd of monsters and some humanoids had gathered for an auction; the auctioneer was a bearded bald man with bone spikes in his head, dressed in a Victorian nobleman outfit; his assistant, a pale woman with purple hair in a red dress, held a silver laser cannon, for which the bid rose from 160 to 180 Zanabatars.
  • Present at the auction were Oysterizer, Flamite, the ant moster from 721-Heir, Marvo the Meanie, Sinister Simian, Piranhatrons, the dealer alien from 616-FDrk, Soccadillo, Termitus, a red Crocotox, both Shark Brothers, the blue beetle monster, and future monster Decibat.
  • Hoping to entice higher bids, the auctioneer said certainly this weapon that had belonged to Tahaga the Great was worth more; thinking it still worked, the auctioneer accidentally shot a red laser beam which shattered a masked bar patron's drink of bubbling green liquid, and the auctioneer apologized.
  • An alien speaking an alien language bought the weapon for 250 Zanabatars.
  • As the assistant took the cannon behind a curtain into a back room, guarded by two humanoids in cloaks, the auctioneer introduced the crown jewel of the auction for which they'd all been waiting, "the Pink Ranger's Quasar Saber."
  • The assistant came out holding the Quasar Saber, followed by two Piranhatrons.
  • The auctioneer began bidding at 1,000 Zanabatars, and the crowd clamored to bid, rapidly escalating to 12,000.
  • Among the crowd were humanoid women, some as mutated as the males.
  • Sitting at the bar with long black hair, Astronema called out one million, stunning everyone.
  • Stunned by Astronema's presence, the auctioneer composed his wits and welcomed her, trying to confirm her bet; approaching slyly, she offered instead that everyone present would get to keep their lives if she got the Quasar Saber, shocking the crowd.
  • The auctioneer took the Quasar Saber from his stunned assistant and presented it nervously to Astronema, and she told him to continue, casually spinning the saber in her hand and in turn making his trousers drop, revealing boxer shorts with dollar signs on them.
  • As Astronema prepared to leave, Trakeena stood with Villamax on the upper balcony as she shouted down that Astronema had betrayed the darkness and become good; before revealing the secret, she appeared to be the only person present who knew that Astronema was now Karone.
  • Villamax leapt down and approached Astronema, and two Piranhatron grabbed her as she tried to step back; knocking the Piranhatron back, she pinned a guard to the wall with the nearby piano, and then dodged Villamax's sword.
  • As Astronema dodged backwards over a railing, her black wig fell off, revealing the long straight blonde hair of Karone.
  • When Karone actually swung back at the attacking Villamax with the Quasar Saber, Villamax was sent falling into a chair, and she was surprised by the strength of her blow.
  • Karone fled the building as Trakeena ran down the steps after her.

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