Orb of Doom
- magical orb used by Master Vile to turn back time
Orb of Doom
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First Appearance: 333-RIRv
Last Appearance: 333-RIRv
See Also: Rock of Time, Chronosapios


  • Master Vile held the Orb of Doom in a metallic sphere with tiny holes of various shapes in it.
  • Master Vile said that the power within the sphere (either the Orb or its container) could destroy a planet and all its inhabitants; Zedd didn't find this fact at all useful.
  • The Orb of Doom was the most powerful natural crystal in the galaxy.
  • Red and blue energy briefly shot out from the Orb of Doom once the container was opened.
  • The Orb of Doom, when placed properly on the Earth, would cause the planet to freeze on its axis while it reversed time.
  • The designated coordinates for the Orb of Doom were just north of Angel Grove.
  • Zordon told the teens that Master Vile had summoned the darkest force in the universe, the Orb of Doom; he said it was a treacherous crystal and described its ability to reverse time.
  • Zordon warned the teens that once the Orb of Doom was secured, it couldn't be removed.
  • Once placed on the ground in the proper location, the Orb of Doom shot out a blue energy ray which darkened the sky and caused the ground to rumble briefly.
  • When morphed Tommy tried to retrieve the Orb of Doom, it blasted him away with blue and gold energy.
  • On the moon palace's balcony, facing the Earth with red energy bolts flowing around him, Master Vile called forth, "Ultimate power, I command you, arise and conquer with venemous sinew!"; the Orb of Doom again shot a beam of blue energy into the sky, and now its upper half turned gold, while its lower half was blue.
  • Master Vile called out, "Give me the strength, the power, and the might, and people of Earth, good night!"; the Orb of Doom, now no longer gold and blue, appeared to explode (perhaps destroying itself in the process), and blue energy streaks then washed over the planet, turning back time as Vile shouted, "Ultimate power, exert your force! Reverse the Earth's natural course!"
  • What looked like the shadow of a person standing nearby could be seen in the Orb of Doom just before it exploded to turn back time.
  • The Orb of Doom appeared to turn back time roughly seven or eight years, based on the resemblance of the teens' child forms to their child forms during the Rock of Time's time regression.
  • Many problems with the Orb of Doom's time regression suggested that the orb actually activated a powerful spell which merely turned people (and some objects) into forms similar to their past forms, rather than actually regressing time into the past.
  • The time reversal left everyone in their same clothes and activities, turning them into kids, with a guy at a strength-testing hammer game turning into a teen; it turned a dog into a puppy and Lt. Stone into a child.
  • Bulk and Skull, still in police uniforms, seemed confused.
  • Lt. Stone had been at a stop sign in his car, and he remained in his car as a kid, shouting "Hey!"; only he, the six Ranger kids, and Bulk and Skull seemed to be the only people to notice the change, with the six kids retaining all of their memories.
  • While the younger versions of everyone were in the same clothes as their original selves (with the young Rangers retaining their communicators, unlike the Rock of Time's regression), Rocky now had spiked hair with a ponytail, Adam had a buzz-cut, and Kat had shorter hair with her bangs cut; Billy retained his thin-framed glasses.
  • Feeling hopeless, the six kids were scared and crying, indicating their minds had regressed as well as their bodies.


  • Angel Grove now looked like it did years in the past, making it difficult for the six kids to maneuver through it.
  • After the kids had left the carnival on their trek through Angel Grove to the desert, young Bulk and Skull were now in punk clothes with skateboards, and they only knew Billy.
  • The Orb of Doom had reverted the Command Center to its past form, but Alpha and Zordon retained their memories of the present.


  • The Orb of Doom had only regressed the Earth back in time, leaving everything else the same.


  • Zordon told Billy to remind the kids to have fun, since their younger minds and bodies needed physical release.
  • Zordon said that there was only one object on Earth strong enough to restore time and the teens' powers: the Zeo Crystal.
  • Billy's regenerator, powered by the Power Coins, had in 336-CEvF removed from Billy the effects of the Orb of Doom's time regression by rearranging his molecular structure.


  • After the Zeo Crystal had been activated, glowing red, blue, green, yellow, and pink Zeo shapes orbited the Earth and returned the planet to the present, undoing the Orb of Doom's effects.
  • When the Zeo Crystal restored time and thus the proper ages of the teens, it also made young Tanya, who was from an unknown time in Africa, the same age as the teens; her memories and continuity of thought were apparently unaffected during the time transition, indicating that the time period Tanya was from had been under the effects of the Orb of Doom's time regression.

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