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  • Everyone in Angel Grove but the teens was teleported into another dimension that looked like the Dark Dimension by the moon palace's dimensional vortex beam.


  • As the teens participated in a scavenger hunt contest, Zedd planned to send them on an endless scavenger hunt through "every dimension in the universe," but all further references to his endless scavenger hunt plan would mention the Lost Dimension/Lost Universe rather than every dimension in the universe.
  • Zordon called the Lost Dimension an "intergalactic dimension of no return."


  • After the Power Chamber's sensors had been unable to detect David on Earth or in any known dimensions, Billy remarked it was as if David had dropped off the face of the galaxy.


  • In the storage room of the Scorpion Stinger on an alien planet after Leo had been captured, Trakeena used a green energy bolt from her staff to cause a hole in the floor to dissolve into a glowing red pit with flames dancing out of it, for Leo to be thrown into; this is quite reminiscent of the Vortex of Eternal Doom and Sorrow used by Mama D.

    Time warp
    - dimension to which Bones took the Rangers
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    First Appearance: 102-HiFv
    Last Appearance: 102-HiFv


  • The time warp where Bones sent the Rangers, apparently using the warp opened by Baboo's time device, had a purplish-black sky, a mist-covered ground, and dark trees with mushrooms growing on them; the time device was resting on a tree branch there.
  • Skeleton warriors wielding swords appeared in the time warp to defend Bones.
  • Trini destroyed all of the warriors by running past them with her Blade Blaster blade extended.
  • The Giant somehow thrust his hand through the rock wall of the time warp to grab Jason.
  • Squatt's bomb apparently blasted the other Rangers out of the time warp, back to Earth.

    Internal Vortex
    - dimension inside Eye Guy
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    First Appearance: 107-IEyG
    Last Appearance: 107-IEyG


  • The Internal Vortex inside Eye Guy's main eye was a mist-filled dimension with a gyroscope ride which drained the intelligence from whoever was inside.
  • Having been captured in the Internal Vortex, Willy was freed once Eye Guy had been destroyed.

    Dimensional gaps
    - pocket dimensions throughout the universe
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  • Eons ago, Zordon had discovered the singing squash in the dimensional gap on Bromak 5; Rita had sent the Putties to stop him.
  • There were large mushrooms in the misty forest in the dimensional gap where Zordon went to retrieve the singing squash.
  • The dimensional gap Alpha went to in present day was extremely mist-filled, with purple and orange colors; the ground resembled black plastic trash bag material.

    Madame Woe's dimension
    - dimension to which Madame Woe took the Rangers
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    First Appearance: 109-PL&W
    Last Appearance: 109-PL&W


  • Madame Woe's jewel warped Marge with blue energy bolts to a dark, misty dimension with dead trees and mountain walls in it.
  • There was a blue pond in the dimension.
  • The sky of the dimension was blue, and it rippled like water.
  • After destroying Madame Woe's crystal, Billy spoke to the others in the dimension from seemingly all around them while on Earth.
  • The other Rangers and Marge warped out of the dimension shortly after Madame Woe's crystal had been destroyed.

    Island of Illusion
    - island in another dimension; destroyed by Rita
    Island of Illusion
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    First Appearance: 128-IOI1
    Last Appearance: 129-IOI2


  • Goldar knew that Rita's plan was for Mutitis to destroy the city after Lokar had sent the Rangers to Rita's dreaded Island of Illusion.
  • As the Megazord and Dragonzord fell over from the attacks of giant Mutitis (in demon form), the six Rangers fell through interdimensional space toward the floating Island of Illusion.
  • The Island of Illusion was a brown and green chunk of earth floating through a brownish-orange cloud background.
  • Zordon said that Rita had placed the Rangers beyond his reach.
  • Zordon knew that the teens' self-confidence was the only thing that could save them on the Island of Illusion.
  • There appeared to be some sort of structures at the top of the Island of Illusion.
  • The teens, somehow demorphed, arrived on the island with white streak effects.
  • There were birds and trees, even a gila monster, on the island, and the sky was blue rather than orange.
  • The teens' communicators were gone, and they found no Morphers upon reaching behind their backs.
  • There appeared to be a duck in the lake on the Island of Illusion.
  • Hallucinations of Pineoctopus, Snizard, Pudgy Pig, Shellshock, and Eye Guy appeared and charged at the teens, only to vanish when the teens stood their ground.
  • Goldar told the teens that on the Island of Illusion, nothing was real except the danger.


  • As each teen confronted an illusion which tested his or her self-confidence, he or she began to fade from existence until remembering a positive event which restored his or her self-confidence.
  • The Island of Illusion was deflecting the Command Center's communications.
  • Quagmire said that his tip of remembering positive memories to resist the illusions might get them home, but they had to find the Power Coins on their own.
  • The teens seemed to be certain that their Power Coins were somewhere on the Island.
  • After all six teens had conquered their illusions, the communicators appeared on their wrists, and the teens were able to pull out their Power Coins from behind their backs.
  • Rita, seemingly much larger than the size of giant monsters, appeared in the interdimensional space outside the Island of Illusion; she shook the Island and then obliterated it with a blast from her wand moments after the Rangers had managed to teleport to safety.

    Jellyfish's dimension
    - dimension to which Jellyfish took the Rangers
    You are here: Where / Other dimensions
    First Appearance: 147-ROTJ
    Last Appearance: 147-ROTJ


  • Jellyfish warped the Rangers to a black dimension with a misty ground.
  • Alpha and Zordon lost contact with the Rangers while they were in Jellyfish's dimension.
  • In the dimension which Jellyfish called his home, he was translucent and couldn't be touched, but he could strike the Rangers.
  • The Jellyfish was time-phased; a blast from Zack's Power Axe returned them all to Earth.

    Multidimensional vortex
    - dimension to which Rhinoblaster sent the Rangers
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    First Appearance: 158-FbSe
    Last Appearance: 158-FbSe


  • Rhinoblaster blew from his nostrils a white mist which warped the Rangers in a purple energy whirlwind to a circular dimension with mist at its edges and a raised circle in the center where a purple energy twister kept the Rangers standing.
  • Alpha lost contact with the Rangers once they had been warped to Rhinoblaster's dimension.
  • The Rangers were unable to teleport out of the dimension.
  • Alpha found that there was no other way to free the Rangers than for Green Ranger to throw his Dragon Dagger into the multidimensional mist; if he failed to free the Rangers, both the dagger and the Rangers would be lost forever; they had to hope that the Rangers would be able to reach the dagger.
  • As giant Rhinoblaster blew his mist to trap Tommy, Tommy charged the Dragon Dagger with green energy and threw it into the source of the mist, calling out for Jason to catch it; the Megazord, containing the five Rangers, would then soon emerge from an energy swirl, after which the Dragon Dagger flew down to Green Ranger.

    Bloom of Doom's dimension
    - dimension to which Bloom of Doom took Pink Ranger
    You are here: Where / Other dimensions
    First Appearance: 206-BlOD
    Last Appearance: 206-BlOD


  • Bloom of Doom's eye used a kaleidoscope effect to warp Kim to a misty-floored, black interdimensional warp filled with red cacti.
  • Billy figured out that if Trini threw her Power Daggers at a ninety degree trajectory course, she could penetrate the dimension and also break the spell on Kim.
  • If Kim stayed in the dimension too long, she would remain there forever.
  • The Power Daggers sent Kim and the Bloom of Doom back to Earth and broke the spell over Kim.

    Cave of Despair
    - other-dimensional cave used by Goldar to hold captives
    You are here: Where / Other dimensions
    First Appearance: 222-NjE1
    Last Appearance: 237-FoFr


  • Zedd told Goldar to take the Hasper City ninjas to the Cave of Despair, but when Rocky, Adam, and Aisha won the ninja competition, he had Goldar take the Stone Canyon teens to the cave instead.
  • Goldar took Rocky, Adam, Aisha, and Mr. Anderson to the Cave of Despair, where they were all chained together.
  • Zordon called the cave Zedd's "secret dimension" (see "Dark Dimension").
  • The Cave of Despair was a cave with corroded stalagmites of some sort projecting out of the ground.


  • Zordon said it was imperative they establish the location coordinates of the kidnapped Rocky, Adam, Aisha, and Mr. Anderson; when the computer reported that they were in a closed area in another dimension, Alpha realized they must've been taken to Zedd's "Dimension of Despair."
  • Somewhere in the mountains was a cave entrance which was actually the dimensional opening to the Cave of Despair.


  • Goldar, Squatt, Baboo, and Putties captured five of the World Teen Summit members and took them to the Cave of Despair.
  • When Goldar and crew led the five World Teen Summit members into the main opening of the Cave of Despair, Bulk knew of a back entrance to the cave.
  • When the Rangers went into the cave to free the World Teen Summit members (who were standing in the area surrounded by the corroded, uniform stalagmites), White Ranger said that the forcefield had been deactivated, yet no forcefield had been shown or mentioned.


  • Yellow energy from Goldar's sword teleported Kim and Shawna to the Cave of Despair.
  • Kim and Shawna were trapped inside the area surrounded by metallic stalagmites, between which crackled pink energy.
  • White Ranger's slicing through the forcefield with Saba only gave Shawna time to pass through.
  • Pink Ranger punched and kicked her way free from the forcefield, deactivating the entire system of stalagmite forcefield sections.

    Dimension of Doom
    - prison-like dimension identical to Dark Dimension
    Dimension of Doom
    You are here: Where / Other dimensions
    First Appearance: 214-MGrn
    Last Appearance: 214-MGrn
    See Also: Dark Dimension


  • The Dimension of Doom looked just like the Dark Dimension, with the addition of a prison cell in which the four captured Rangers were held in one corner of the room.
  • Zordon said the only way for Jason to gain access to the Dimension of Doom was for him to defeat Pipebrain.
  • Red Ranger teleported into the Dimension of Doom after destroying Pipebrain.
  • Red Ranger knocked Goldar into the candle stand, starting a fire somehow and making Goldar retreat; the fire spontaneously stopped shortly after Goldar had left.
  • The five Rangers left the Dimension of Doom by leaping through an invisible portal which rippled as each Ranger leapt through.

    Haunted forest
    - haunted forest dimension
    You are here: Where / Other dimensions
    First Appearance: 221-ZdMM
    Last Appearance: 221-ZdMM


  • Zedd called the haunted forest dimension the "Dark Dimension."
  • Zedd called forcing Tommy to fight an assortment of monsters in the haunted forest dimension his "first annual Dark Dimension monster bash."
  • A key monster had been assigned by Zedd to be the gatekeeper of the haunted forest dimension.
  • The key monster's large main key fit into the keyhole in a door in the monster's dimension and emerged from a tombstone in the haunted forest; once the key was turned, no one was supposed to be able to escape the forest dimension; Tommy seemed to appear in the forest with white energy from the key.
  • Tommy was in a graveyard in the haunted forest.
  • The Rangers seemed to be out of the haunted forest dimension once Pumpkin Rapper had grown.

    Lost Dimension
    - place alluded to by Lord Zedd
    You are here: Where / Other dimensions


  • As the teens participated in a scavenger hunt contest, Zedd planned to send them on an endless scavenger hunt through "every dimension in the universe," but all further references to his endless scavenger hunt plan would mention the Lost Dimension/Lost Universe rather than every dimension in the universe.
  • Zedd said he would soon send the Rangers to the Lost Dimension on an endless scavenger hunt; he would later be in the process of opening the dimensional doorway to the "Lost Universe."
  • According to Zordon, Cannontop had enough power to blast the Rangers into the Lost Dimension, an "intergalactic dimension of no return."
  • As giant Cannontop fought the Thunder Megazord, Zedd finally succeeded in opening the Lost Dimension, as a Command Center computer scan revealed.
  • Zordon said they would be powerless to bring the Rangers back from the Lost Dimension, should Cannontop blast them there.

    Dark Dimensions
    - cavern in which Kimberly's energy was drained
    You are here: Where / Other dimensions
    See Also: Dark Dimension


  • After she'd been kidnapped, the unconscious Kim was in a cavern on a slowly rotating table as a device above her was slowly draining pink energy from her head, bit by bit.


  • Billy referred to the dimension if which Kim was being held as "one of Zedd's dark dimensions"; it was a dimension beyond their reach.
  • In the dimension after getting there via Billy's PortalCom invention, morphed Tommy examined the control panel of the device which was draining the energy from the unconscious Kim; he wondered which control turned off the device but then simply decided to try them all; when that didn't work, he punched the control panel, breaking it and stopping the power drain.

    Vortex of Eternal Doom and Sorrow
    - vortex of suffering opened by Mama D
    You are here: Where / Other dimensions
    First Appearance: 519-PTT2
    Last Appearance: 519-PTT2


  • When Divatox, having hung Tommy from his hands in a cave, told Mama D she was trying decide the best way to torture him, Mama D suggested the Vortex of Eternal Doom and Sorrow, as it wasn't "in use right now."
  • Divatox had Mama D call up the vortex.
  • Mama D's incantation to open the vortex was: "Suffer me closer to that smallest cry. No mercy waits for those who step foot inside. Vortex of Sorrow! Vortex of Doom! Up here now, in this very room!"
  • Heralded by white flashes, a square hole in the ground opened up to reveal swirling gray and black vortex, from which eerie voices moaned.
  • Hearing the moaning from within the vortex, Divatox shuddered and said she thought she recognized Pop's voice in there; Mama D replied matter-of-factly, "He asked for it."

    Cirrus Dimension
    - dimension used by Divatox and apparently Astronema
    You are here: Where / Other dimensions
    First Appearance: 528-FOPh
    Last Appearance: 619-IOBS


  • After capturing Cassie, General Havoc sent a transmission to the teens in the Power Chamber, showing them Cassie lying on a table in the Cirrus Dimension with him.
  • The Cirrus Dimension was a black dimension filled with dead trees and a misty ground.
  • After tracking down Havoc's location, the Rangers were able to teleport straight into the dimension, and later straight out as well.


  • After being captured, Ashley was tied with rope to a tree in what looked like the Cirrus Dimension, guarded by Body Switcher.
  • Elgar walked in after calling out to ask where everybody was.
  • After tricking Elgar into releasing her, Ashley (disguised as Astronema) ran away to an unknown destination.

    Maronda's dimension
    - dimension to which Maronda tookGalaxy Rangers
    You are here: Where / Other dimensions
    First Appearance: 728-RRom
    Last Appearance: 728-RRom


  • Giant Maronda caused a pink steam to blow up around the Orion Galaxy Megazord, transporting it and herself into another dimension with a misty ground, a black background, and some other out-of-focus additions to the background "sky."
  • The Megazord swung at Maronda, but she repeatedly changed locations, impossible to hit, then she vanished completely and soon reappeared with her giant head dwarfing the Megazord.
  • Maronda's head blew white mist from her mouth, sending the sparking Megazord falling back into the city, where her size was again that of the Megazord's.

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