- apparently uninhabited alternate world owned by Lord Zedd
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First Appearance: 212-GNM1
Last Appearance: 213-GNM2


  • The five punks were preparing to fight the teens when Zedd teleported them to the Otherworld, which he called his "playland."
  • The landscape and vegetation of the Otherworld looked like Earth.
  • While weakly leaning against a tree after the battle of the Thunder Megazord and Dragonzord against giant Turbanshell, Green Ranger was teleported with white energy bolts into a field in the Otherworld, where Turbanshell was waiting.
  • Zedd soon simultaneously demorphed the other five Rangers and teleported them into a transparent, rectangular forcefield in the Otherworld.
  • The Otherworld was Zedd's dimension.
  • In Zedd's forcefield in the Otherworld, the teens reached for their Morphers but were unable to summon the devices.
  • Zedd told the teens their Morphers were useless in the Otherworld.


  • Zordon said that only a non-Ranger could enter the Otherworld undetected; Tommy, his powers having been completely drained by Turbanshell, went in undetected.

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