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  • The Power Chamber had a new type of alarm on the north wall above the two map monitors of the Power Chamber; the alarm consisted of four lights, two orange and two red, which, when activated, spun around on the wall, accompanied by a cautionary alarm signal rather than a blaring alarm sound.
  • As a gear ship and Quadrafighters flew down into the Earth's atmosphere, the alarm sounded; Zordon said their sensors had detected a breach in the outer atmosphere security grid.
  • The Power Chamber alarm went off at essentially the same crises as the Command Center's alarm had done.


  • Bulk and Skull's call for help into their patrol bike's radio, when Cogs were approaching them, appeared on the Viewing Screen as Billy was connecting some wires beneath the central console.


  • Soon after Joey's initial burst of amplified crying, Billy, in the Power Chamber, explained that their satellite communications transceiver had recorded the crying.
  • Billy said he wouldn't be able to get a lock on Joey until he cried again, but Alpha soon located Joey to be at the Angel Grove power plant.
  • When Alpha located Joey, pink pulses were in the world map (on the Power Chamber's north wall) on the west coast of the United States; the pink circle then expanded to reveal a view of Joey's stroller up high on a ledge at the power plant.


  • Kat had morphed outside of Digster's cave in the forest, then had been blasted off her Zeo Jet Cycle and demorphed somewhere nearby, breaking her communicator; some time afterward, Billy told the other Rangers that Kat's last-known location was in a cave area just outside Angel Grove, and the Rangers soon drove up to her abandoned Zeo Jet Cycle.


  • In the Power Chamber, Billy was able to determine that the source of the hypnotic spell over the bratty kids in the Youth Center was the "large robot" in the area, evil Puppetman.


  • The alarm tripped when a Hydro Contaminator landed his ship by Angel Grove Lake.


  • Once Alpha had locked on to the coordinates of Billy's approaching spacecraft, the Viewing Screen could then show the ship and Billy inside.


  • Every time Billy pinpointed the source of the heat wave (giant Defoliator) on the tracking system, he lost it.
  • Billy thought to increase the capacity on the central tracking unit, but Alpha said they couldn't do so without overloading the system, as the heat outside was starting to wear down the heat shields; they were down 20% already.
  • Billy had them narrow the focus width, successfully locating Defoliator.


  • There was now a second rotating alarm light in the Power Chamber, located above the center panel of the gallery in the southern wall.


  • The sensors were unable to detect David on Earth or in any of the known dimensions; David was actually in a cavern far below the desert.
  • Billy couldn't detect anything special about Tommy's arrowhead with the Power Chamber's equipment.
  • Alpha eventually broke through Mondo's energy shield and found David.


  • Billy adjusted the computer's scanner to show a visual of what was inside the Machine Empire's invisibility shield; Alpha then said he was activating the grid now, and the world map monitor faded to a black grid screen with green stylized lightning bolts (see background image on this page), showing a graphical display of seven ships.


  • Zordon said that a complete scan of the area hadn't located the shrunken Tommy and Kat's homing beacons; Billy said that their homing signals would be diminished.


  • The lights on the alarm above the Power Chamber gallery lit up in sequence rather than rotating; this alarm would do this again frequently but would still rotate at times; in 434-GHom, the alarm above the Power Chamber monitors would begin doing the same.


  • While the alarm was going off, Alpha told the teens that the Zeo sensors indicated that a new monster had been sent to Angel Grove.


  • When Tommy was on his way back to the Power Chamber on foot with Jason, Zordon and the teens couldn't track their location for fear of alerting Mondo to their whereabouts.


  • The approaching Warrior Wheel tripped the alarm.


  • After Gasket and Archerina had arrived on the moon, a control panel in the Power Chamber started making odd bleeps and light patterns, and Alpha said it was the intergalactic warning system; Billy observed that something or someone extremely powerful had just teleported to the moon, then he brought up a thermal image of the couple.


  • After Tommy had vanished from the lake, a global scan revealed that Tommy was no longer on the planet, and Alpha determined that wherever he was being held, his communicator signal was being blocked.
  • Alpha sent Kat and Jason back to the lake with a handheld molecular scanner so that they could search for particles of residual energy from the transport beam, and that would enable them to start a galactic search for Tommy.
  • The handheld scanner had been broken in a fight with Cogs, but Alpha repaired it and traced Tommy's energy residue to another dimension.
  • Displaying a map that looked like a map of the Machine Arena, the Power Chamber monitor gave an approximate coordinates of the "dimensional rift" as 34 72 4".
  • For an unknown reason, a small explosion erupted from one of the Power Chamber's consoles while Alpha was scanning a very strong reading of Tommy's brainwave activity, indicating that something was changing Tommy.


  • Based on Tommy's hunch, Alpha was able to detect a time loop; the source was Gasket's Chronosapios.


  • One of the many changes to the Power Chamber was the addition of a trapezoid of six panels above the northern two monitors; these six panels would be the Power Chamber's new alarm, taking the place of the old Power Chamber's rotating light alarms.
  • After both he and Alpha had sensed the arrival of Lerigot, Zordon had Alpha begin a worldwide search for the wizard.
  • When Lerigot was receiving a telepathic transmission that was disturbing him, Zordon had Alpha attach the cranial transmission scanner (not shown) and connect it to the "Viewing Globe" (actually the Viewing Screen) so that they could see what Lerigot was receiving, in hopes of helping him.


  • When Bulk and Skull, having been turned into chimps, squealed into their police radio while Alpha was teaching Justin about the Power Chamber's communication system, the squealing came in over the Power Chamber's audio system.


  • On the Power Chamber's main console was a panel labeled "Signal Scan," and Justin used the controls to make a Turbo Navigator appear from blue energy from the panel.


  • Although the alarms used in PRZ were no longer in the redesigned Power Chamber, the old rotating alarm would continue to be shown whenever the alarm went off.
  • Just as Lerigot was about to give Zordon his freedom, the alarm sounded for one of three reasons: Amphibitor was on Earth, Porto's device was closing the wormhole to Eltar, and Elgar had brought giant vehicles to attack Angel Grove.
  • The alarm tripped again when the wormhole closer was making the wormhole close on Alpha and Zordon.
  • During Dimitria's arrival in the Power Chamber, the new, six-panel alarm could be seen in the northern wall, proving that the old PRZ alarm was indeed gone and shouldn't have appeared again.


  • Tommy passed a small flashing square device through two scanner projections in the console, then a particle analysis of the Shadow Rangers from their earlier fight showed up on the Viewing Screen.


  • When Tanya dedicated a song to the Rangers on KAGV as a secret message to the teens, it came in over the Power Chamber's audio system.


  • Tommy and Justin had been in the Power Chamber charging the Turbo Navigators when one of them had picked up a detonator in Angel Grove; the alarm was sounding when the other teens arrived, but when it had first gone off, whether on its own or in reaction to the Turbo Navigators' discovery, is uncertain.


  • When Kat picked up a detonator signal on her Turbo Navigator, she returned to the Power Chamber, where Alpha fed the coordinates into the Power Chamber's computer to follow the detonator's movement.
  • After showing a display of the detonator moving through the city for some time, the Viewing Screen finally showed a visual of the fire truck the detonator was on.


  • While the three teens in the Power Chamber had been unable to find the captured Justin on any of the scanners, T.J. picked up a signal from the warehouse district on Lightning Cruiser's display.


  • The Power Chamber's sensors weren't able to detect the arrival of Phantom Ranger's ship.
  • When Phantom foiled another attack by Divatox's henchmen, this time at a gold mine, the Viewing Screen initially showed Phantom Ranger fighting while invisible, but then showed him fighting while invisi-warped.
  • After the second fight, Dimitria told the teens they'd determined that the planet Eltar was the source of the mysterious power (presumably Phantom's).


  • As Clockster was reversing time (though not affecting the Power Chamber), the new six-light alarm was reflected in Dimitria's tube; the lights were going off in sequence, but there was no noise coming from it.


  • The morning or day after Divatox had flown her subcraft up to the Space Base one night, Alpha told T.J. and Carlos about having tracked the subcraft leaving the Earth.


  • As the Rangers followed Phantom through a tunnel beneath Angel Grove, Alpha couldn't locate the Rangers, but their communicators still worked.


  • The six-light alarm was again seen in an establishment shot of the Power Chamber, showing that the Zeo rotating alarm was not present.
  • Divatox's Space Base was shielded from the Power Chamber's sensors.
  • The Power Chamber wasn't able to detect a signal from Cassie until she'd teleported out of the Cirrus Dimension.


  • The teens were trying to locate Divatox's Space Base, but they couldn't find it while its shields were up; Alpha said they couldn't boost the scanners any higher without burning them up.
  • Carlos soon said they knew where the Space Base was, but nothing could get through her shield.
  • Once the evil Turbo Megazord had been sent from the Space Base, Alpha detected it as a massive object in space headed for Angel Grove.


  • The new alarm was finally shown going off; it had a chirping trill rather than the sound of the Zeo alarm.


  • One morning, the scanners detected an energy source, actually Lord Litter in the form of a wad of trash, near T.J. in the woods, but Alpha couldn't get a lock.


  • In an urgent message to the teens from Eltar, Zordon began to warn the teens of something, but his signal shorted out; Dimitria had Alpha begin a long-range scan, thinking Zordon might have been warning them of an attack.
  • As Goldgoyle approached the Earth, the sensors detected him, although they apparently had not picked up his presence while he was on the moon.
  • The new six-light alarm was shown going off, but it had the old alarm's sound.
  • The sensors apparently didn't detect Divatox and her army setting up in the desert at the base of the Power Chamber's mountain, but when they charged immediately after Dimitria and Blue Senturion had left, Alpha suddenly realized they'd been discovered.


  • After Piranhatron had scaled the Power Chamber's exterior with grappling hooks, one of them smashed a camera on the roof with its sledgehammer, and the image from the camera in the Viewing Screen went to blue.

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