Power Chamber computer
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  • A yellow Morphin' bolt made the transition between the world map on the Power Chamber's left rectangular monitor on the north wall and the display of baby Joey's sound waves which appeared in its place.
  • When Alpha located Joey, pink pulses were in the world map on the west coast of the United States; the pink circle then expanded to reveal a view of Joey's stroller up high on a ledge at the power plant.


  • After Mean Screen had tapped into the system of a computer building in Angel Grove, the Zeo symbol appeared on Mean Screen's monitor, then schematics of each of the Zeozords appeared, along with "UAOH" in the bottom corner, with a Ranger-colored border beneath the UAOH; then on his screen was a schematic of the Zeo Megazord.
  • Mean Screen injected a virus into the Power Chamber's computer network, and afterward, computer-based systems all over Angel Grove began malfunctioning.
  • When Kat, Adam, and Rocky drew their Zeo Laser Pistols, Mean Screen scanned them, and when a blue force field deflected their lasers, Adam said the virus had spread to their laser pistols.
  • A red forcefield deflected the advanced Zeo Laser Pistols' energy beams away from Mean Screen. Alpha said he'd never seen a computer virus quite like this; it had somehow managed to infiltrate the Power Chamber's computer network and was spreading so quickly that he couldn't isolate it long enough to destroy it; it kept branching into different systems.
  • The virus invaded the Zeozords' computer; it was working its way through the protective software and into the main operating system.
  • Zordon said that without the computer system, the Zords would be unable to come together to form the Zeo Megazord.
  • Zordon told the Rangers that Mean Screen had infected their computer-based weapons (rendering the Zeo Laser Pistols and Zeo Blaster temporarily worthless), and Alpha had been working to reconfigure the Defender Wheel; after making it immune to the virus, Alpha teleported it to the Rangers.
  • When Adam brought Alpha an antivirus disk designed by Raymond, Alpha put the 3.5" floppy into a compartment on the console which looked more like a CD player opening.
  • A green lightning bolt symbol made the transition from the world map monitor to a "Zord Status" display, with the five Zeo shapes, and status meters filling up with bright Ranger-colored light; the meters vanished once they were full.
  • Raymond's antivirus cured the Zords and protected them from further infections.
  • After the Rangers had destroyed Mean Screen, the teens all returned to the Power Chamber to do some work, perhaps running tests on the computers.


  • Billy adjusted the computer's scanner to show a visual of what was inside the Machine Empire's invisibility shield; Alpha then said he was activating the grid now, and the world map monitor faded to a black grid screen with green stylized lightning bolts (see background image on this page), showing a graphical display of seven ships.


  • In the Power Chamber, the teens analyzed the items that had been stolen by Piranhatron, and the computer indicated that Divatox was building a remote control system for her Zords.

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