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  • Billy and Tommy wore what looked like protective headphones as they listened to the Power Chamber's recording of baby Joey's amplified crying.


  • Billy used a molecular respacer to restore the size of the Jeep, then the helmetless Tommy and Kat, all shrunken by Sprocket's shrinker device.


  • Billy gave Jason a handheld scanner to help him find in the junkyard the power booster which the Super Zeo Megazord needed.
  • Billy used a gunlike device which shot a blue ray to reconfigure the power booster by adding additional components to it; he then used the same ray to teleport the booster into the Super Zeo Megazord.


  • After Tommy had vanished from the lake, Alpha sent Kat and Jason back to the lake with a handheld molecular scanner so that they could search for particles of residual energy from the transport beam, and that would enable them to start a galactic search for Tommy.
  • The helmetless Rangers each took deep breaths from a vaporizer Alpha had designed with special chemicals to protect their lungs from Cruel Chrome's knockout vapors.
  • The handheld scanner had been broken in a fight with Cogs, but Alpha repaired it and traced Tommy's energy residue to another dimension.


  • Alpha used a handheld scanner to analyze Tommy's brain.


  • Delphine, then in 448-RTW2, Alpha, used a handheld scanner in the Power Chamber to ascertain the advancement of Billy's accelerated aging.


  • Alpha used a handheld scanner on the shrunken Blue Senturion.


  • Alpha used an antique mirror in the Power Chamber to show Carlos his returning reflection after he'd been temporarily cured of his vampiric symptoms.


  • Alpha used a handheld scanner on Justin to analyze his super strength.

    Power Chamber medical table
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    First Appearance: 401-AZB1
    Last Appearance: 545-CIS2


  • The medical table in the Power Chamber was until further notice oriented with its large, covered end toward the wall.


  • As the deactivated Alpha was sitting on the medical table, his feet toward the large end, the table had its large end now pointed away from the wall.


  • When Rocky was in the medical table, his feet toward the large end, the table again had its large end now pointed away from the wall, and the table was now closer to the middle of the room rather than against the wall.
  • Follwing Rocky's idea, Zordon had Alpha encase Rocky in a glass isolation field (summoned with yellow energy) to suffocate the plant cells with pure oxygen.
  • There were gaps between the large foot covering of the medical table and the rectangular glass enclosure which formed around the rest of the table.


  • The medical table was facing in the proper direction, with the large end pointed toward the wall, when Gold Ranger lay on it with his feet in the large end.


  • When Jason, having been turned into a gold statue, lay in the medical table, the table was some distance from the wall, with its large end away from the wall; Jason had his head toward the large end.
  • Billy tried inducing an electromagnetic pulse; blue energy filled the medical table, and Jason was able to move and groan, then he automatically re-morphed into the Gold Ranger.
  • After Jason was back to normal, Billy swung up the top of the big part of the table so Jason could sit up without hitting his head on it.


  • Lying on the medical table while waiting for Cestria to come to the Power Chamber, elderly Billy had his head under the big portion of the table, from which the center panel appeared to be absent; the medical table was currently in the middle of the Power Chamber, with tbe big portion facing the gallery in the southern wall.


  • When Jason lay on the medical table with yellow electrodes attached to his head, the medical table was again in the center of the room, with the big portion facing the gallery; Jason's head was under the big portion, which still appeared to have a panel missing from its top.


  • As one of the many changes that had been made to the Power Chamber, the medical table had been redesigned and was now where the eastern console had been.
  • When Lerigot lay in the table, there was medical technology on the right side of the table, which now had a large arm with some sort of air dome over where the patient's face would be.
  • The large arm over the patient's face was stationary and would have prevented a patient from lying back or sitting up without hitting his head on it; often, patients wouldn't be shown sitting up, but rather, the shot would simply go from just before the sitting-up attempt to just after.
  • The green human-shaped display on the side panel of the medical table had the patient facing the other way.
  • Alpha said the sun had taken its toll on Lerigot but that this treatment he was receiving would, at least temporarily, restore his life force.
  • A readout on the med table of multiple display bars read "Med-Scan."
  • When Lerigot was receiving a telepathic transmission that was disturbing him, Zordon had Alpha attach the cranial transmission scanner (not shown) and connect it to the "Viewing Globe" (actually the Viewing Screen) so that they could see what Lerigot was receiving, in hopes of helping him.


  • Shortly after being blown up in a struggle with the Rangers, the damaged Visceron lay unconscious on the medical table.


  • Blue Senturion lay on the medical table after he'd been taken to the Power Chamber for analysis.


  • Soon after the teens had discovered him, unconscious without his Power Ruby, Phantom Ranger was lying unconscious on the medical table.


  • After Carlos had been turned into a vampire by Count Nocturn, Alpha made an antidote from the enzymes of a lunar bat, and he had the medical table's breathing dome spray Carlos with the antidote gas, temporarily curing his vampiric symptoms.
  • When Carlos sat up in the medical table, he was shown moving his head aside to avoid hitting it on the dome over his head.


  • Justin lay on the medical table, with a small plastic gray pillow under his head, as Dimitria told him that his super strength was incompatible with his Ranger powers.

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