Private Eyes Have It Detective Agency
- Jerome Stone's detective agency
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First Appearance: 425-SSYw
Last Appearance: 450-Good


  • Being fired from the police force because of Bulk and Skull's antics allowed Lt. Stone (soon to be Detective Stone) to start a life-long dream of his: having his own detective agency.


  • Bulk and Skull had a desk which transformed into a ping-pong table.
  • As Detective Stone walked down a hallway near the agency room, he activated a laser tripwire which emerged from a mouse hole in the wall, setting off a cymbal-banging monkey toy in the agency.
  • The agency was called "The Private Eyes Have It" Detective Agency.
  • Detective Stone had their first assignment: the National Association of Record Companies was concerned about an increase in phony record producers who were scamming unsuspecting kids, and Stone said Ernie's new after-hours club was the perfect place for the jokers to operate.


  • All of the actions of Bulk, Skull, Detective Stone, Rito, and Goldar in this episode were apparently included in elderly Tommy's story to his grandson decades in the future, but how Tommy would have known of their actions (including their affiliation with Rito and Goldar) is unknown.
  • Detective Stone gave Bulk and Skull the case of the missing fruitcakes, as someone had been stealing fruitcakes all over town.


  • The sign behind Detective Stone's desk read, "The Private Eyes Have It... Detectives for Hire."
  • Detective Stone told Bulk and Skull that as they knew, trees had been mysteriously disappearing from the Angel Grove National Forest (secretly due to the Machine Empire's invisibility medallions), and he sent Bulk and Skull to investigate.


  • The granddaughter of Old Man Murphy, a man who had been looking for gold out in the desert, hired Bulk and Skull to look through Murphy's old notes and go mining to see if he had really discovered the mother lode, the richest vein of gold in the United States.


  • Detective Stone tried to use a remote control to make a painting on the wall slide up to reveal a TV in the wall, but he had to do it manually.


  • Detective Stone had Bulk and Skull guard the safe/refrigerator of their new client, Mrs. Hufford, containing her priceless, irreplaceable, most valued possession (later revealed to be her secret recipe for her blue-ribbon egg salad sandwiches, as well as several sandwiches).
  • The agency had a quacking duck phone.


  • Mrs. Filler, a woman whose dog, Princess, had run away when frightened by the landing of Pyramidas, hired Bulk and Skull to find the dog, since the police were too busy.
  • Princess had been under Mrs. Filler's sofa the entire time; since Bulk and Skull didn't solve the case and Detective Stone had already cashed Mrs. Filler's check, Stone had Bulk and Skull do all the chores Mrs. Filler wanted done, including watching Princess, washing the windows, unclogging the sinks, cleaning out the garage, cooking, and reshingling the roof.
  • Bulk planned to have Rito and Goldar do the chores for them; when he rang his bell once he and Skull were alone, Goldar and Rito, in maid outfits, stumbled out of the closet in the detective agency.


  • A sign on the agency building read "Angel Grove P.I. Plaza, 111 Detective Drive."
  • Bulk and Skull, wearing punk clothes in the agency, hadn't had a case in weeks, but they'd had cases in 432-DIKY and (although it was apparently part of elderly Tommy's story in the future) 426-ASTR.


  • Detective Stone introduced Bulk and Skull to their new client, Harriet Gerard, executor of the Randolph B. Burble Foundation, makers of Burble Baby Food; the Burble Baby Food Foundation was looking for Mr. Burble's long-lost nephew, the original Burbling Burble Baby; whoever found the baby would receive $10,000; the foundation's records indicated that the baby would be a teenager and would have just moved to the city.
  • Miss Gerard, walking into the Youth Center with Detective Stone and Ernie, said later that their calculations had been off; the baby was older than they'd thought, and he'd been living in Angel Grove for years; the baby was actually Ernie, and Miss Gerard gave him a lifetime supply of Burble Baby Food; to whom the $10,000 reward went is unknown.


  • Detective Stone assigned Bulk and Skull (with the nicknames "agents zero and double-zero"; unknown which was which) to be undercover security for a professional model who was in the Mr. Stenchy fashion show; they used small earpieces to communicate.


  • When Kat told Tanya they couldn't get the props from the high school, Bulk and Skull, between assignments, offered to be paid to find the props on the list; since they were unable to find all the items, however, they were made to dance in the ballet in Jason and Adam's places.


  • When Miss Rodriguez was determined to find the culprit(s) behind the practical jokes at Angel Grove High, Bulk and Skull volunteered for the job, and Miss Rodriguez agreed to hire them; when Humphrey and Bogart, "Ace Crimesolvers" (and the actual culprits) gave Miss Rodriguez their card, Miss Rodriguez said the first duo to find the practical jokester would be handsomely rewarded.
  • Although it had been Kat and Tanya who identified Humphrey and Bogart as the culprits behind the practical jokes, Miss Rodriguez told Bulk and Skull their check would be in the mail as she hauled Humphrey and Bogart off.


  • Bulk and Skull were studying in the Juice Bar, as they were going for their detectives' licenses to become full-fledged detectives.


  • Immediately after Detective Stone stepped out for an hour right after having Bulk and Skull start their tests in the agency, the city's monster alarm went off; Bulk figured the alarm was part of their test, and they continued working on the test to show they could concentrate under fire.
  • In the Juice Bar a different day, Detective Stone told Bulk and Skull that they'd passed their detective's exams, but only because the examiners had given them extra points for completing their test during a monster attack.


  • Detective Stone's desk was covered with a large pile of bills; the agency was near bankruptcy, and as Detective Stone told Bulk and Skull that they desperately needed a case, the power was shut off.
  • Bulk and Skull got Ernie to hire them for security at his beach club luau, but he made them dress in Hawaiian costumes.


  • Bulk and Skull now had an official document from the Detective License Bureau, certifying that they were real detectives.
  • Bulk was unhappy that even though they were real detectives, they were still doing housework, since Detective Stone, Bulk said, didn't trust them enough to give them a real case.
  • Bulk and Skull quit the Private Eyes Have It agency to work on a case in France, in hopes of proving themselves to Detective Stone.


  • No mention was made of the detective agency or Bulk and Skull's trip to France; rather, Lt. Stone, Bulk, and Skull had been re-hired by the police department.

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