- blind friend of Rocky
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First Appearance: 422-TrMe
Last Appearance: 422-TrMe


  • Penny performed at the Angel Grove Martial Arts Expo at the Youth Center; although she was blind, she was able to defend herself against three attackers at once.
  • Rocky introduced himself, Tanya, and Billy to Penny, and they each spoke to her.
  • Penny was defensive and eager to prove that she didn't need anyone's help with anything.
  • Penny read a braille storybook to a group of young children in the resource center at Angel Grove High.
  • Penny, later in the park, consoled a little girl who had lost her dog.
  • Rocky apologized for the previous day, saying he knew how hard it must be sometimes, and Penny thanked him and put her hand on his.
  • Penny planned to teach braille when she got out of school.
  • Penny asked Rocky if he'd like to walk her to the bus stop, and he gladly accepted.
  • There was a very brief and mild chirp just before Penny stopped in her tracks, describing a high-pitched whine.
  • When Rocky's communicator went off, Rocky left Penny sitting on a bench while he left to answer his communicator, telling her he'd go check on both noises.
  • Rocky took a few steps away from Penny and then noisily scurried the rest of the way to hide behind a waist-high brick wall about fifteen to twenty feet away.
  • Perhaps within earshot of Penny, Rocky spoke, rather than whispered, with Zordon on his communicator.
  • Still crouching behind the wall, Rocky quietly called and summoned his Zeonizers, then he quietly and gently brought his Zeonizers together; his generic morph scene contained his normal loud yell of, "Zeo Ranger Three, Blue."
  • Before Penny, soon walking by the Rangers, recognized Zeo Ranger Three's voice as belonging to Rocky, the Rangers were having the following conversation about Defector:
    Kat: "Do you think that robot could be telling the truth?"
    Adam: "One of King Mondo's robots, good? I don't think so."
    Rocky: "I dunno. The creature really didn't seem to want to fight us."
  • After Penny had recognized Rocky's voice, the following scene ensued:
    Penny: "Rocky, is that you?"
    Rocky: "Oh no, Penny..."
    Penny: "What's going on? Who are you with?"
    Kat: "You'd better go talk to her, Rocky. We'll cover for you."
    Rocky: "Thanks. (trots over to Penny, demorphing in a public area as he does so) Yeah, it's me, I'm here. Right here."
    - the other Rangers jog over
    Rocky: "I'm, uh, I'm with, uh, the Power Rangers!"
    Tanya: "Did either of you notice anything strange around here?"
    Penny: "If you mean something really big jumping off the roof and running away, it went that way."
    Tanya: "Great, thanks."
  • If Penny recognized morphed Rocky's voice, she probably also recognized Zeo Ranger Two's voice as belonging to Tanya, whom she had met the previous day.
  • A different day, Rocky had Penny get a dish at the Juice Bar she wasn't sure about, then escorted her to a table.
  • When Billy asked Rocky and Penny about their meeting the Power Rangers, Tanya remarked that she'd heard Yellow (Zeo Ranger Two) was coolest; Kat said pink was such a great color, and Adam asked, "Pink? What about green?"; Tommy chuckled from nearby.
  • Penny eventually heard the voices of all five Rangers and all five teens (though only a chuckle from Tommy).

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