Phantom Ranger
- covert operative for Good and giver of Zords
Phantom Ranger
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First Appearance: 523-PhPh
Last Appearance: 643-CTD2
Pictures: medium shot (shown at right), long shot
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  • Phantom Ranger's ship flew to Earth and landed in the woods beside the soccer field in Angel Grove in which Nico and Justin were playing; Phantom's arrival was timed just shortly after the release of the space cars in 521-TWOF and the introduction of the Turbine Laser in 522-TBTS.
  • Phantom Ranger, completely invisible, beat up Rygog, Elgar, and Piranhatrons, foiling their plans to rob Angel Grove Bank; the Turbo Rangers then arrived on the scene, confused.
  • Eyewitnesses to the fight described the villains' attacker as being invisible but sometimes visible and phantomlike.
  • Morphed Cassie spotted the transparent Phantom walking away from the bank; in this state, which this guide will term "invisi-warped," he was completely transparent, but distortions in his transparency allowed people to see his basic shape.
  • On the subcraft, Rygog and Elgar described their attacker as being a phantom, as it was only partially visible.
  • Divatox didn't believe Rygog and Elgar when they described the Phantom.
  • In the Power Chamber after hearing eyewitnesses' descriptions of the Phantom, T.J. was the first to utter the name "Phantom Ranger"; he said he was hoping the bank's surveillance camera had caught a glimpse of the Phantom Ranger.
  • When the villains attacked Angel Grove's gold mine, the Phantom again trounced them before the Turbo Rangers had even arrived on the scene.
  • As the Rangers split up to look for the Phantom, morphed Cassie could see the Phantom hiding behind a truck, but he was only visible in the truck's mirror.
  • When Cassie went around and couldn't see Phantom, he shortly became invisi-warped, and he stood there as she reached out and touched him.
  • When asked who he was, Phantom replied, "A friend," and turned to walk off; he then vanished without answering Cassie's question of where he came from.
  • The Viewing Screen's playback of the fight at the gold mine showed Phantom Ranger fighting while invisible, but then showed him fighting while invisi-warped.
  • Ashley observed that the Phantom was invisible until he moved, but this was not at all the case, as his switching between invisibility, invisi-warp, and (later) visibility were independent of his actions.
  • After Ashley's (incorrect) observation that the Phantom was invisible until he moved, Carlos concluded that he wasn't human, but rather, a ghost.
  • Dimitria told the teens they'd determined that the planet Eltar was the source of the mysterious power (presumably Phantom's).
  • Dimitria said that perhaps the Phantom Ranger was an Eltarian voyager.
  • If the Phantom truly was an Eltarian voyager, Dimitria said, then no one, not even she, would know his purpose until he chose to tell them.
  • Soon after Rygog had planted a detonator on his ship in the woods while Justin was fighting Piranhatrons nearby, Phantom ran through the Piranhatrons and knocked down Rygog while invisi-warped, then was completely visible (for the first time) as he ran up to his ship and threw the detonator into the air, where it exploded.
  • Phantom's digital helmet display, as seen from Phantom's perspective, bore standard Arabic numbers.
  • As he rushed to save Nico from Rygog and the Piranhatron, Phantom was invisi-warped, and in his rushing, he knocked Rygog and the Piranhatrons aside and took Nico away from them; upon setting Nico down, Phantom became visible to ask the boy if he was okay.
  • Phantom had seemed pained when he'd had to choose to save Nico rather than his ship as the torpedoes raced toward it, but after the large explosion caused by the torpedoes' impact once he'd saved Nico, Phantom help out his hand, making his ship reappear, from the same invisi-warp effect he used to switch between visibility and invisibility.
  • After the villains were gone, Phantom climbed up in through the bottom of his ship, and it flew away into the sky as red energy, leaving the Rangers to wonder whether he would return.


  • Invisi-warped Phantom could see the otherwise invisible Piranhatrons fighting the Rangers while he watched from nearby.
  • Invisi-warped Phantom turned opaque in front of Cassie after he'd beaten up the Piranhatron and made them retreat.
  • Phantom would often do an arm-crossing gesture to turn opaque from being invisi-warped.
  • Visible Phantom helped Cassie up and asked if she was all right, then turned invisible while walking away after she'd asked who he was.
  • When invisible Translucitor was laughing at the morphed girls in the woods as they searched for him and the guys, invisible Phantom beat the monster up, making him visible; Phantom then turned visible but soon turned away and vanished when Cassie asked him who he was.
  • In the Power Chamber, Carlos considered that the Phantom was there to help the Rangers.
  • When the guys were wondering about the Phantom's purpose, Dimitria told them that in time they would know his purpose.


  • Invisi-warped Phantom Ranger watched T.J. as he spied on Elgar, Rygog, and the Piranhatron preparing a rocket which would launch the freeze key into the sun.
  • Invisi-warped Phantom came to unmorphed T.J.'s aid when Rygog and Piranhatron caught him spying on them; he became visible when the other Rangers arrived once the Piranhatron were defeated and Rygog had run away.
  • After T.J. had thanked him, Phantom replied, "No problem," and took a moment to look at morphed Cassie as she looked back at him expectantly; he then vanished.
  • After Carlos and Justin, the only Rangers not yet frozen by the freeze key's stopping of time, were caught in the time freeze as well, Phantom Ranger appeared in the cave, himself immune to the time freeze.
  • Invisi-warped in the cave, Phantom noted that his assistance was needed, and he became opaque; he touched the Green and Blue Rangers' hands, making them teleport to the Power Chamber as he said, "Teleporting."
  • After Phantom Ranger vanished, the freeze key faded away as well, and time was no longer frozen.


  • One afternoon, the teens sat around a tree in the park, depressed that General Havoc had stolen the Turbo Megazord with Metallasaurus, when Phantom appeared to tell them not to despair, mentioning one last hope, but then walked away, saying they must wait and that all would be revealed in time.


  • Porto had printed out information hidden in the Turbo Megazord's database and gave it to Havoc in a black "Top Secret" binder which contained information on the unintroduced Siren Blaster Rescuezord and Artillatron, but most importantly, the Phantom Ranger and his Power Ruby.
  • The picture of Phantom showed him appearing to touch the left side of his helmet, similar to the Turbo Rangers' touching of their helmets at times rather than using their wrist communicators.
  • Porto said that as Havoc knew, they would first have to eliminate the Phantom Ranger in order to defeat the Rangers.
  • A visual of Phantom walking through a dark chamber of some sort showed the location of Phantom's Power Ruby, his life source, located in his chest; capture the ruby, and Havoc could control his power.
  • When the teens wondered about the Phantom's cryptic "one last hope" message the day after he'd visited them, Dimitria told them that its meaning would only be revealed when Phantom Ranger chose to tell them.
  • After the Rangers had fought Piranhatron downtown, a pause in their failure against Metallasaurus, Phantom appeared and told the Rangers to come with him and leave this place immediately, but even after their reluctance to leave, he still didn't mention that they wouldn't be leaving Angel Grove, a fact which would have made them much more eager to come along.
  • Phantom Ranger pointed his hand at the ground, and a square opening in the concrete downtown opened up; Phantom and the Rangers leapt down into a tunnel which led beneath Angel Grove.
  • The tunnel beneath Angel Grove was identical to the much smaller (but, according to scale, the same size) tunnel in Divatox's subcraft in which the shrunken Rangers had been attacked by eels in 517-Shr2.
  • To get past a wall (which Phantom called rubble) at the end of the tunnel, Phantom summoned from an invisi-warp effect a jagged laser weapon which shot a black energy beam; when the Rangers joined in with their Auto Blasters, they were able to blast through; the next time the Rangers would be seen, they would be in the Rescuezords in Artillatron.
  • In the head of Artillatron was a cockpit with at least three seats, perhaps five; in this cockpit, Phantom Ranger sat and gave directions to the Rangers during their first time using the Rescuezords.
  • Phantom spoke into something in his hand to communicate with the Rangers in the Rescuezords.
  • Phantom knew of General Havoc's capture of the Turbo Megazord, and he presented the Rangers with the Rescuezords, supposedly more powerful than any Zords before them, so the Rangers could rescue the city.
  • Still sitting in Artillatron's cockpit after the Rangers had defeated Metallasaurus with the Rescuezords, Phantom reminded the Rangers never to give up.
  • Later, Phantom stood on a building and looked at the city while visible.


  • After Havoc had told Divatox that the Power Ruby was the source of the Phantom's incredible power but that it would be impossible to obtain, Divatox told Havoc that he was going to get it for her.
  • Later, in Cassie's locker at Angel Grove High was a black card in a black envelope; the words "Meet me at Angel Grove Park / A Friend" appeared in white writing on the card; she assumed it had been sent by the Phantom and was soon in the park to meet him.
  • Briefly disguised as the Phantom Ranger in the park, General Havoc revealed his true form with gold sparkles, summoning two Piranhatron and two Chromites as he revealed himself.
  • Sending a transmission to the Power Chamber after capturing Cassie, Havoc conversed with the unmorphed teens, showing them Cassie lying unconscious on a table in the Cirrus Dimension with him, saying a pinch of Narvanian dust would turn Cassie (always calling her Pink Ranger) to stone forever.
  • Havoc told the teens to exchange Phantom Ranger for Cassie, replying to their protest that they didn't know where Phantom was (or even if he was still on Earth) by saying he was sure the Phantom was hearing the transmission, wherever he was.
  • After Rygog had apparently turned Cassie (actually Havoc in disguise) into stone and the villains had left, Phantom appeared in the Cirrus Dimension and was distraught about Cassie's fate.
  • Despite his sense of urgency, Phantom still did his arm gestures to become visible before rushing over to Cassie; why he had to do this is unknown, since on multiple occasions he could become visible without these arm gestures.
  • Phantom Ranger knew Cassie's name (even though Havoc hadn't said it in his transmission to the Power Chamber) and saw the stone shape of her unmorphed form.
  • Phantom said his Power Ruby was the only thing that would bring Cassie back to life.
  • Once the Power Ruby was removed from Phantom's chest, there was only a flat surface where the ruby had been, rather than any sort of recess to hold the ruby.
  • Phantom held his ruby over the stone Cassie's face, and she returned to normal, but then revealed herself to be Havoc in disguise; Havoc grabbed Phantom and teleported away.
  • Alpha knew Havoc was after the Power Ruby rather than the Phantom Ranger, but actually, both Havoc and Divatox had also wanted revenge on the Phantom.
  • Soon afterward in the Cirrus Dimension, Divatox kissed the ruby in her hand while Piranhatron restrained Cassie; meanwhile, Havoc, Elgar, Rygog, and Piranhatron brought the weakened Phantom to her.
  • Divatox was about to remove Phantom's helmet when Cassie got free, and Phantom hit Cassie's communicator out of Divatox's hand to Cassie; she reluctantly teleported away, promising to return.
  • After Cassie had escaped, Divatox furiously told Havoc to put Phantom back in his cage, then to teach the Rangers some respect.
  • During the fight with the Rescuezords, Metallasaurus pulled out a cage with the listless Phantom inside.
  • After Lightning Fire Tamer had taken the cage from Metallasaurus and set it on the ground, morphed Cassie leapt down to free the Phantom.
  • Phantom addressed morphed Cassie as "Pink Ranger."
  • After saying they must find a way to destroy Metallasaurus, the weakened Phantom told Cassie it was time for the Rangers to initiate the Rescue Megazord.
  • Phantom was missing from beside the cage when the Rangers checked on him after destroying Metallasaurus.
  • Wandering weakly down the tunnel shown in 527-OLHo to get to his ship, Phantom clutched his chest and narrated aloud, "Final entry: the Power Rangers have their new Rescuezords. But I have lost my Power Ruby to Divatox. My life force is fading, and soon I will be gone, forever."


  • The Turbo Navigator was apparently unable to detect Phantom and his ship until T.J. and Cassie were within just a few feet of them.
  • The unconscious Phantom Ranger was collapsed against the wall beside his ship.
  • Divatox planned to combine the power of the Rangers (using the stolen Turbo Megazord) with the power of the Phantom (using the stolen Power Ruby) and change the course of history forever.
  • Soon after the teens had discovered him, Phantom was lying unconscious on the Power Chamber's medical table.
  • Dimitria said that without the ruby, there was nothing they could do to help Phantom, for without its power, he would soon cease to exist.
  • In the Power Chamber, Cassie placed the Power Ruby into position in Phantom Ranger's chest (where there was now a tiny cavity) and locked it into place with a quarter-turn clockwise.
  • Eventually, the ruby glowed red, and Phantom sat up, his life restored.
  • Phantom thanked Cassie, but she thanked him instead; Dimitria then said, seemingly speaking to Phantom, "You have fought valiantly on the Earth's behalf," but Phantom replied, "They have indeed."
  • When Phantom began to walk away, Cassie urgently told him to wait, asking if he was leaving them (though at first she seemed to be about to ask if he was leaving her).
  • Phantom Ranger told the five teens, "I go where I am needed and stay as long as I am needed."
  • When Cassie asked Phantom what if they needed him again, he replied, "I will always remember you," just like she'd daydreamed about him saying in 528-FOPh.
  • Phantom told the teens that he felt certain the Earth was in good hands with them as its protectors; he then vanished while walking away.


  • Phantom Ranger was watching invisi-warped nearby as Divatox had the Piranhatrons take Zordon away in a jungle on the planet Hercuron.
  • After leaving when Divatox had the Piranhatrons take Zordon away, Phantom, now visible, ran off some distance and planted a silver device with a flashing red light into the ground after looking around.
  • Holding the small launcher of the device, Phantom made a video recording, telling the Rangers that Dark Specter was holding Zordon on the planet Hercuron, giving its location, and told them to come quickly, as there was very little time.
  • Phantom loaded the device into the launcher, but orange energy beams blasted it from his hand as Divatox and Rygog walked in while he was surrounded by Piranhatron.
  • While fighting the Piranhatron, Phantom managed to fire the device, and it went into space and extended side protrusions, then sent the emergency signal to the Rangers.
  • After pounding the Piranhatron, Phantom ran invisi-warped after those taking Zordon away, but Astronema and Quantrons then appeared in his path, startling him.
  • Mildly pleased by finding "the Phantom" alone, Astronema blasted him with a purple energy bolt from her staff, sending him flying back into a tree, then sent the Quantrons to finish him off.
  • Phantom did poorly against the Quantrons, then was seriously outnumbered by Quantrons and Piranhatrons once Divatox and Rygog had caught up.
  • After Astronema had left, Divatox soon flew off in her spacecraft, disturbing Phantom, who had been clutching his chest occasionally ever since being blasted by Astronema.
  • Ecliptor suddenly leapt in and slashed Phantom across the right ribs, then the left side of his chest, then a final strong swipe across the chest, sending him spinning back.
  • Ecliptor then slashed Phantom across the chest again, making him stagger back, and Ecliptor then blasted him in the stomach with his eyebeams, at which point Phantom had now begun to clutch his right ribs.
  • As the Rangers arrived and Ecliptor left, morphed Cassie helped Phantom up, asking if he was all right; his weakness worried her, but he assured her he was fine.
  • Alpha told the Rangers of a monster attack on Earth, and Carlos and Andros said they had to go back, but Ashley reminded them they were so close to Zordon; Andros told the teens they had to defend their planet.
  • When Phantom told the Rangers he would go after Zordon, Andros gave an undecided "hmm," at which point Phantom pulled out a disc container and told him that it controlled the Delta Megaship, a mighty weapon which they would need, and that he had to retrieve it immediately, as it was completely unprotected; Andros asked, "But Phantom Ranger, what about--?" but Phantom insisted, "Please, take it."
  • Andros's use of the name "Phantom Ranger" came after the teens had said it earlier.
  • Before leaving, Andros asked Phantom if he would be okay; Phantom said he would, but that Red Ranger had to hurry, and that he would guide him when he was close.
  • Once the Rangers had all flown off, Phantom removed his hand from a fist-sized hole in the bottom right of the front of his chest armor, from which wires appeared to be sticking; he then limply collapsed face-first into the ground.
  • After finding and teleporting into the Delta Megaship, Andros spoke to Phantom through his communicator to tell him he'd found it, and asking where to go; this was the first time they were shown speaking across long-distance.
  • Weakened on Hercuron, Phantom spoke into the back of his right fist to tell Andros to go into the control room on the lower level.
  • Continuing to instruct Andros, Phantom told him to open the security disc reader, then, before going unconscious from weakness, told him to insert the disc into the primary slot, without specifying whether the primary slot was left or right.
  • Soon after destroying Crocovile with the help of the Delta Megazord, the Rangers returned to Hercuron to search for Phantom but found only another hologram device which Andros identified as a communications device; Andros turned it on, and a small hologram of Phantom appeared, clutching his side but speaking with energy in his voice.
  • Phantom's recording spoke, "I knew you'd return, Rangers! But I've left to follow Dark Specter. You must keep searching for Zordon, no matter how difficult the search may be. Until we meet again, Rangers."
  • As the teens were walking away after demorphing, the others consoled a saddened Cassie, but she then went back, hearing the hologram device still active, and listened to a private message for her.
  • Phantom's recording added, "I'll be all right, Cassie. Please... don't forget me."; he waved from his head like a salute and then told her, "I'll see you soon," and she smiled happily, waved, and joined the others after the hologram had vanished.


  • After Dark Specter had told Astronema to summon all of his evil forces to finally take over the universe, the Machine Empire's forces fought Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion in a mountainous desert on the Phantom's home planet (definitely not Eltar).
  • After Quadrafighters overhead had blasted at them, causing a huge explosion, Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion were swarmed by the surrounding monsters.
  • Hours later, as Ecliptor's hologram in the sky explained that Dark Specter had been destroyed and Astronema was now their supreme ruler, the villains had Phantom and Blue Senturion restrained.


  • Shortly, Astronema told the people of Earth, not necessarily speaking the truth, that the rest of the universe had surrendered.
  • When the energy wave from Zordon's destruction turned all of the Machine Empire and its army into piles of sand, Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion got up and looked around, with Phantom weakened.
  • The two looked around in amazement, seeing the piles of sand all around them, then faced each other.


  • The UK Power Rangers Annual for 1998 contained the following biographical information on the Phantom Ranger:
    This mysterious character embodies the spiritual essence of all Power Rangers, past and present.  He arrives and departs in a strange apparition.  He is part real, part ghost and never discloses his identity.
  • Phantom Power Ranger The Dino Thunder toy line included pieces of a "Phantom Power Ranger" with each of the basic six Rangers, which could be combined to form a robot who didn't particularly resemble the Phantom Ranger.

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